Have you just tried to switch on your Xbox One and realized that it won’t turn on? You might have been looking forward to an evening of pizza, beers, and gaming and now your damn console is refusing to switch on?

What can you do about it and what are some of the top tips for when your Xbox One wont turn on?

We’re going to take you through a checklist of things you can do to make sure it’s not something easily fixable.


Before we go into the steps, let’s just run through a quick recap on what the different coloured LED lights mean on your Xbox One.

The white light means that you’ve got no problems, hopefully.

The orange light is a sign that your Xbox One wont turn on properly because it’s in energy-saving mode. This is a fairly common issue and one that many users regularly discuss in forums.

No light or a flashing orange light means that there’s no power supply to your machine. It could mean replacing your power cable as soon as possible.

Right, so now that we’ve gone through what the lights on your Xbox One mean, let’s try and work out what the problem could be.


Why your Xbox One wont turn on? Let’s fix it now!


1) Are you in a cold or overheated room?

It may sound odd, but the Xbox One alongside many other consoles is likely to experience issues when it is used in a cold space. The processing is more likely to lag, and the console may even struggle to turn on in particularly cold rooms. Temperature could be to blame for why your Xbox One wont turn on.

Try turning the heating on, close all the doors and plug any draughts, wait for an hour or so and then retry.

With any luck, you’ll soon be back into it without any problems.

Somewhat ironically, you can also find the opposite to be true. If you’re in a sauna, then try turning off your console, opening some windows and giving the space a chance to cool down.


2) Do you have a faulty power cable?

Having a spare power cable is always worth the effort. It can make it easier to find out why your Xbox One wont turn on.

Try the spare cable and see if it’s working. If you don’t have a spare cable, get one off Amazon now.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Again, if you’ve got no light on your console, then it means the machine isn’t hooked up to power. Unless it’s really, really, broken.


3) Try plugging it in again

We know, we know. It’s what all IT departments say when you’ve got a technical issue. But you’d be surprised at how often this simple fix can work when your Xbox One wont turn on. Unplug your Xbox One power cord from the back of the machine and wait at least ten seconds. This is enough time to allow the console to reset fully. The next step is to press the Xbox button on the front of the console – this is what Microsoft calls an internal power reset. Surprisingly, it often works.


xbox one wont turn on

4) If your machine is working

intermittently, you could try setting your console to energy saving power mode.

This essentially allows the console to run on its own power for installation and updates. You do this by going into settings, then switching power mode. At the moment it’ll probably set to Instant-On, which can cause the console to crash and have issues turning on. Change it to Energy saving and then reset your console. With any luck, you’ll find your power problems have disappeared.


5) A slightly daring option

Kids, don’t try this at home. Or if you do, make sure someone else is about. Basically, it’s possible that the reason your Xbox One wont turn on is that it’s stuck in power saving mode.

This is a possible fix but it is definitely dangerous, and you shouldn’t do this unless it’s a last resort. Disconnect the cable that runs from the mains socket to the console, but only at the end that goes into the mains.

Reconnect the cable you just removed but the only half way – you’ll hear the sound of the electricity. Keep an eye on the LED light on your console.

It’s currently orange but should gradually change to white if you move the cable around a bit.

Give it a good wiggle around. For the love of god don’t spill a drink while you’re trying this one.


6) Is your surge protector to blame?

This is actually a surprisingly common reason for why your Xbox One wont turn on.

If you’re trying to run your Xbox One and TV through a surge protector or an extension box, it can actually result in trouble turning on your console.

The Xbox One is already built with a surge controller.

This means that when the power is run through two surge controllers, it can lack the power to run properly. Instead, try plugging it directly into the mains.

With any luck, you’ll find that the machine will run smoothly and you’ll be able to power on without any problems.


7) Check that all of your cables are properly plugged in and not broken

Sometimes when you’re moving furniture around you can accidentally put something heavy down over a cable and cause a barely noticeable rupture in the wiring.

That break could be the reason why your Xbox One isn’t turning on.

Unplug your cables and look at them closely, running them through your fingers. You should be able to feel any breakages.

If you can’t then replug them into your machine and try to make sure that they’re as firmly attached as possible.

With any luck, your Xbox One will be up and running smoothly in no time.


8) We hate to say it but…

Start thinking about calling in the big guns.

There are many reasons why your Xbox One wont turn on. Some of them are things that are easily fixable through new cables and resets.


Final Words

But unfortunately, if you’ve tried everything on our list and still haven’t had any success, you might need to get your Xbox One fixed by a professional.


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