The term “DFU” came from Default Firmware Update. You can assume it as recovery mode too. When you have no way to solve your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch issues, you have the last step iPhone DFU Mode for troubleshooting.

For iPhone, it is essential to turn back to its default firmware update when a phone is unresponsive or it need to be rescued from any error. Actually, DFU uses for upgrading firmware and it totally restores the operating system of iPhone. Here we will learn how to restore an unresponsive state entering to iPhone DFU mode. You can find a german tutorial about the DFU Mode on Sir Apfelot’s blog.

iPhone DFU Mode connect

DFU mode is an extreme mode which allows a computer to restore your phone to its default settings with the latest upgrade of its firmware. The interesting thing is DFU enables the opportunity to reset the phone to its factory settings upgrading the operating system to the latest version of iOS. And when an iPhone in DFU state, still it can communicate with iTunes.

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What the process requires before starting iPhone DFU Mode?

A. You have to know the “Home button” & “Sleep/Wake” button on your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch

B. A timer for counting 8-10 seconds

C. Take a backup of the iPhone to your iCloud or iTunes account

D. USB data cable of your iPhone

E. A computer (MacBook or Windows PC)


You must know

By iPhone DFU mode restoring your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch, every single bit of code that was programmed for hardware and software of your iPhone, will be erased completely. Get to know about Jailbreak more from here.

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How can you put your iPhone into DFU mode

iPhone DFU Mode enter

Here I will show you how to use actually iPhone DFU mode. Just follow my easy steps bellow:

a. Get your Computer Power-On, Take the USB data cable of your iPhone. Now connect the iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch to your computer using the USB data cable.

b. Switch-Off your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.

c. Go to your software list in Computer and start “iTunes

d. For 3 seconds press and hold Sleep/Wake button and then you will see an option on the screen, “Slide to Power Off”.

e. Now follow the command to power off your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.

f. Wait for the completion of Power-Off.

iPhone DFU Mode entering

g. Yes, now you have to turn on the DFU mode of the iPhone. Put your fingers on the Home button and Sleep/Wake button and at the same time, PRESS & HOLD them for least 8 – 10 seconds.

h. Now after 8 – 10 seconds, Release Sleep/Wake button but do not release the Home button. If you see the screen of the iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch is black, it confirms that your device is in DFU mode.

iPhone DFU Mode iTunes message

i. If you have performed the steps perfectly, have a look on your computer screen, iTunes will show the below message.

j. Now just restore your iPhone in your iTunes following its simple instructions. (By clicking on “Click Restore iPhone”).

iPhone DFU Mode iTunes


Extra tip – iPhone DFU Mode!

If you got MAC OSX 10.5.6 or aMAC Book slim, and you are not able to enter into DFU mode, then follow me for solution:

i. Get a free ADC (Apple Developer Connection) account here.

ii. Download a disk image named “IOUSBFamily Log release for Mac OS X 5.5 Build 9F33

iii. Now you have to install IOUSBFamily-315.4.1.pkg from the disk image

iv. And restart your MacBook

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How to get out from iPhone DFU Mode to normal mode?

Closing iPhone DFU Mode is damn simple. For that, you just have to press and hold the Home button & Sleep/Wake button almost 10-12 seconds, till you see the Apple sign/ image on your iPhone screen. Now your device is out of DFU state.

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