You may have heard the saying “content is king in SEO” and many experts have believed this to be true for a number of years now. Even though SEO and content marketing are different strategies, they certainly work well together to achieve your overall digital marketing goals.

Each of these strategies relies on each other for success and if one is lacking you are likely to not see positive results in both areas. It is therefore important that you have a proper understanding of the two tactics separately as well as understanding how they can best work together.

While in the past building up your traffic was quite simple, now it is much more complicated due to changing algorithms as well as increasing competition. In terms of content – Google now is expecting high-quality content and this takes a lot more time and resources than ever before.

The importance of content has never been more prevalent and if you want to please Google you will need to have awesome content, there is no way around it. At the same time, you need to think about SEO if you want users to be able to see your content.

SEO and Content Marketing

Ways SEO and Content Marketing are Different

As you know from above, SEO and content marketing are two different strategies. SEO is known to be more technical and the processes are quite specific whereas content marketing strategy is much broader.

But as explained above as well – the two different strategies work very well together in order to achieve marketing goals. You can’t really have one without the other and when the proper processes are in place they work very effectively.

Ways SEO and Content Marketing are the Same

There are a number of ways that the two tactics are the same and have mutual benefits. Take a look below at some of the ways SEO and content marketing overlap to create a more effective overall strategy:

1. Optimise Keywords in Content

One of the important components of SEO is your keywords, it is probably one of the first things you do – develop a keyword list. When you have a proper keyword list you can then integrate those keywords into your content.

By targeting different keywords in different pieces of your content you can better target a more diverse audience and even tap into different audiences that you may not have originally thought of.

When including keywords in your content it is vital you use them in the correct place and do not keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is not well liked by Google and could see you receive a penalty from the search engine giant.

2. High-Quality Content Gives You Better Authority

Your authority is important in SEO the better your authority the higher the chance that other sites will link to your website, which improves your backlink profile. This has a run on effect and also improves your ranking in Google as well as again improving your authority.

By creating high-quality pieces of content, this can work wonders in improving your authority. For example, if you do your own research about a specific topic and publish your findings, it is quite likely that others will link back to your piece of content when using your statistics, facts or research in general.

3. Use SEO and Content to Help Rank New Pages

It can sometimes be quite difficult to rank new pages as Google tends to favour more established pages. However, you can use the combined power of SEO and content to ensure your new page gets ranked fasted and you receive a higher position.

Don’t forget that Google loves high-quality content. So if your new page has some content that is useful for users and you have actually put some thought into it and not just dumped content, then you are more likely to receive a better ranking.

Why You Need Both?

It is actually quite common for people to only do one or the other. But these days with so much competition you no longer have that luxury. There are vital elements that both these strategies and you need these to help grow your traffic.

Both SEO and content marketing work well together to achieve the same goals and you cannot do one at the expense of the other. You will need to take the time and conduct proper research in order to establish the best way that these two tactics can work together to ensure your business succeeds.

It is all about creating a sensible balance. Remember that every business is different so you probably won’t be able to simply copy what another business is doing. But if you do your research you can take the best and most relatable parts of other business’s strategies and make your own! Additionally you can the SEO checklist here.

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