In the field of computer and information technology, the career scope is tremendous even in this era. There have been new avenues consistently found by the expert that can help one get a better job and career aspects.

Even the companies keep on hiring the professional considering their qualification in some of these latest avenues. The career in ASP is evergreen as it has got a wide scope for various avenues in this field. Active Server Pages or ASP, developed by Microsoft makes a technology to render easy interactive web application development and shape up vibrant and rich websites.

One of the noteworthy features of this technology happens to be that you can utilize it for both server side and client side scripts. Till the time the developer is completely well- familiar with VB and C#, you are in a position to reap the benefits of this framework.

The developer is capable of setting a variety of conditions within the ASP programme as well as utilize this language to deal with the content relating to any page. Nevertheless, your visitor will not be too much anxious about the backend script pertaining to a page; he may be more inclined towards the design, content and rapidity of the application.

The better the performance and speed they obtain from previously utilized applications, the contented they become. In case you possess some familiarity with Visual Basic or comparable visual type development tool, you are capable of beginning working with ASP.NET with ease.

Check the qualities of an ASP Developer by ASP.NET Test

The ASP.NET online test measures the basic knowledge of a candidate regarding ASP.NET MVC. It is a better pre-employment screening test. It comprises twenty questions, and every query takes in four options. The candidate is needed to choose the right choice out of four answers. It has no time bar for this test. The ASP.NET MVC test takes in queries pertaining to routing, controller, view, model, razor, selectors, action etc. This test includes no negative score, and one point is awarded for the right answer.

Employ the best ASP developers

A proficient ASP developer is in a position to tackle a lot of facets of developing an application which includes but is not restricted to testing, security, scalability, and performance and a lot more.

The main profiles relating to the test are utilized for as:

1-.NET Developer

2-ASP.NET MVC Developer

3-ASP.NET Application Developer

4-Software Developer

Now it is better to go a bit deeper into the draws of the framework


It makes possible segregation of concern

ASP.NET tag along with the MVC architecture that makes separate input possible, procedure, and output relating to the application. This three-stage of architecture, MVC or Model-View-Controller contains interrelated parts and is capable of tackling particular development facets of software applications.

Cuts down coding time

The framework technology can be taken as great assistance in minimizing coding time, specifically while you tend to develop large applications. There are various kinds of code reviews; hence you can have no possibility of scripting a bad code. These code reviews shall aid you to advance code excellence.

Comprises several out-of-the-box facets

ASP.NET delivers improved scalability and performance. It as well is found with facets such as the just-in-time type of compilation, caching services, native optimization, early binding, and they as well serve to boost up performance some notches higher. The codes herein do not tend to be interpreted just as traditional ASP pages.

First-rate toolbox

The framework is found with exceptionally rich toolbox via its Visual Studio incorporated development environs. This toolbox performs just like an extremely crucial shaping up a framework in favor of the framework and assists the asp developer to craft applications very rapidly. The toolbox is reputed for its facets such as drag-and-drop server controls automatic deployment and WYSIWYG.

Offers versatility and power

The framework is founded on the usual language runtime. Hence the whole of the web application developers is capable of taking advantage of power and versatility of that complete forum. It is as well language independent. Hence you may pick the language needed for your application, or may split the application throughout several languages.


Every task may be carried out with ease, even the very usual ones to the intricate and knotty ones. The usual language runtime renders development process an easy one, having services such as automatic reference counting and garbage collection. The framework permits you to construct user interfaces that are in a position to segregate presentation code and application logic.

Extensible and customizable

The better-formed architecture of the framework can be said to be a big assistance to developers. It is possible for you with ease to replace or extend the subcomponent relating to the ASP.NET runtime by making use of your custom – primed components. To put them in use has turned out to be very easy.


Safety forms a better facet found in the framework language. You are in the capacity to develop secure applications via included Windows authentication and also per-application configuration facets.


The outstanding manageability facet relating to the framework is put in via text-founded hierarchical configuration system. Moreover, because these configurations tend to be included as plain texts, you may with ease utilize the local administration tools to put in place the new settings. It renders tasks very easy, without any server start, or in the case of the necessity to install them independently or substitute running compiled code.

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Draws of continued monitoring

Continued and steady scrutinizing is an astonishing facet of ASP.NET. You need not be concerned about the status relating to the applications, parts, and the pages also. The programme takes care of any such unlawful events, and in case anything takes place like memory leaps of limitless loops, it will instantly become active by annihilating the activities and then restarting on its own.

Cross-forum migration

The framework language makes possible cross-forum migration, deployment, and configuration services.

Prior to beginning to work with this framework, you must also try to comprehend glitches associated with this framework and then proceed.


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