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iPad Pro 9.7 review now can be the strongest review than ever. This device contains 5-million pixel display. And the user can draw anything by Apple pencil on it very smoothly. It has a quad speaker which are very powerful. Apple iPad got A9X processor which is very speedy. Finally, it is an awesome device with long battery life.

Limitations of Apple iPad Pro 9.7

This device size is bit large to use by one hand. There is no touchpad on its keyboard. No rack for Apple Pencil and for the big screen, iOS 9 is not optimized. If you feel to update or restore iOS of your device, learn how to do it step-by-step.

Verdict on Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Ultimately Apple iPad Pro 9.7 brought a big and nice display. The performance of this device is really fast and according to its long battery life must make the device great for creative types.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7: Detail Review

Though this device is not a replacement of Laptop or Surface Pro Killer, it seems like a Two in One Hybrid Laptop with the attached “Smart Keyboard”. So, from all aspects of benefits, this device is an extremely powerful tool. The pencil of Apple iPad Pro 9.7; I mean the Apple Pencil really great input device to illustrates or sketches for designing or gaming. In the question of processor, Apple iPad Pro got a huge powerful processor A9X which allows you edit 4K video. This device manufactured from aluminum and glass. It is 12 x 8.7 x 0.27 inches of size and 1.57 pounds of weighs. The attached smart keyboard weight is 2.33 pounds. Comparatively, it is little bit heavier 2.37 pounds and 11.5 x 7.9x 0.33 inches; thicker than Surface Pro 4 of Microsoft.

Display of this device brought an exclusive experience. You can just try is by watching the Trailer of Seventh Episode of Star Wars. You will feel the difference of your previous experiences.

It is really impressive if you try to take a close shot of any object by News App from this device. It will take you just beyond the obstacle of the cloud.

There are 4 speakers on this device. Speakers set as 2 speakers per side (Top side and Bottom side) of the device. Speakers are set a bit tactfully. Top speakers deliver mid and high-level Frequencies but BASS delivers by all speakers. By flipping the iPad changes the order of delivering Frequencies and BASS. Means just top side speakers delivers the frequencies.

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Apple pencil plays the great role to make iPad Pro more popular to users. It costs $99 though but is it a great fit for iPad Pro than ever. Apple iPad able to scan Apple Pencils “Tip Signal” 240 times in a second. The speed seems almost twice.

As per your amount of pressure, the sensor of Apple pencil sends the command to iPad Pro and draws thicker or thinner object or line. This pencil also computes the orientation of users hand whether it is drawing or creating any mystic shading effect.

Apple Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro

You can put a review as “Good” but not “Great”. Let’s enter into its deep cloud; why?

To collect this keyboard someone must spend $169 which is made from fabric. Of course, it is water-resistant you can gain a good experience in typing. But in my opinion, it is not up to the mark as “Great”. The positive side of it, each key of the keyboard provides satisfactory travel with grip. Nevertheless, the layout of Surface Pro 4’s is much better than it. There is no option to control brightness or sound volume from the smart keyboard. If you want to control them, you have to swipe up from the bottom side of display.

 I can share you some tricks of the Smart Keyboard as follows:

By pressing Command with Tab – It will show all open apps and you can switch in between.

By pressing and holding Command key – It will show various shortcut for the specific app.

By pressing Command with R – It will refresh the app.

By pressing Command with F – It will find your desired item on specific page.

By pressing Command with T – You can open a new Tab.

Using a smart connector of Apple iPad Pro delivers data including power when it is connected with the smart keyboard.

In this iPad Pro 9.7 review, I must mention the incompleteness of the Smart keyboard of iPad Pro that it has no “Touchpad”.  You have to go to the screen of the iPad when you need to click. If the touchpad was available on the keyboard, user could treat the device as a laptop.

In this new iPad a great opportunity is to edit 4K video, and also, it is able to maintain multiple streams at the same time for its awesome A9X processor.

Apple declared that Chips used in iPad increases twice the CPU performance and thrice the graphics performance.

iOS 9 for iPad Pro 9.7

Here we would like to discuss on latest iOS 9 in this iPad Pro 9.7 review. New features of the latest iOS is “Slide view”. It enables the opportunity for you that you can slide over the last used app by you. Just swipe in from right side and use the adventure of “Slide view”. Another feature is “Split View”. This option allows you to run 2 apps side by side as windows operating system.

“Picture in Picture” is an awesome feature in iOS 9. You will be able to shrink a window of video. This features still works for only Apple’s video app, not for YouTube or Netflix.

Battery Life of iPad Pro 9.7

Battery life is a great part of iPad Pro 9.7 review. A thorough test was performed by Laptop Mag for the battery life of iPad Pro 9.7. The result is it lasted completely 10 hours and 4 minutes. At 150 nits of brightness, it was browsing the web using Wi-Fi. Comparatively, it is just wow when Surface Pro 4 provides 6 hours and five minutes.

Conclusion of iPad Pro 9.7 review

Of course, this is a device for Power users while it’s is has a “Pro”. Actually, it’s the latest invention of Apple for drawing or sketching, modifying photos or videos, playing latest games which could be done on a high configuration PC.  From this point of view Apple iPad Pro 9.7 is an absolute latest Tablet. Get review on another fantastic device Apple iPhone 5 SE.

Click here to view the complete specification of Apple iPad Pro 9.7.


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