Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool is a software which provides the opportunity to create a bootable USB storage or DVD. You can install windows 7 to your desired device straight for the bootable media of windows 7. When a Windows 7 is purchased from Microsoft store, Microsoft allows to download the ISO file and also a compressed file of windows 7. But downloading most of the software from Microsoft store can happen via any download manager or via browser (not as uncompressed file).

Here we will discuss how to download Windows 7 from Microsoft store and create Windows 7 bootable media with the downloaded ISO file or set of compressed files using “Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool”.

How to get Windows 7 operating system?

You can purchase a copy of windows 7 from Microsoft Store. Microsoft allows you to choose ISO file or a set of the compressed file of Windows 7 during download. Download your desired windows 7 file you want to make bootable USB Flash Drive or DVD.

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool – How to Download & Install?

If you search for Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool in Google, you can get the link for the tool from Microsoft Store. Click the link and scroll down the page. In the “Installation” section it provides a link of the page, where you can download the “Windows 7 USB DVD, Download Tool”. Here is the link to the Download Page. Now download the tool and install it. The installation process is just simple, Double-Click the installation file, and follow the instructions, the tool will be installed on your system.

“Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” System compatibilities

  1. Your system must contain Windows versions (XP SP2/ Vista/ Windows7 32 or 64 bit)
  2. Processor: Pentium 233MHz or faster than it. Recommended speed is 300MHZ
  3. Storage in HDD: 50MB minimum.
  4. DVD writer drive
  5. Removable USB Flash storage (Minimum size 4GB)

N.B: If you are a Windows XP user confirm installation of DotNet Framework 2.0 and Image Mastering API version 2 before installing “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool”.

Requirements for using “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool”

  1. You can install the Download Tool if you are an administrator of the computer.
  2. Confirm that a Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or above version is installed on your system, otherwise, you will not be able to install this Download Tool.

Special information

“Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” does not support dual-layer DVD to create bootable windows 7 DVD.

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool –Create bootable USB Device

Step#1 Open the “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” by double-clicking on it.

Step#2 Now browse for the source file (ISO file or Compressed file) and select the file.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool choose iso file

Step#3 After selecting the Windows 7 file Click “Next”.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool browse iso file
windows 7 usb dvd download tool select iso file

Step#4 The tool will show two options are “USB Device and DVD”. Go for your desired option. Choose “USB Device” to create a bootable USB Flash drive and choose “DVD” to create a bootable DVD.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool choose media file
windows 7 usb dvd download tool insert usb device

Step#5 If you choose “USB Device” the tool will take you to the page named “Insert USB Device”. Here it will show your inserted USB Devices. If you do not find your desired USB device, you can click on “Refresh” button. If your desired USB device is found, now click on “Begin Copying”. It will ask for a confirmation to Erase your USB device to you. If you confirm by clicking “OK”.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool erase usb device
windows 7 usb dvd download tool format usb device
windows 7 usb dvd download tool creating bootable usb device

Step#6 To create a bootable USB media it requires a completely empty USB storage device. After clicking on “Ok” the formatting process will start and immediately will start the Windows 7 file copying process when the formatting process is finished.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool creating usb bootable media

Step#7 When the file copying process is 100% done, the tool will display a confirmation message to you that the “Bootable USB Device Create Successfully”.

windows 7 usb dvd download tool bootable usb deive created successfully

 Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool –Create bootable DVD

If you are intended to create a Windows 7 Bootable DVD, after selecting the Windows 7 ISO file, Click on “DVD” at the “Choose media file” page. Then it will take you to the next page named “Insert Blank DVD”. After inserting the Blank DVD click “Begin Burning” and your Bootable DVD will be created.

N.B. After starting the “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” you select your Windows 7 ISO file and click “Next”. And at the very next page, you see an option “Start Over”. By clicking Start Over you can start again your bootable media creation from any stage you been.

Few troubleshooting tips to use “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool”


Creating a bootable USB device media if you face “BOOTSECT Error”, you just download a tool called “bootsect.exe” from you Microsoft Store and run it. It occurs when a user tries creating a USB Bootable media of 64bit from an operating system of 32bit version.

For downloading the “bootsect.exe” sign into Microsoft store. Now in the purchase history find your Windows 7 Purchase. Find a drop-down menu at the next of Windows 7 called “Additional download options”. Click on the drop-down menu and choose “32-bit ISO”. Now save the bootsect.exe file by right-clicking the URL. Save it in the same directory where you have installed the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. After saving the bootsect.exe, now you can start creating bootable media using the tool.

#USB storage device in not listed to the available device

Check if the USB storage device is plugged into the USB port. If it is inserted into to right port, then press the “Refresh” button at the the tool.

#Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool cannot identify the blank DVD in DVD-ROM

When your system has more than one DVD-ROM, the the Download Tool recognizes the 1st DVD-ROM which is efficient to burn DVDs. In this case, try to insert the blank DVD into another DVD-ROM. If it does not help, check if the DVD-ROM is operational and Disc is not spoiled.

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