In this article we will discuss many important important aspect of Using virtual sim for verification process. The two-factor authentication was a leap to make the internet a safer place, but it came with a price. Now to register an email address, a streaming service account, and many other things you need to provide a phone number, which sometimes is not preferable. Luckily, there is a workaround. In this article, you will find out what is an sms verification virtual number and how it works.

How a Usual SIM Works

Conventional SIM cards are essentially a key that holds all necessary information to connect a subscriber to the provider’s communication network. It stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity, as well the card serial number, and also identification and unblocking codes, known as PIN and PUK respectively. With all the information listed the card can identify the user in the communication network and allow him to make and receive calls and SMS using it. All this data is bound to the SIM, so a specific number is always bound to one SIM and can only be used when it is inserted into the phone. Such restrictions make it hard to manage several numbers, as the owner has to store cards, switch them when needed and also manually track their balance.

How Virtual SIM Works

Unlike its physical brother, virtual SIMs aren’t bound to any piece of hardware, as the name implies. They are phone numbers provided by cloud-based mobile services, and since they work on a server they are not bound to a country, unlike cellular networks. The virtual numbers can be used through special services from any device connected to the internet. Users can buy numbers for any country and use them from any place in the world. In other terms, virtual numbers are pretty much similar to the regular ones. They come with certain fees, and users can make and receive calls with them through special apps or services which don’t differ much from regular phone apps.

Using virtual sim for verification process

The lack of physical hardware and ties to a specific country can be very useful. Many businesses need to have lots of phone numbers for corporate accounts in online services. Using regular SIM cards for this is unpractical, as they have to be stored somewhere, can be easily lost, and need a phone to be used. Using virtual numbers for it is much more practical as they can be easily accessed and managed by members of the team who need them.

They are also widely used for marketing campaigns where customers need to send some text — a promo code for example — via phone number. Using special APIs this data can be easily processed and stored, making it much easier to work with. It’s even possible to use an automated chatbot to handle simple communication with the customers if there is a need for feedback.

The number of virtual companies, with employees from different parts of the world, is growing. People working there may never meet each other, but some of them need corporate phone numbers for work, for example, sales managers and receptionists. Virtual numbers in this case are the only possible solution.

There are of course non-corporate applications as well. When people work or study abroad for a long time they get virtual numbers to call their relatives and friends back home. This way they can save on roaming fees. Also, when a person wants to register a second account on a service where they already have one, or don’t want to use their regular number for registration for any reason, they can use a virtual number for registration. The need is so massive that there are services that provide single-use numbers specifically for registration.

How Single-Use Registration Numbers Work

In many cases, we need to use a phone just one time for registration. We receive a verification code, paste it into the registration form and never use the phone to log in again. Single-use virtual numbers are perfect for this, as they are extremely cheap and do just what they need to — receive a single message and go away. Here is how they work:

  1. Pick a service you need the number for.
  2. Buy a number, it will be active for a limited time after it.
  3. Copy the number from the dashboard of the service and paste it into the registration form.
  4. After you confirm the number you’ll receive a verification code for it in your dashboard.
  5. The number becomes unavailable to you.

You won’t be able to use or rent this number again after receiving one message, so be careful when using it. If you want something more permanent, or know that you’ll need to repeat number verification in the future you can rent a number for verification. Such numbers are different from single-use ones because they can be used to receive an unlimited number of messages from different services. They are rented on a daily basis and the rent can be prolonged in case you need it. Note that such numbers will cost way more than single-use because they are usually used by corporate clients.

How to Choose a Virtual Number Service

If your goal is just to use it for verification stay away from services that provide virtual numbers for marketing and business purposes. Even though some of them have numbers for verification of their price and dashboard quality will be frustrating, as it is not their main field of work. Instead, search for online services that specifically provide numbers for verification. They are much better in terms of the interface and have a better price and selection of services you can use their phone numbers for. Since price is decisive look for the service that provides the features you need for the lowest price and go for it. It won’t hurt to read the reviews before making the final decision as well.


Hope now you know using virtual sim for verification process. Virtual numbers work as regular ones, but can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. They are easy to use for verification, especially single-use virtual numbers, which are cheap and simple. Virtual numbers can be used for many more reasons, both private and corporate.

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