When it comes to downloading a paid software, game, or media file for free, then we go to the best torrent websites. Those who can’t afford money for paid software, media, etc., usually search on torrent sites. There are a lot of torrent sites available over the world on the Internet. We often get confused when it comes to choosing the best out of them. Downloading software, and games from torrents sites are not completely safe. It may include malware inside the file. So I don’t recommend torrent sites always. Use them wisely. You can call it an alternate way to grab paid software for free.

List of Top 7 Best Torrent websites

Today in this post, I will tell you about some of the best torrent websites you can rely on (99.99%). I have come up with only the top 7 best torrent sites in this list. All 7 have good fame around years and for a good reason. You can download almost all software, games, and media files. These Torrent sites have fewer chances of malware in data over them.

You know many torrent sites are shut down or not working. While searching the best torrent sites, you find sites that are shut down or may not work. But here I am listing only those torrent sites that are active and updated regularly. So you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s know more about these.

best torrent websites the pirate bay


The Pirate Bay

https://www.pinterest.com/topbesttools/piratebay-proxy/This site is the first ranking and best torrent site among the best torrent websites. This Pirate Bay is the master of torrent sites which is the earliest site of the torrent. This site, at present, is working on its original domain name .org. This site ranks first in all the reviews of the best torrents site. And it occupies a ranking of 116 in Alexa Ranking, and the overall rank of this site is NA. Also, last year this site ranks in the second position among torrents sites. Nowadays Using Pirate Bay is a very difficult task as It is getting blocked by ISP in many countries. You can easily bypass ISP Blocking by this Pirate Bay Proxy.


The next that comes on this list is the Extratorrent. This site is like an online index for complete entertainment content. Visitors can find any media related to entertainment and search and download them. The unique part of this site is it allows peer-to-peer file sharing among the users. This site has a high user base, and this is gradually increasing day by day. The active community of this site is the key factor to its famous. This site is popularly known as ET. ET ranks 224th rank in Alexa Ranking and occupies third ranking in the overall ranking.


This site is best for its content’s quality, its resolution, and much more. This site first emerges as a Bulgarian Tracker which is also known as the BitTorrent tracker, and now it scores a good user base and stands out as the best and favorite torrents site among a large number of users. This site was started in 2008, however, only in 2015, this site occupies its position in the top 10 best torrents sites. As this site occupies the heart of many pirates, we give this site 3rd position in our list. As per the Alexa review, it ranks 282 positions and occupies the fifth position in the last year’s top 10 best torrent websites review.

Kickass torrent

This is also a very famous torrent site which is one of the largest sites that is attracting large user traffic to it. This site was started in 2009 year and is known for its superfast feature and is highly proficient. This site is mostly preferred by youths for searching and downloading torrents files. It comprises a lot of torrent content to download. This site is designed in a unique and simple manner and is available in 31 languages. It contains a bar to find the needy content like videos, TV shows, music, movies, etc. It ranks 604 in Alexa Ranking and 4th position in the overall ranking.


The YTS.ag is also from the best torrent websites. This is also a BitTorrent tracker site which differs slightly from the RarBG site. The specialty of this site lies in its movies specialization. The smooth interface of this site is enjoyable for the user and is the main reason for using this site. One can download an exciting number of high-definition movies on this site in different definitions like 720p, 1080p, etc. Even users can download 3D movies from this site. It ranks 335 in Alexa Ranking and ranks 9th position in the overall best torrents site review.


Limetorrents is one of the best torrents sites among the top 7 best torrent websites. It got the place here because it is a great site with a lot of useful data. You can download Anime, Games, Movies, Applications, TV Shows, Music, and other useful data. It has a simple and good user interface. LimeTorrents is not using ads on its homepage. LimeTorrents might be blocked in many regions but it is working fine in India. I am not recommending that use it without a VPN.

Torrent Project

TorrentPreject is one of the best torrent search engines. Although it does not comes with a great interface but it does a great job. It finds only the most relevant data after filtering data from all the above-mentioned torrent sites. It is the safest torrent search engine that finds related content after filtering out data with zero seeders. You will not face any problems while using it.


Many regions have banned torrents. Using torrents in such countries is illegal nowadays. But still, many people use torrents using VPNs and Proxies. This way they will never get caught by ISP. If you are from a country that doesn’t allow users to access torrent sites or torrent sites are banned there, then you must install a VPN on your device before accessing them. You can also use proxies, and search them on Google.

Hope you got an idea about the best torrent websites. I have listed all top torrent sites. These are top-rated torrent sites that have trust among their millions of users.

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