IRDA or Infrared Workstation is workstations equipped with an infrared port or adapter to communicate with other IRDA-compatible devices using infrared light waves. It is not like usual wired connections, IRDA is used for short-range communication between devices without direct line-of-sight or internet access.

Infrared Technology

Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Infrared technology uses this radiation for sensing, imaging, and communication. Key components of infrared technology are infrared sensors, detectors and emitters, each serving specific functions in various applications.

IRDA or the Infrared Data Association is an industry-standard protocol intended for wireless communication using infrared light. Unlike traditional radio frequency (RF) communication, IRDA uses infrared radiation for data transmission for gains such as low power consumption, immunity to electromagnetic interference and secure line-of-sight communication.

IRDA requires a direct line of sight between transmitting and receiving devices for data exchange which make sure of privacy and security by limiting communication within close proximity.

IRDA supports high-speed data transfer rates ranging from 9.6 Kbps to 16 Mbps which makes it suitable for transmitting large files, multimedia content and real-time data streams. Compared to other wireless communication technologies, IRDA consumes minimum power making it ideal for battery-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets, and remote controls.

The Role of IRDA or Infrared Workstation in Wireless Communication

An infrared camera is used for thermo-graphic imaging to detect temperature disparities in objects and environments and is important in industries like building inspection, electricity maintenance and predictive maintenance of machinery.

Infrared imaging systems gives enhanced visibility in low-light or no-light conditions for military, law enforcement and security for detecting thermal radiation emitted by objects.

Infrared technology plays a fundamental role in medical diagnostics, mainly in imaging techniques like infrared thermography and infrared spectroscopy for in detecting abnormalities in tissues, diagnosing diseases and monitoring patient health.

Infrared sensors onboard satellites and aircraft capture infrared radiation emitted by Earth’s surface to collect important data for environmental monitoring, agriculture and geological surveys.

Infrared communication use infrared light to transmit data wirelessly between devices, such as remote controls, smartphones, and computer for short-range communication.

How IRDA Works

IRDA-related devices have infrared transceivers which act as both transmitters and receivers of infrared signals. These transceivers convert digital data into modulated infrared light pulses for transmission and decode incoming infrared signals into digital data for reception.

One of the defining features of IRDA is its requirement that there should be an unhindered path between the infrared transceivers to simplify data transfer. Before transmission, digital data is encoded for infrared transmission by pulse-position modulation (PPM), pulse-duration modulation (PDM), or differential pulse-code modulation (DPCM) conditional on the specific IRDA protocol used.

The encoded data is modulated onto infrared light pulses using a predetermined modulation then The modulated infrared signals are emitted from the transmitting device’s infrared transceiver in the form of short bursts or sequences.

At the receiving end, the infrared signals are detected by the infrared transceiver and converted back into digital data. The received data is decoded depending on the modulation scheme and protocol used for accurate transmission and reception.

Top 5 IRDA or Infrared Workstations

SHZICMY IRDA Soldering Desolder Welder Machine

With advanced infrared soldering technology, the T-862++ has three focus lenses included in the package so that technicians have the flexibility to explore and customize the heat application to their specific needs. Featuring a 120 x 120mm controlled pre-heating system with 650W power, the T-862++ ensures uniform heating for optimal performance. Moreover, it has integrated and adjustable infrared (IR) eye protection for technician safety during operation.

Soldering Rework Station, T862++ SMD/BGA Rework Station SMT SMD IRDA Welder Infrared Heating Soldering Desolder Welder Machine (US Stock)


  • 650W controlled Pre-heating System
  • Processor controlled
  • Infrared (IR) eye protection.


  • May not be suitable for all kinds of soldering tasks
  • May require regular maintenance
  • Potential safety risks

GDAE10 BGA Rework Station Infrared IRDA Machine

With a 120 x 120mm 650W controlled pre-heating system, the T-862++ provides unswerving heat distribution for optimal soldering and its long-lived and inexpensive infrared heat source bulbs are easily replaceable. It has processor-controlled set-point regulated temperatures and thermocouple feedback, for precise temperature control and the Integrated and adjustable infrared (IR) eye protection for safety during operation.

