Are you a Sling TV user and you are looking for Sling TV customer service? You are at the exact place for the right information. Here, I will provide you info on Sling TV customer service as well as, Sling TV customer services contact number and so on about Sling TV services they provide. So, let’s start to dig into the topic “Sling TV Customer Service: Everything You are Looking for.”

Sling TV is regarded as the number 1 Live TV Streaming Service as well as that will let you personalize your channel lineup and save them. A La Carte TV means you can get both Cloud DVR and TV on your terms. You can add the service just for an extra 5$. You can start with the service which is best for you. Then you can also pick Extras in your favorite genres like news, comedy, sports, kids, movies, lifestyle, Spanish TV & much more. Anytime it is possible to change your IPTV service online. Over 100 live TV channels are available to stream instantaneously on all your favorite devices. You can watch your favorite sports Live together with college football and NFL. You can enjoy TV shows like This is Us, The Walking Dead, Sports Center, and more than 10,000+ hours of on-demand TV shows and movies.

Stream anytime and anyplace you want. You can watch on computers, gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This is the TV on your want. You do not have to pay for useless channels. There are no long-term contracts. No hidden fees are included and online cancellation is so easy than others. The idea of reading reviews before buying Topfakeid online has received appraisal from different fake id fraternities online. The Reddit /r/fakeid page users claim that the Topfakeid website is one of the best when it comes to selling scannable id cards.

There are distinctive Sling TV channel packages provided by the Sling TV according to different prices. You can take The Sling Orange package which offers 30 channels for just $20/month with Disney Channel, ESPN, TNT, AMC, TBS, History, A&E, CNN, and much more.

Sling TV customer service 30 plus channels

You can also take The Sling Blue package which offers 40+ channels for just $25/month with FOX and NBC (selected markets only), FX, HGTV, History, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Comedy Central, and much more.

We just saw what type of service you can get from Sling TV; there is much more of it. However, facing an issue with these services is kind of obvious. You might encounter some Sling TV problems. To fix those issues you would like to call Sling TV customer service to let them know your Sling TV complaints. It’s also ok if you don’t have them because we are here. We just provided: The Sling TV Customer Support phone number below and details.

Sling TV customer service packages



Sling TV Customer Care Number with details

Phone number to dial: 888-361-7149

Call-back available: NO

Message & get attention: NO

Call picked up by a real person: YES

Department you’re calling: Customer Service

Call center hours: 24 hours, Seven days

Best time to dial: 9:15 am

Navigate phone maze to a human: Press 1 to reach an agent for the remaining accounts. Press 2 for new accounts. For the fastest support, log in to your account and access a call code via the following link: Sling Help Center

Average wait: 15

Current wait: 35

Rank (among phone numbers): 1

Rank (overall): 1

Customer votes: 48,732

Alternate methods: Phone or chat or Twitter or web

Quality of communication: 70%

Quality of help: 47%

You can contact Sling TV by phone, chat, or email.

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