Today I am going to share the top notch backlink sources that will work always. If you have been in the SEO industry for a while, you probably know the importance of backlinks to get higher ranking on SERP, right? And, when it’s all about getting higher ranking in Google’s top 10 results and generating more traffics for any specific Keyword, undoubtedly, you will need more high-quality backlinks. So, you will see a rush in webmasters to get links from authority sites relevant to their niche, okay? And, there comes the issue! If everyone out there hankering after getting backlinks, running campaigns, who will give the links? Let’s check out!

Here are some Top Notch Backlink Sources That Will Work in this current year and (beyond).

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging can be an excellent source for building high-quality backlinks and creating your brand or authority, or whatever you name it. As it’s some kind of Give-and-Take type business, you need to provide value first and get the rewards later on. Quality guest blogging can benefit you two ways, or even more. First, it will create your authority or brand in the specific industry. And, second, you are more likely to get relevant referral traffic from that particular guest post to your blog or website.

Top Notch Backlink Sources

However, you need to ensure that you are guest posting on an industry-specific, relevant, and high-profile authority websites. Guest blogging on websites with low authority or without authority is completely worthless compared to the effort you pay for the post to be published. Again, keep away from spammy guest posting! Google hates both spammy links and posts. So, undoubtedly guest blogging is one of the top notch backlink sources. Here you can find a list of 1500+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts.

Listing the Top Industry Influencers in Your Blog Post

Though this method is something like relationship building, but as one of the top notch backlink sources it helps to strengthen your branding and creates backlink opportunity. You have probably checked out the “Billboard Hot 100 Chart” type posts at least once in your lifetime. It’s not a BIG Deal if you haven’t. These types of posts get tons of traffics, shares, and recommendations. What is more interesting- people swallow these types of posts like hot-cake. However, in the case of building high-quality backlinks, you can apply the same tactics in a different way. Yes, you read it right!

You can list the influencers in the niche you are working and mention them in your blog post. Mentioning the most influential industry experts in your post can get you quality links provided that you have published a quality content. Wondering, how?

Well, let us suppose, you have published a high-quality post listing the industry experts. You mail them the fact that you mentioned him/her in your blog post and invited to check it out. Now, if they liked the piece you published, they will most likely share the post which will ultimately result in getting you more backlinks. And this another method of top notch backlink sources will help you to get a high-quality backlink.

However, make sure that you have enlisted the right people in your post, they are popular in the industry, influential, and the mass rely on their remarks. And, one more thing, ensure your content is of good quality, engaging, and both the people you mentioned and general readers will love to read and share.

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Broken Link Building

Well, Broken Link Building strategy might seem an old-school technique for getting quality backlinks in this era. But, it can actually contribute a lot to your link building campaign if you can nail it. Because broken link building strategy is one of the strongest top notch backlink sources. Let’s guess; you are looking for a backlinking opportunity from authority websites in your niche. Webmasters of high—profile websites or authority websites always try to keep the website fresh, working smooth, and ensure most satisfying user experience on the site, right?

Now, all you need is to browse the most popular blogs in your niche and scan the pages to find out broken or invalid links. If there’s any that you came across, contact the webmasters and let them know about the broken link/s. While writing the blogger regarding the invalid link, you can simply suggest your link relevant to the subject or topic that the webmaster earlier linked to.

Try to sound helpful and appear that you’re suggesting the link as an easy fix for the broken link. Thus, if you can convince the webmasters of influential websites to replace their broken links with relevant links from your website, you’re BooM!

Anyway, when trying this particular technique as backlink source, remember to contact the webmaster with links that contain high-quality and relevant content. Also, remember to use simple & sweet words and be real & honest in your approach. Hopefully, broken link building will help you to a great extent to get backlinks from high-profile websites without almost no investment in link building.

Last but not the least, remember to track the backlinks that you’ve created for your website time to time. You can try Siteliner to monitor which of your backlinks are live and which aren’t working.

Apart from these, you can also try Infographic Creation and Submission as a safe and effective backlink source. High-Quality Infographics are said to get 3x more likes and shares than other types of content. So, it can surely be an effective backlink source for this year including the earlier three as mentioned above. All you need to ensure that you’re offering something of great quality in exchange for backlinks. And, that’s all you can do to get more authority backlinks and more organic traffic. Hope these all top notch backlink sources will be helpful for all website owners. Thanks for reading.


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