What are the best apps for photographers? Clicking a masterpiece takes a lot more than an eye for details. Fixing a few flaws, adjusting light and exposure, reducing noise, and many more such edits are required to make an image captivating. Needless to say, it’s a lot of hard work and can only be done with the help of an excellent photo editing app.

If you’re a photographer looking for such an app or someone who is looking for valuable gifts for photographers, scroll down to know about the top 5 best photo editing software that will make the life of a photographer easier than ever.

Why Use an Editing App?

Before we delve deep into the top picks, let’s understand why a photographer should use an editing app in the first place and what makes editing apps the best among photography gifts.

Raw clicks are likely to have a few flaws like poor lighting, luster-lacking colors, extra image noise, and unwanted elements. While such unedited images have their charm and are loved mostly by authenticity lovers, certain flaws fixes are required to increase the image appeal and make it more saleable.

Also, not every photographer can afford high-end gadgets and lenses that will click the flawless picture as they are too pocket-heavy. But, every photographer deserves a chance to prove their talent and excellence. With editing apps appearing as gifts for photography lovers, fixing these flaws has become easier than ever.

Why only flaw fixation?

Editing apps are capable of doing more than this. For instance, they can help one to reduce the image size and make it suitable for various purposes. Images used on websites and social media platforms are of different configurations as compared to what’s used in magazines and print media.

A photographer can make the click suitable for different platforms and expand its reach with editing tools. In a nutshell, with the right kind of editing, one can increase the worth and impact of an image.

How To Pick The Best apps for photographers Editing?

Now that you’re aware that an editing app is a must-have tool for a photographer let’s learn about the art and skill of picking one.

Whether you’re a photographer looking for an editing app to use or someone thinking to present it as a gift for a photographer’s loved one, paying attention to the below-mentioned facts is crucial to making a wise choice on this front.

·        Usability

The app should be easy-to-use, compatible with most devices and OS, and come with a simple interface. Such an app permits the end-user to make most of it. Also, a straightforward interface ensures that everyone can use it without any hassle.

·        Functionalities

If you want to use multiple apps for different editing, then make sure that your picking app offers a wide range of editing functionalities. Light exposure, object removal, cropping, graphic editing, and many more functionalities are crucial.

·        Expansion abilities

It takes a lot to become a pro photographer. At times, one might need other plugins and presets to click those awe-inspiring clicks. So, one has to be doubly sure that the app is supporting many leading photography plugins and presets. Such wide expansion capabilities will make the photographer more productive.

Now, without much ado, let’s come to the point.

Top 5 Best Apps for Photographers

1.    AirBrush – A Free Editing AppThe Best Tool & Photography Gift for Photographers

AirBrush is one of the most useful free editing resources that a photographer can use to fix minor issues. It has everything that natural editing demands. But, it’s only for iPhone users. If the Family Sharing feature is active on your iPhone then it will let you share your work with up to 6 family members. Try it once, and we are sure that you will love it.

2.    VSCO – Great Choice For Filter-based Editing

So, do you like adding filters to the photos? Well, try VSCO then. The app offers a wide range of filters that will change the look and feel of the image. The app is offered as a freemium solution. While the filters options in its paid subscription are in abundance, the free version is also decent. You can do the editing as a “recipe” and speed up editing.

3.    Touch Retouch – Get Rid Of Unwanted Elements

Touch Retouch is a perfect photography gift as it removes unwanted objects in no time. It’s useful for light editing and offers quality editing without much hassle. The app offers multiple editing tools that can remove blemishes, lines, objects, and many other things.

4.    Lightroom Mobile – Editing Anytime

With a very-friendly mobile app, Lightroom Mobile is next on the list. Quickly the app will synchronize the images from the phone and do the needful.

Those who have a social media platform to manage or promote their work extensively on social media must consider using this app. The app is excellent for reducing the image size and making it compatible with social media platforms.

5.    Skylum Luminar

This one is a brainer. Anyone having any connection with the photography industry and technology already knows that Skylum is the best photography app for an amateur or pro photographer.

The AI-powered features this app brings at its disposal are unique and save a huge deal of time and effort for the photographers. The app features finer control and more complex editing capabilities than any photographer to create masterpieces. From color harmony to body, iris, face, skin, contrast, and sky-related fixes – Skylum does everything nicely.

Tools are easily accessible and bring the perfect balance to your images. The app is offered free for iOS and Android platforms.

The Final Say

The hard work and efforts invested behind a perfect shoot are more than what we can describe in words. Photographers have to have a wide range of assistance to get the job done.

With the help of the right kind of editing app/tool, they can sigh in relief as many editing chores are automated. Also, every sort of assistance is offered.

So, if you’re a photographer and wondering which app is worth a try, have a look at what we presented in the post. Even if you are not looking for gift ideas for photographers, these apps still make a good option.

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