Which is the best adhesive for cell phone repair in the market? Mobile phones are everywhere these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Cracks, scratches, and shattered screens are all potential outcomes of this bad-luck device. But don’t panic. When it comes to being more prepared for life’s worst accidents, the adhesive is your best friend like other cell phone repair tools and kits.

Which glue should I use to fix my cracked phone screen? Instead of heading to the phone store to replace your cracked screen, do-it-yourselfers with adhesive can repair it in their own homes. And hey, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying this before handing over $100 or more to a technician.

Buying Guide on Adhesive for Cell Phone: Choose the Best Adhesive for Cell Phone Repair

What are the best cell phone adhesives? There are many cell phone adhesives available in the market. But which cell phone glue is the best, especially will serve your purpose? Based on a multitude of factors, the best cell phone adhesive would be the one with the most features and the cheapest price. What makes an adhesive perfect for fixing your cell phone?

Here are some important features you must check before choosing the best adhesive for phone repair:

  1. A good adhesive should give you time to make adjustments before hardening
  2. Is the adhesive good for gluing rhinestones to a cell phone case?
  3. Is it printable?
  4. Is it washer/dryer safe?
  5. Is it non-flammable?
  6. Is the adhesive temperature resistant?
  7. Is it glass compatible?

If the answers to the above questions are “Yes”, you can get the adhesive to repair mobile. Now let’s check some best adhesive for cellphone repair.

Best Adhesive for Mobile Phone Screen Repair

Product Description/ Special features:

MMOBIEL B-7000 Adhesive is a high-performance adhesive that has high elasticity, especially for Cell phones/ Smartphones, Tablets or electronic components. Especially, this is one of the best adhesive for cell phone repair.

The B-7000 adhesive outperforms most the similar adhesive in all testing parameters for higher temperatures, is more re-usable, thinner when dry and has no residue or white powder when curing. Comparatively, MMOBIEL B-7000 adheres to more surfaces with fantastic durability.

best adhesive for cell phone repair MMOBIEL B-7000

B-7000 provides a stable and well-thought-out solution to people’s bonding needs. BIEL B-7000 is a medium viscosity, single component, epoxy-based adhesive. As such, it possesses unique characteristics such as rapid cure, ultra-high early strength, and excellent holding power.

Moreover, it has the ability to adhere to very smooth and non-porous surfaces. Each drop of this adhesive leaves behind a clear, Precise application. The thirty-thirty-five percent hardness after curing is an index of 65-80A, and the surface drying time is 3-6 minutes. The total curing time is 24-48 hours.

When the question is about mobile phone screen repair, undoubtedly you can choose MMOBIEL B-7000 Adhesive. This adhesive is not only the best adhesive glue for mobile screens, but also for fixing the back panel of cell phones, especially great for cell phone repair.

MMOBIEL B-7000 15 ML Multipurpose High for Industrial Glue Semi Fluid Transparent Adhesive 15 ml 0.51 fl.oz


  • Extraordinary to repair cellular phones/ smartphones and tablets.
  • Awesome to replace phone touch screen,
  • Fantastic to fix a broken cell phone back panel!,
  • Very good product,
  • Worth of money
  • Durable
  • Temperature resistant


  • Products tube is not very good, sometimes gets leaks easily
  • Small tube

Best Adhesive for Cell Phone Back Cover / Cases

Product Description/ Special features:

E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive is one of the best glue for phone back cover. It also very effective for decorating plastic cell phone cases. You can use it to fix the phone back cover firmly when you are not satisfied with the current back cover.

best adhesive for cell phone repair E6000

It is also can provide a waterproof effect for your phone. You can use it to fix any cell phone case. It is suitable for all brands of mobile phones. Besides cell phones, this adhesive can be used for any kind of craft, especially plastic crafts. The adhesive is very easy to use.

The glue itself is dry and will not stick to the skin so it won’t be a problem if you get some on your fingers. You can use it for any project. It is clear so it will look great for any color of the phone.

