Nakivo is one of the most popular cloud backup and virtualization software companies in the world. It was declared the Nakivo Backup and Replication version 8 that comes with the advanced features. The latest version of the Nakivo introduces the feature of Site Recovery that helps the customers to achieve the continuity of the business.

The new version of the nakivo backup & replication is specially designed to save huge money as well as time. Most of the organizations are using this software that reduces the management overhead, recover the data faster, improve the protection levels of data and others. The new version assures the 24/7 availability of the virtual environment at the affordable price.

With the help of the nakivo backup & replication, the business owner can increase the performance of VMware backup. The version 8.0 allows the users to develop the jobs of site recovery. It is not only used for the regular recovery but also allow the users to do shut down VMs source, change the replica VM IPs, connect to the appropriate networks, run the final replication of VM, and others.

New possibilities in Nakivo Backup & Replication version 8.0

The Nakivo Backup and Replication version 8.0 offers a lot of the new features to the users that help them to complete their work quickly. It is the cost-effective solution to protect the VMware, AWS EC2 environments, Hyper-V, and others. The Version 8.0 offers have the ability to test the DR websites and other automate tasks such as virtual machines startup, EC2 instances, and others. DR plans should be verified regularly to assure they work to achieve their goal.

Simple Site Recovery

If you need to recover your site then the NAKIVO Backup and Replication v8.0 is a perfect choice. By using this version, you can achieve the crisis failover, data center migration, planned failover and others faster. Most of the customers can develop the simple site recovery for the organization. It helps to create the multiple workflows for the branch offices, departments, individual and others.

Latest Workflows of Site Recovery

The Nakivo Backup and Replication allow the users to create the tailored site recovery workflow that helps to automate the complete process of website recovery. It helps to include the different combination of the steps such as run the VM replication, shut down or start up the source VMs, verify recovery of success, connect the replica VM, appropriate networks, change the VM IPs set, send the notifications to users and others.

Exclusive Availability Solution

The Site Recovery is one of the exclusive features of the nakivo Backup and Replication. It does not need any license to recover the site. The new version of Nakivo Backup and Replication is used for various purposes such as deduplication, replication, site recovery, data backup, granular restore, and others. The data protection and recovery help to manage from the glass pane which covered by the single license.

Non-Disruptive Site Recovery Testing

The version 8.0 comes with the Non-Disruptive Site Recovery Testing that helps to test the site. The Site Recovery feature helps you to define the recovery time objectives for the workflows of recovery that perform the non-disruptive site recovery testing. It helps to verify whether the website recovery can be done successfully or not. This test shows the process of site recovery can be finished in the short time period.

Affordable price

One of the main reason for using this version is an affordable price. Now the site recovery functionality cost has been prohibitive for the lot of the SMBs, enterprises, and others. With the help of the NAKIVO Backup and Replication version, 8.0 helps to reduce the data protection cost.

Feature of Site Recovery

If you are looking to use the site recovery then you should know the features of the Nakivo backup and replication. The advanced feature is available in the new version of the Nakivo backup and replication. It is designed to assure the reducing services of business continuity disruption. The job of Site Recovery is done easily with the help of the nakivo backup & replication v8. It has the capability to brings the lot of the benefits to the users such as Reduce TCO – one of the benefits of using the Nakivo backup and replication v8 is reducing TCO. It allows automating the recoverability verification process that assures the needed infrastructure resilience. It helps the users to save time, money as well as effort.

  • Automate DR – It has the automate DR feature. The VM state is verified by the company sending the email notification if the VM is difficult to get to the users. It is perfectly suitable for the Site Recovery job that can be done within the few clicks.
  • Create huge jobs in Site Recovery – another benefit of the Nakivo backup and replication v8 is creating a large number of the jobs in the Site Recovery to the different purposes. Especially the job is developed for the particular scenario.
  • Meet RTO – With the site Recovery, you can meet the RTO. When you are using the DR plan then the expectations in the RTO is supported by the infrastructure that helps to avoid the several difficulties. Each WebSite Recovery is tested to the meets the target RTO set.
  • Copy Backups to Cloud –It has the backup copy feature that helps you to take backup easily. It is flexible that can be set up based on your needs easily. You can run the VM Backup Copy on their important data. It helps you to maintain the mirrored copy of the complete backup repository. With this features, you can keep the regular backup copies of the website for the quick recovery when sending the copies offsite. 
  • Update existing jobs in Site Recovery – This version assures that the Site Recovery job is used successfully if the failure occurs, the site recovery must be tested regularly to verify the recoverability as well as the integrity of the site recovery. Without any disrupting the site recovery tests run in the isolated environment. The users also modify the site recovery job depends on their needs.


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