Nearly all successful businesses today have an online platform through which they can interact with their customers. For those in e-commerce, this is a place to sell their products and services to interested parties. Of course, there are many options to consider if you’re looking to gain a foothold online. A business website is one of the best platforms, not only to market your company but also to capture new customers and sell your products.

However, to get the best out of this tool, you’ll need to make it as attractive to the users as possible. Graphics and loading speed are main factors that’ll keep customers coming. It goes without saying that you’ll need an experienced web developer to optimize your website. So what are factors to keep in mind when hiring a web design agency in Auckland (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter)?

The agency’s history

Many people overlook this factor, but track record is important in determining the credibility and reliability of a web design company. Its history shows the quality and type of products and services the company offers. Although it’s not always the case, most agencies that have been in the field for a long time have mastered the art and can offer you the services you desire. (1)

But that’s not the only advantage of hiring an experienced web developer. As you already know, the tech world is always changing, and whatever was popular a decade ago is considered obsolete today.

Nevertheless, these changes are the building blocks of whatever we’re enjoying today. Therefore, having someone who understands the past, present, and anticipates the future of the tech world is a bonus because they already know what does or doesn’t work. They’ll know which modern web design elements should be used and in what way.

Customer reviews

Another very important factor to consider when choosing a web developer is the reviews they’ve received over the years. Whether on their business website, social media, or any other platform, a renowned web design agency should have some customer reviews posted.

If the company doesn’t have a single review, then that should be considered a red flag. That might mean that the agency hasn’t completed any project before or all the reviews have been hidden from the public because most might not appeal to prospective users. Whichever the case, always move to the next candidate if you’re satisfied with what you’ve found.

So which kind of customer reviews should attract you toward the agency of your choice? Any positive message from previous customers should give you an idea of what to expect from the web developer. However, it’s worth noting that the internet is also full of individuals with ill intent. If you’re not careful, you might not be taken seriously by some fake comments whose aim is to make you believe that theirs is a reputable company. It might not be easy to differentiate between genuine and fake comments, but you’ll still need to be more conscientious.

Digital marketing strategy

One primary goal for building a website is to attract more customers and sell more products. To achieve this, your site’s appearance should be user friendly and appealing to your target audience. Of course, visuals play a huge role here, but the design needs to be more than just eye candy.

Every feature added on the website must resonate with your marketing strategy. For instance, if your brand’s color is blue, then this should be reflected on the website’s graphics. The customer should be able to recognize your brand as soon as they visit your homepage, even before reading anything else.

All these aspects might seem easy, but it takes an experienced web developer to integrate each element without compromising the simplicity of the whole system. Therefore, while looking for a good web design agency, make sure all its agents are trained in digital marketing. Also, check whether their design skills can help push your business toward your goals. Remember, the best web design company is one that doubles as a digital marketing agency. If you find one with such a structure, you can be sure all your needs will be met in one place.

Services offered

What will you get from the agency once all the fees have been paid? This is a very important question that you should ask yourself before signing that deal. Having a clear understanding of what to expect from the web developer will help reduce any future frustrations. One way of knowing this is by checking all the packages on their official business website. If this information is not accessible, you can ask the agency to send you a list of all the services available and how each service costs. (2)

Some things you should check is whether the agency will perform updates and maintenance once the website is up and running. Of course, most agencies include these services as part of the deal for a given period of time. Keep in mind that for others, they do this service often for an extra fee. So it’s important that you get all the facts right before moving on.

Communication skills

Another factor many people fail to consider is the web developer’s communication skills. You’d want to work with someone who can relay information without any issues, especially if you’re not savvy with tech language. Remember, before you get the results you desire, there’ll be a lot of back-and-forths between you and your selected web design agency. To avoid making this process a nightmare, you must hire someone with excellent communication skills.


Given the ever-changing needs of the average consumer, many businesses are starting to see the importance of good web design. To meet these demands, however, one will need a reputable web developer who can design a website that matches the current digital marketing strategies. Among the factors you should consider when hiring such a professional include their track record, customer reviews, the services they offer, and their communication skills.


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