No one likes to be the target of cyber criminals, but for millions of WhatsApp users, this is a reality.

To ensure their security, the messaging platform has implemented two-factor authentication and other privacy settings that users can enable for a secure experience.

This extra layer of protection requires a PIN that only the user knows, making it nearly impossible for a hacker to gain access to the account

With these features in place, WhatsApp users can stay safe and enjoy the popular messaging platform

To protect your WhatsApp account from potential hackers, make sure to adjust your profile privacy settings

Instead of setting your profile photo to Everyone, you can set it to My Contacts. You can also remove the About section from the Everyone option

Additionally, you can hide your Last Seen and Online information from those who are not in your contacts list

To prevent yourself from unknowingly joining an unknown group, it's important to set the Group option to My Contacts instead of Everyone in the privacy settings.