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We just need the URL of a page or post to be replaced with the broken link.


Service policies:

  1. In this package, we are responsible for broken link prospecting only.
  2. We find those not-working links on authority/quality websites and make requests to replace them with working ones that lead to your website.
  3. It’s totally up to the site owner may replace the broken link with your proposed link.
  4. Sometimes site owners may demand some editorial fee to place your link.



Service disclaimer

When we add new links to a website, it’s kind of like setting the foundation for a building. It doesn’t rise up instantly. Typically, you’ll start noticing a difference in about 30 to 45 days. And here’s the thing, the moment we implement an SEO tweak, it begins to work. However, just like any massive system, Google takes its sweet time to recognize and adjust to these changes.

We can’t pledge that your site will rocket to the number one spot on search results. After all, we don’t have control over Google’s algorithms. But what we can tell you is that these links are like a solid investment for your site’s future. They’re bound to enhance your visibility and potentially increase your website’s ranking. Let’s stay optimistic and watch the progress!


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