Every business is important for its owner, either it’s a small business or a big one. The responsibilities and the kind of work that needs attention to make the business running and successful. So, Customer Trust and Security are essential factors for a smooth running of an online business. Most small business faces threats and security issues. To combat this and make you learn better, this article will focus on small business enterprises and their security measures with best SSL certificates which are very important for smooth running of their business.

Getting started with an understanding of What is SSL certificate? What are their types? And how the best SSL certificate secures the small business website? And which is the best SSL certificate that you should purchase for your small business?

What are SSL Certificates?

No one will ever want their credit card and debit card details to be stolen or not secured. So, for safe transactions, you need to enable SSL on your website. But what if you are just starting off a small business or a new e-commerce website – no need to worry you need to get an SSL certificate that identifies your site and install it on your server to access website securely by redirecting URL from http:// to https://. Even if you aren’t able to invest much into best SSL certificates, no worries SSL resellers offer SSL certificate at huge discount rates for all types of businesses.

When An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate activates HTTPS protocol, which secures online communications occurring between the server and the browser. Moreover, it is highly recommended that website URL should begin with “https” and enable green padlock icon in browser address bar that indicates website is secured with the best SSL Certificate and safe for online transactions.

For example, big businesses like Amazon provides secured payment gateway, and they are confident in what they are offering to its customers since when they started a business because they have chosen right & best SSL certificate for the security of its customers. Further, it is the very important thing to know is that choosing the right SSL certificate is also important for your business.

Why installing an SSL Certificate is the best idea for small businesses?

  • Putting an SSL certificate into a small business improves the credibility and trust of its customers
  • It safeguards all the personal or private information transmitted over the internet.
  • It also helps in preventing hacking and intrusion by the third parties.

EV SSL certificates encrypt every single form of transaction between your website and customer’s web browser such as Username and password, Credit card/debit card credentials,  and other demographic details. With enabling https:// in your website URL, you will get SEO benefits as well. HTTPS feature stops all the data sniffing activities during online transactions on your website.

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Different Types of SSL Certificates

Best SSL Certificate

The classification of the SSL certificates depends on the validation standard such as Extended Validation (EV SSL), Organization Validated (OV SSL) and Domain Validated (DV SSL). One thing which is very important to note here is that the level of encryption that is offered are same, but the level of validation may differ. Security Visual Indicators in browser address bar also differs after SSL installation.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates: This is the basis of all the SSL certificates but does not have strong validation process. Here the CA only checks the good applicant who is getting used to the specific domain, but there is no vetting process of the organization. DV SSL displays green padlock symbol and https:// in the address bar of the website.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates: OV SSL certificate will be issued after verification of actual organization and their domain ownership. In this certificate, the information about the organization is available to the customers. OV certificate used to provide an extra layer of trust to your customers.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates: This type of Certificate will be issued after strict validation method according to CA-Browser Forum guideline and provides maximum trust level by indicating company name with the country code in the address bar of the browser that shows site is highly authenticated and safe to use. EV SSL certificates are the best SSL Certificate best for online shopping or e-commerce websites and are authenticated by the Certificate Authority (CA). The CA thoroughly checks the organizational details for the specific domain including verification of company through validating legal documents. EV SSL certificate represents the name of the company, the issuer, validity and all the other important details.

Wildcard SSL Certificates: If you want to secure multiple sub-domains of your main website, then you can install Wildcard SSL certificate on your web server that may lead to major savings for protecting all sensitive information during online transmission between your unlimited sub-domains and customers web browsers.  Wildcard SSL will be issued by either domain validation or organization validation method only.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates: Secure your main domain and up to 100 SAN (Subject Alternative Name) domains or sub-domains with single Multi-Domain SSL certificate with robust 256-bit encryption. SAN/UCC SSL can be issued through Domain Validation, Organization validation or Extended Validation method carried by trusted Certificate Authorities.

Where to find the best SSL Certificate for your small business?

I recommend you to get SSL certificate from CA authorized SSL reseller such as Cheap SSL Shop where you can find all the types of SSL certificates at lowest prices with 1-3 years validity. Small Business or startup business can afford cheap SSL certificates. At this site, you get SSL certificate issued by Certificate Authorities such as Comodo, Symantec, GlobalSign, Thawte, and GeoTrust.

Here, you can compare SSL certificate of various certificate authorities concerning the validity, price, warranty, features, and other things. If you have single website collecting sensitive information from online users, then Extended Validation SSL is recommended due to its strong visual indicators in the address bar that will assist to increase customer trust and website.


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