Make yourself an Email Marketing Specialist and enrich your marketing expertise just with these seven specific Tips. Just following these tips create your successful email marketing strategy and implement for your project. For beginners, it is important that they become accustomed to email concepts, terms, and metrics employed by an email marketing campaign.

What is email marketing? It is simply sending emails to customers as we grab in our student life while finding someone to do my dissertation online and potential customers. Another aspect is to reach the targeted audience for leads. I know the trend of emails is slowly slipping away, but there are ways you can capitalize on that. Let’s see how you can leverage email marketing to your maximum advantage and make you the perfect Email Marketing Specialist.


Here we go with Seven awesome tips for Email Marketing Specialist

Subject line is your headline

Remember the subject line is your headline and headline must be able to inform what the contents are about. The subject should not be more than 40 characters long because if you were to exceed that limit, the windows settings wouldn’t allow it instead will chop it off.

So invest your time in creating a 40 character headline. It should be compelling and if you cannot do it, better hire a copywriter to your team.


Line length of your message

There are several standards that we ought to comply with as marketers. Next is, the line length of the message you are ready to compose. According to emailing formats, the line length must not exceed 60 characters.


Creating a message in word processors

Beware if you are creating the messages in a word processor such as MS Word document, you ought to realize that when you copy paste into the message window of your email; you will lose all your formatting; italics, boldfacing, tabs, and centering.

That is why it is recommended to utilize message using a mono-space font. Since under this font, every bit of space is same, all your indents and bullets will fall into place.


The from line

Now you need to understand that a ‘From’ line is equally important as is the Subject line when emailing clients. It is a deciding factor in whether or not your email gets read. The readers are smart, (in the already shrinking pool of emails), they will filter out any or all e-mail (mark as junk or delete) based on the ‘From’ line, alone.

Make sure it has a personalized touch to it or else it will be of the owner or company from wherein you have rented that list of email addresses. What goes on, is that the list owner usually relies on references familiar to prospective clients which increase the likelihood of those email getting opened.

If you request the list owner, he can provide with the rights to modify the address. You can add your name or the businesses on the left of the ‘@’ symbol in the ‘From’ line. That way a personalized touch will be incorporated, and the target audience will know from whom they are getting the email and what their business is about.


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Don’t employ free in your subject line

If you are into direct marketing, you may fare as successful by employing the word ‘free’ in your pitch, but in emails or subject line, this tends to backfire in a major way. Do you know why? It is because, as mentioned earlier, people are trained to mark emails with Free in their subject line as spam where they are automatically deleted.

Heck, there are even automated programs that delete any email that has ‘Free’ keyword in it. You see the notoriety of the word ‘Free’ has bagged here?


email marketing specialist - Rent email addresses of consent


Rent email addresses of consent

When you ask for email addresses from list owners make sure you ask for those addresses where explicit permission has been granted by the user to utilize the email address. You can confirm this by looking at the opt-in/opt-out language which is displayed on the list owner’s website.


Get the list with recent addresses

List of addresses can become obsolete with time, and if you were to get your hands on a list which has become old, your marketing to such customers is pointless. Consider this a rule of thumb that any list within last 30-90 days should be considered for your marketing efforts beyond that, better turn it down.

If you cannot decide yourself, you can seek the help of a list broker as well; he would be able to fill you in with some good advice.


Above described seven aspects if anybody can follow perfectly, for sure s/he will be real Email Marketing Specialist. Also, this expertise will help you to generate the desired leads for his/ her business.


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