E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive, 2 fl oz Clear


  • It is extremely versatile and it hold just about anything
  • Highly recommended for cell phone back cover and decoration of plastic cell phone cases
  • Worth of money
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • It is washer/ dryer safe
  • This adhesive is photo-safe
  • Non-flammable
  • Glass compatible, so usable for crystal cell phone cases
  • Temperature resistant


  • This adhesive has strong smell, not very comfortable for everyone
  • Not effective for fabric or shoe sole

Best adhesive glue for mobile screen

Product Description:

The T7000 Glue Black Super Adhesive is specially made for repairing cell phone screens and jewelry. This kind of glue is characterized by ultra-fast drying, powerful adhesive force, instant solidification and excellent adhesion performance.

It does not contain harmful substances to the human body. The temperature range of T7000 glue is -30oÇ. ~+90oÇ. The viscosity of T7000 glue is between 3,000~50,000 cps, and it is applicable to various kinds of products.

best adhesive for cell phone repair T7000

It can be used as a hot melt adhesive for PVC film production with good adhesion. As a multi-purpose adhesive, you can use this for PP/PE/PS/PO/PVC/ABS/rubber, plastic, leather, sponge, wood, paper, glass, ceramic, metal like aluminum, point drill rhinestone jewelry, fabric, crafts and many more.

Special Features:

– Ultra-fast drying,

– Strong adhesive force, and instant solidification.

– Excellent adhesion performance and long time working life.

– It’s very convenient to use and achieves a very high-cost performance.

– Cleaning is easier than other products, no residue

-Surface gets dried in 3-6 minutes approximately

T7000 Glue Black Super Adhesive 15ml Cell Phone Screen Jewelry Glass DIY Crafts


  • Effective mostly for plastic and metal bonding
  • Can use it for Apple Watch after battery replacement
  • It’s a black adhesive that is non-polluting, so environment-friendly
  • This adhesive is Non-corrosive
  • Very strong hold
  • It is multi-functional and obviously universal adhesive glue
  • This glue is soft and elastic after curing


  • No cons found

Important Tips to Repair Cell Phone

  • If needed, do not forget to take a backup of the data as a very first task. For peace of mind, I suggest you grab a copy of the file and keep it on standby before proceeding.
  • At the beginning of repair, must have the SIM and memory in a safe place. To start with, you need to press and hold the power button and put your smartphone in airplane mode. After that, you need to remove the SIM card tray and pop the back cover. Next, remove the charging port flex ribbon cable.
  • Here we will discuss some expert tips to repair cell phones professionally. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while repairing cell phones is that you should be careful. Make sure you must wear gloves and glasses if your phone has glass on the display.
  • You should use a wooden tool while repairing the cell phone to avoid any damage. Always make sure you must buy parts of cell phones from reputed sellers. Before starting the disassembly of cell phones, you should plan your project very well. You should check all the screws on phone and if any screw is missing then you should search for that in your toolbox.
  • To use touch screen glue, firstly choose the best adhesive for cell phone repair and then you should take your phone and check which side of the display is broken. If the whole touch screen is broken then it will be difficult to fix. If the only touch screen glass is broken then you have to replace that by removing it from the touch screen.
  • You must keep the cell phone repairing work area neat and clean. Don’t leave tools or pieces of equipment lying on the bench or on the floor. Put them in a toolbox, drawers, or the case of a part. Before you leave your work area for the day, make sure that everything is neatly put away and that the work surface is clean and orderly. Dust any tools that you will be left lying on your workbench. Tools with dust on them are more likely to be stolen. Clean the bench before you leave for the day so that you can find what you need when you come back. Buy a good quality lockable toolbox and keep the key with you.
  • If you are in a complex situation in cell phone repairing, don’t get worried. Just keep calm and search on google with different search terms until you are not satisfied with the solution.

If you have anything to add to us or any suggestions, please do not hesitate to share it in the below comment box.

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