Technology made us a master of a world as we can command by just the push of a button. So that’s the reason we not only use technology, we actually live technology.

PDF alike was another invention in itself that made businesses’ work paperless, and it removed the problem of being robbed for confidential and secret documents.

Using PDF document makes it possible for people to share, collaborate, edit, and it ensures the security and safety of the content material within digital files.

Now, the Pdf document can do that rather more. The following is the top nine hit list of the reasons why PDF is better than Word file format.

PDF is Better than Word, Excel or PowerPoint; because –

1)    Pdf Files Are Universal

You see that editing file in MS Word is usually simple and handy, but whenever you save your Word file on a Mac pc, it will not successfully transfer adequately to your PC; whereas Pdf files are readable on just about any device.

2)    Reliable Security

Most of the lawyers have confidence in Pdf files, that’s why it is their preferred format. In accordance with, for a digital file to be acceptable in any court of justice, it should be created in a format that can’t be changed without leaving a digital footprint. PDF files meet that need.

3)    Easy and Quick to create

It’s not a big deal if you are working on MS Word, Excel or MS PowerPoint, files are effortlessly converted into PDF document, and with Adobe Acrobat XI, it is simple to convert them back, for example, is a handy tool which can create, convert or edit the pdf files.

4)    Reduces Document Size

People can convert Word to PDF or any document into a pdf format without compromising quality. You can also combine multiple files, such as presentations, spreadsheets, and photos, into a single Pdf document.

5)    Reading Costs Nothing

The majority of PDF Readers, such as Adobe Reader, is totally free to the general public. This helps to ensure that anyone you send your document to will certainly be able to read the full version of the document.

6)    Interactive Files

To have an interactive experience, the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat helps you add inbound links, music, movies, rich media, and several other highly developed features to your Pdf document.

7)    Mobile Accessibility

Adobe Reader can be used on any device. Therefore people can easily read the PDF documents anywhere they want, while still using a lot of the same features they would access it through a pc.

8)    Password Security

Many industrial sectors use PDF format for sensitive, intellectual or content copyrights that require an even advanced level of security.  The security password protection option makes it possible for both recipients and those sending the document to know that their information and facts are secure.

9)    Analytics of Documents

Recipients can easily check that who has access to their important information. If the security password is breached, the serious actions can easily be taken.

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