In this article we will discover the main software development trends. The pandemic has had its negative toll on the range of fields and industries, yet the sphere of software development continues its search for fresh horizons and opportunities. The increased digital demand forces reputable and reliable IT teams to seek and deliver services that improve and profit-program different business branches.

Web development: 2024 basics

Elitex experts believe that new trends will continue to surface in 2024. Besides, countless development teams available on the modern market try to re-shape and transform the solutions they have on offer to meet the present-day demands. Surely, a few companies dare to present the service before they gather public response and prepare a suitable environment for future technological projects.


Those who either want to profit from the upcoming technological solutions or implement them into the business routine need to be aware of where to start. Elitex JavaScript experts have compiled a list of the most promising web solutions to benefit from in 2024.

Single-page applications

One of the widely requested trends that the IT society is bound on would be the SPA (Single-Page Apps). These apps are based on JavaScript, and their primary purpose is to load HTML pages into the browser in use so that a user does not need to refresh the page all the time. Such industry giants as Google, Twitter, and Facebook are known to exploit SPAs, and their positive experiences have had a positive impact on the trend in general. Learn more about here JavaScript development.

React.js for these apps

One of the main tasks that any project manager puts in front of the team is finding a reliable and effective solution within the shortest period possible. The perspective has forced developers to seek ways of launching functional apps within a tight deadline.

As you may already know, JavaScript consists of different frameworks, and React.js seems to be the most requested at the moment. All due to the extensive interface library and uncompromised functionality. If you want to launch a fully operating, customized, and lightweight app, you should consider working with React.js in the first place.

API-first development

Another growing in popularity trend is API-first development. The complex title stands for a development approach centered on the programming interface of an app. The service’s main aim is to ensure that the app’s API can be reused, is consistent and compatible, let alone – developer-friendly.

Often APIs are implemented to improve the app’s functionality so that it runs on a pre-set basis. Developers create the API that is a base for the upcoming project. Due to such an API-centered approach, the app comes out more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient.

Trendy programming languages

Two main languages seem to thrive in the development universe at the moment. They are:

  • Python
  • JavaScript

These aren’t the most recent inventions in the sphere of software development, but the fact that they keep evolving keeps them in the game. According to recent research, it’s determined that Python is the simplest programming language. At the same time, JavaScript has gained its rep in the sphere of app development.

Low-code development

Low-code software gets more requested by the day. The given development technique features visual elements such as drag-and-drop to create software. Usually, low-code platforms present a library of templates and features that a user can exploit to create a unique and personalized app. One of the trending advantages of this software development trend is the most time-saving of all.


With all the software development trends in mind, you may conclude that implementing most in the workflow would cost you a pretty penny. However, recent industry researches prove that outsourcing software development is yet another industry-related trend. While outsourced specialists are still highly professional, they offer a lower price range than any local in-house team. Make sure you use this knowledge to your advantage!

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