How often should I be posting on instagram for marketing? Instagram is a wide space in the present time and nobody is unaware of this fact. There are two types of people on the platform. One who is just there for fun, and the other for work.

There is no scarcity of the latter one and that says about the competition. Now, as the conversation here is on posting on the platform, we must say that a post has to go through a lot.

What you post, how you post, and when you post, each of these plays a significant role in getting you the engagement you are thriving for.

At the end of the day, what we see is some good content coming our way, but the calculation that follows the same stays unknown.

In this blog, we will discuss another matter: how often are we supposed to post.

How often should I be posting on Instagram per day?

how often should you post on instagram to grow

Posting regularly is important to stay validated. Plus, this will be favored a lot for your algorithm. 

But, with that, we do not infer spamming. That will look nothing but chaotic. So, that should be strictly avoided at any cost.  For a day, a maximum of three posts can work.

You got to avoid doing that regularly though. Work with one mostly, but you can increase to three on some days, but strictly not more than that.

At the end of the day, all of this is for Instagram’s growth. So, it is necessary to ensure nothing hampers that.

How Often Should I Post To Stay Validated?

how often should i post on instagram for my business

For someone who cannot make more time for Instagram or there is a creativity block, a temporary arrangement of once a week is good to go.

This way your followers will notice your presence and will stick to you while you come up with better scheduling. We would suggest posting good content if that is the scenario and not just anything.

Also, once you want to get back, do not opt for spamming your follower’s feed just to make a point. Increase the number of posts gradually. That way your followers can get used to this.

In addition to that, going offline without any update whatsoever is also not the right way.

4 Actions To Take To Work On Algorithm

There are a few actions or ways you can adapt to continue to gather engagement to your post.

  • Pre-plan posts
  • Get a list of hashtags
  • Find out the best time to post
  • Consider Instagram Image size

1.   Pre-Plan Posts

how often should you post on instagram stories

If you think spontaneity can take you places on this platform, then you need some serious drilling to do. No matter, you have the content ready or not, what goes on your feed has to be pre-planned.

For this, it is important to take every factor into consideration. There can be changes, but try to ensure that there is no major shift.

By, pre-planned, we mean, at least a month before it goes up. What is the best part of this is that you can brainstorm taking your own time. Thus, we can come up with better and less flawed content.

Creators must take care of this for their own good. Also, brands that are using Instagram for their brand promotion should also make notes of what goes up in the foreseeable future.

This also depends on what your audience is usually preferring. Their taste has to be taken care of. In the midst of gathering more, it is important to consider what is already there.

Also, never forget that your planning may backfire at times, like with some new trend coming your way. But, you have to see the larger picture at all times.

2.   Get A List Of Hashtag

how many posts on instagram per day

It is safe to say that Instagram runs on hashtags. We will not say it is impossible, but it gets tough by manifolds if you do not use hashtags on your posts. Also, proper hashtags can work a long way.

On this platform, people not only follow other Instagram users but also follow hashtags. That way their feed can show them posts from all the accounts that use the same hashtags.

So, one of the major things that need to be taken care of is always using hashtags from your niche. You can juggle that. Check the numbers out, but make sure you do not miss out on what is trending.

Instagram is a fast-growing space. Everything changes here in a blink of an eye. So, what worked for you earlier, need not do the same again. It is important for you to keep up.

That may get tiresome, but that is the only way you can move on. There are tools as well that can help you out. You have to also look for keys in each post so that you can use hashtags from that as well.

3.   Find Out The Best Time To Post

how often to post on instagram 2022

When you work for good content, the main idea behind the same is to be liked by your audience. To make that happen, your post must reach your audience.

We have already mentioned the algorithm of Instagram. It is not unknown to any that the thing is tricky. If you just post things at any arbitrary hour, the engagement can encounter a major effect.

To ensure that does not happen, scheduling your post is your way through. Also, you have to keep a check on when most of your followers stay active.

If you post something at the peak hour of the day, or midnight, folks are likely to not stay involved on social media.

So, choosing time like the evenings, or afternoons works a long way. Sundays are also not a bad idea. There are some tools available in the market that can help you out in this scenario.

Posting too often also takes a few of your posts to some odd hour. It is advisable to avoid that.

4.   Considering Instagram Image Size

Considering Instagram Image Size

Instagram has certain restrictions when it comes to posting anything. The aspect ratio is one of the major demands.

Well, you can edit the same and fit it with a background, solid or themed, according to your choice, but that sometimes hampers the minute details of the image that you wanted to showcase.

So, opting for the same for every post is not a good idea. However, that just makes Instagram selective. So, to ensure no such discrepancy occurs, you should always take pictures in a portrait mode, taking care of the ratio.

People often tend to crop pictures and post them like a puzzle, so that they end up looking good in the feed. But, that ends up only for aesthetics as those cropped pictures as a single post make no sense.

Plus, that spams the feed as well, so there is a lack of engagement on that end. Getting organic likes and engagement gets tough. In addition to that, you have to always come up with a lot of three so that your feed doesn’t look disorganized.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have given an idea of how often posting on Instagram is good. We have also discussed the scenario for someone who is not regular.

In addition to that, we have also brought the discussion of how you can beat the algorithm and gather good engagement for your posts. The factors are real and the actions that are mentioned, if done in a systematic order, can undoubtedly work a long way.

All in all, the steps you take on this platform cannot be a spur-of-the-moment decision. You are not certain to deviate from your topic, no matter what you do. This was all about how often should I be posting on instagram.

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