New T862++ BGA Rework Station Infrared IRDA Welder Soldering Welding Machine (T862++)


  • Pre-heating System
  • Temperature controlled touch-up iron and stand
  • Life time free maintenance service


  • Suitable for components ranging from 15-35mm
  • Expensive
  • Maintenance

TBVECHI Desoldering IRDA BGA Infrared Rework Station

The T-862++ has processor-controlled set-point regulated temperatures with thermocouple feedback for precise soldering operations. Integrated and adjustable infrared (IR) eye protection and can suitably handle different components, especially micro BGA components. Additionally, the system has a temperature-controlled touch-up iron and stand and  Extra soldering tools are not necessary for making the process more efficient.

TBVECHI Desoldering Station, T862++ IR IRDA BGA Infrared Rework Station SMD SMT Weldering Heating Station (T862++)


  • Micro BGA component
  • Easy to target
  • Integrated


  • Operating temperature of the IR lens is 250C minimum
  • Melted a bit off the top of the CPU.
  • Light will pulse on and off in an attempt to keep the temperature average

DY19BRIGHT T862++ Infrared IRDA Soldering Welding Machine

DY19BRIGHT T862++ Infrared IRDA Soldering Welding Machine has a 120 x 120mm controlled pre-heating system boasting a 650W power output. It ensures consistent and efficient heating for different types of soldering use. Additionally, the infrared heat source bulbs are durable and easily replaceable making them cost-effective.

DY19BRIGHT New T862++ BGA Rework Station Infrared IRDA Welder Soldering Welding Machine US Stock


  • Preheating dish temperature adjustable
  • Target heat to individual components
  • Infrared heat source bulbs are long-lived


  • Black folder holder is plastic
  • The soldering iron can’t hold temperature
  • Ceramic lamp holder can crack

YIHUA 1000B- 4 in 1 Station – IR Infrared and Hot Air Rework Station

The infrared system has efficient focused heating while the sensor ensures delicate components are safeguarded from excessive heat damage. The high-quality ceramic plate preheater has uniform heating and special stability.

YIHUA 1000B- 4 in 1 Station - IR Infrared BGA, Preheater, Soldering Station and Hot Air Rework Station, plus a Temp Sensor, ºC/°F display, PCBs Holder, LED Lamp and more.


  • Infra-Red Heating Lamp
  • Hot Air Rework Station
  • Soldering Station


  • Instructions are vague some places
  • No eye shield
  • Not heating uniformly


Recommended products

YIHUA 1000B- 4 in 1 Station – IR Infrared and Hot Air Rework Station

By Combining Infrared System, Temp Sensor, Preheater, Hot Air Rework Station and Soldering Station, the Yihua 1000B has versatility at an matchless price. Enjoy intelligent heat control, enhanced safety, and stability with the interior processed using SMT Dual Board Technique.

GDAE10 BGA Rework Station Infrared IRDA Machine

It is Designed in such a way that it can handle surface mount technology (SMT) components ranging from 15-35mm in size, the T-862++ does not need for extra soldering tools. From micro BGA components to larger parts, this system conveys reliable soldering and reworks capabilities.

Wrap up

IRDA or Infrared Workstation serves as the line for infrared communication. The Workstation sends and receives infrared signals for the workstation to exchange data with other IRDA-enabled devices within its range. Now, users can easily exchange documents, photos, videos, and other files with smartphones, tablets, printers, and laptops without physical cables or internet.


1.     What do you mean by infrared?

Infrared radiation is also known as infrared or IR is electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. It has longer wavelengths than visible light ranging from about 0.75 micrometers to 1 millimeter.

2.     What is the use of rework station?

A rework station or a hot air rework station is a multipurpose tool used in electronics repair and assembly. It is mainly used for soldering and de-soldering electronic components, especially surface-mount devices (SMDs) and integrated circuits (ICs).

3.     What is infrared workstation or IrDA?

An infrared workstation is a specialized operation used for wireless communication via infrared light. It enables wireless communication between devices using infrared light following standardized protocols established by the Infrared Data Association.

4.     Where is IrDA used?

IrDA is usually found in smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and remote controls. It supports wireless communication for tasks like file transfer, remote control operation and printing.

5.     What is the Infrared Data Association?

The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) is a protocol for wireless and line-of-sight communication between devices. IrDA technology has been integrated into various devices, including laptops, printers, modems, LANs, and other electronic gadgets for easy and efficient data transmission.

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