Windows phone pros and cons impacting a large number of smartphone users currently. In the smartphone world, we experienced the different type of smartphone from the different brand with different operating system. And user experience of every single device is different. Basically it depends on various factors as user-friendliness of interfaces, features, hardware strength, price, availability of apps, availability of accessories etc. Today we will learn exactly the “Windows phone pros and cons”.

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Windows Phone Pros and Cons in detail

Pros of Windows Phone

1. Simplicity is one of the biggest positive side of windows phone. It is very much slick, has a modern look, crystal clear display with high resolution.

2. Differently organized interfaces. Once the user is habituated with the interfaces, s/he can operate it faster than other smartphones.
3. Stability is another plus of Windows Phone. Rarely you will hear about call drop or app crash in Windows Phone. A great sound quality of calling with loud and crystal clear speaker.

4. Battery life of windows phone seems good enough. Some users experienced that battery charge remained around 60% – 70% after a full working day usage.

5. Earbuds of windows phone are just wow!

6. The start screen or home page of windows phone is personalisable. You can modify it as you like. Because it is configurable with tiles. Color also customizable for any screen component.

7. Windows Phone 8 has some extensive features like Kid’s area, Shared family facility which is not available on android or iOS.

8. Windows Phone 8.1 runs flawlessly with voice and video calling, texting, browsing, navigation, even GPS tracking.

9. Windows phone is comparatively cheaper than any other smartphone.

10. Windows phones are mostly Responsive. No problem at all with tapping, flipping, scrolling, rotating screens and lag-free.

11. Many Latest models of windows phone support wireless charging.

12. WiFi signal and LTE signal has great strength.

13. Some windows phone has an extraordinary feature. It transmits voice, text, and email over Bluetooth headset or car kit perfectly.

14. Windows phone has Parental Controls feature, which allows you to manage your children’s downloads.

Cons of Windows Phone

1. In windows phone, there are fewer apps available than android or iOS. We can call it as “lack of app support”.

2. Screen glasses of windows phone are not good enough, it gets cracked easily and not safe from scratch. In this issue iPhones are better.


3. For some windows, phone models have limited screen standby functionality. It allows up to 5 minutes only.

4. Windows phone OS sometimes unresponsive and it gets stuck.

5. “Blue death screen” is a horrible experience of Windows Phones for many users.

6. Windows phone gets slower quickly than other smartphones.

7. Usually, battery of windows phone starts not retaining charge after 10th/ 12th month.

8. From many of users reviews it is clear that sometimes windows phones gets freeze from the starting week and once you are the victim, it will be continuing with you.

9. Sometimes in windows phone after zooming in you cannot zoom it out back. And it bounds you to reboot the device before everything comes back to normal.

10. Many of windows phone device get bricked when you try to update it.

11. Windows phone gets spoiled quickly in moisture.

12. Windows phone 7.8 version is not possible to keep the phone up to date. It means it does not support or compatible with latest apps will release out.

13. Windows phone 8.1 update time frame depends on the carrier.

14. Limitations of windows phone 8:

a. There is no file manager. Not possible to view any file without any appropriate app.

b. Moving, renaming or deleting files are not supporting on windows phone. Even won’t be able to move files within SDcard & phone storage. It requires a computer for each operation.

c. Audio and video downloading facility unavailable in-built.

d. Pre-recorded audio or video files are not possible to send through WhatsApp/ Wechat.

e. Uploading audio, video or document to any website and images to many sites are limited.

f. It’s tough to play .mkv, .avi, .flv formats in windows phone 8.

g. Only personal video recorded with this phone can be shared through Bluetooth.

h. Sending multiple files are not allowed other than images.

i. Multiple deleting options unavailable except audio track and photos.

j. Notification center unavailable. Results come in delayed notifications always.

k. No call recording functionality.

l. In switched-off status, you can’t charge the phone. Once you connect the charger, it gets switched-on itself.

m. Does not support flash plugin, so web content requires flash support, you can’t view them.

n. Zooming does not function during video recording, even you cannot pause your video recording.

o. Not possible to check properties of files.

p. It’s not possible to set custom ringtones for messages.

q. Volume controls are same for ringtones and music.

r. You cannot save contacts straight from call record.

s. In call record, there is no option to check the call duration.

t. Delivery reports of SMS receive in a different thread.

u. When you need to close any app, you have to bring it to the foreground and then you can close.

v. No USB tethering facility in this version.

w. Music player of windows phone 8 does not own equalizer.

x. You must be irritated when your desired apps or games launches by bing.

y. There is not seek back of the default music player.

z. You cannot CUT your selected text but COPY.

aa. Auto-alignment functionality for text when you read web pages by zooming.

bb. There is not lock for screen rotation, it disturbs when you use it in bed.

cc. There is a lack of quick shortcut of Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Battery, Network, brightness etc.

dd. There is no task manager to end any task of hanged app. In this case, you have to restart your device.

ee. There is a lack of sorting audio/ video files in “Video and Audio hub”, all files are mixed.

ff. Received video files via Bluetooth should receive in video hub, but it goes to image folder.

gg. Internet explorer is not smart enough to display all type of web page.

hh. Default photo viewers preview quality is not up to the mark.

ii. For file transfer, there is no chance to go through WiFi Direct but Bluetooth.

Now everything is clear to you about Windows phone pros and cons. You can make the right decision to choose the right phone for you.


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