Everyone is very much familiar with the term “Passcode Verification”; hope you too. Do you know what can be done presently so as to make your mobile applications more safe and secure? A third-party service can do it effectively, adding a password seems to be really helpful to lock up the app and give no access to another person. Two-step verification is particularly not only nice but also useful. You can use SMS-based 2-factor Authentication so as to enhance mobile apps as well as SaaS product security. Let’s talk about it in deep.

Today everyone wishes to be safe and secure; the secrets must be locked behind the screen. It could be irritating to enter the password repeatedly so as to access the cell phone however just through safeguarding the phone, it becomes easier. Two-factor authentication is basically an app lock mechanism for making your account safer.

What is passcode verification?

2fa passcode

Two-factor authentication also known as TFA or 2FA is basically a technical term that is used for the process of requiring user so as to verify the identity in 2 easy and unique ways before they have granted access to the system. In order to gain system access, the authentication system will require a phone number, username, email address as well as correct password from the unique identifier.

2FA has added a new step under the authentication process that is entering a one-time token. It is generated and delivered dynamically through some method. It’s not anything new the technology got backed in 1984. Bother business and personally, you require a digital medium that will prevent you from hacking threats, loss of access, theft.

For many years, top companies enhance their security level through authentication. User authentication requires things like special character requirement, length of password and requirement of frequent password change. The system can be vulnerable when the user uses the same password across phishing, multiple systems, and social techniques.

However, the 2FA gives the system and user administrator complete peace of mind by enabling there is no accessing of the user account. The SMS token is the most famous. The implementation of 2FA is easy. This method will allow the user to send a unique token through SMS text messages of 5-10 digit codes after they have successfully entered password and username. The user requires this unique token before granting access. It has pros-

  • User-friendly– user will be comfortable when receiving text messages
  • Availability– most of the cell phone offer SMS capabilities
  • Cost- it is inexpensive and the set up is easy. It can be maintained easily.

The connectivity, security level, and hardware are of high level. It can be easily implemented through a guardian application also known as third-party 2FA service providers. Additionally, one can implement rules and custom providers so as to enhance as well as fine-tune 2FA workflow in order to meet the business need.

The benefit of SMS authentication

sms verification

  • Protect your users– do you know even the strongest password can be easily hacked that is why SMS 2-factor authentication offers another layer over it so as to control as well as eliminate unauthorized account access.
  • Better customer satisfaction– you will be able to show up that you care about the customer data
  • Secure your services- The two-factor authentication is a solution as well as safeguard service that prevent a user from malicious attacks, data loss, and fraud.

How does it work?

Given below are some steps that allow you to know the working of SMS 2FA-

  • Step 1– First step of verification- the user has to login form using the password and username
  • Step 2– passcode delivery- Apifonica SMS gateway will automatically deliver SMS text messages along with a passcode on using a cell phone
  • step 3- the second step of passcode verification– the user has to put the passcode over the webpage so as to finish the transaction

In order to finish the transaction, you require the correct combination of password and one-time passcode.

onetime passcode


  • Out-of-band– For 2FA one-time SMS passcode got delivered over your mobile network as non-web/mail channel so as to ensure you can have secure accessing of the accounts
  • Require no dedicated tokens- you require no additional software or device for mobile 2FA. It is because one-time passcode will be delivered through SMS on your personal cell phone
  • easy to implement– the 2FA can be added much easily over any software application or web service through ApiFonica
  • Affordable- Apifonica allows you to clear the pricing for the pay-per-message model as the rates are low


The pricing scheme is stated as-

  • For connection fees, the price is £0
  • for a Phone number, the price is £0.9/month
  • for other rates, the price is £0.01/month

For what purpose 2FA can be used?

It can be used for the followings-

  • Safer payments– one can make secure internet payment through 2-factor authentication. It requires both texted passcode and user’s password so as to finish the transaction
  • new user verification- the user phone number can be verified through SMS passcode in order to prevent robotic registrations
  • Protect sensitive information– you can make use of multi-factor authentication so as to make use only legal owners can have complete access to the information that is sensitive. It might include information like online infrastructure, financial documents, and online medical records.
  • Password theft protection– with the help of two-factor authorization you can prevent account takeovers and get confirm that transaction gets authorized


Why Apifonica is best?

 It is because of the reason-

  • It has its own infrastructure– the ApiFonica offers a company-owned communication node, in-house development expert team, and own channels.
  • Offer favorable rates– you can pay-as-you-get started from as low as around £0.002/minute, £0.9/number, to £0.01/SMS.
  • Offers comprehensive support– the expert is always ready to help the users and make their app more awesome

Apifonica has already helped most of the companies in retaining customers through engagement using text messages and voice messages which got delivered using the right sort of channels. It allows you to put verification password on local outbound calls, inbound calls, local numbers, as well as 20 inbound lines.

Visit the official site, and sign up for absolutely free.

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