Fitbit is one of the most used wearables in the world. It is a tracker which measures heart rate, sleeping quality, steps taken in a day, number of calories burned and so on. If I talk about the accuracy of a Fitbit, then I must say they have a pretty decent record.

According to the test of eight Fit bands from Fitbit in 2014 and 2015 they were at best “reasonably accurate.” So, I guess you have got that how Fitbit is going to meet your expectations. Let’s talk about “How to Preserve and Extend your Fitbit charge battery life?”

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In this article- I will tell you what you should do to increase your Fitbit Charge Battery Life. As I always try to give you something more, I will not forget about that as well.

So, let’s see what is waiting for us to know today.

  • Fitbit charge battery life
  • Fitbit battery replacement
  • Fitbit zip battery life
  • Fitbit zip battery replacement
  • Fitbit zip battery 2032 Problem Solved
  • Fitbit Charge HR Battery Replacement
  • 3V coin Battery and it’s features

Let’s begin


Fitbit charge battery life

Fitbit Charge is one the fit bands from Fitbit. According to Fitbit help,

the charge of Fitbit charge battery can last up to 7 days. Battery life depends on use and different setting of the Fitbit. The actual result varies upon different users.

battery life Fitbit charge - charging


Here, you will get to know how to preserve battery life for your Fitbit charge

  1. When you are using the Fitbit app, be sure to turn off All-day Sync. It increases battery draining on both the tracker and mobile. Open the app and click the account icon to find the setting.
  2. For Android, you should turn off Always Connected Setting. This can eat battery life like All-day-sync.
  3. Switch off Quick View. Since it makes the screen illuminate when you turn your wrist towards you, switching of this setting may drag out battery life. To discover the setting, open the application and tap or tap the Account sign. At the highest point of the screen tap or snap Charge and look down.
  4. Every Alarm you set that reduces your battery life. So, consider deleting some alarm if you have more.

Warning- Do not charge your Fitbit Charge tracker in Extreme heat or cold.

Fitbit battery Replacement

When we use the Fit bands from Fitbit for a longer time, after a time the battery went down. As a result, our Fit bands become unusable. To make it run again, we needed to replace the battery of the Fit bands. Here, we tried to talk about some battery replacement of the Fitbit Fit bands.

Fitbit zip battery life

According to Fitbit official, Fitbit zip has a long battery life of 6 months. You will need to replace a battery after six months. So, quite a long battery life, isn’t it? Let’s Find out

Fitbit charge battery life - fitbit zip battery life


Fitbit Zip Battery Replacement

Note- At the point when the battery descends under 25%, a low battery marker will appear on your tracker show and dashboard. A glimmering battery symbol indicates that your tracker is near being totally out of battery life. Information could be lost if your tracker is not synced up before replacing the battery.

Fitbit charge battery life - Fitbit zip battery replacement

Replacing your Fitbit Battery is easy just follow the instructions:

  1. Purchase a 3V coin battery. You can find it in any electric shop, or you can find it online store like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress etc.
  2. To open or close the battery door compartment on the back of your tracker Use the battery door tool. Zip has a harmless, polysilicon grease on the battery door that greases the rubber gasket to safeguard a water-tight seal.
  3. You can recycle your old battery when you replaced a new one.

Fitbit zip battery 2032 Problem Solved

Here, I will give you the solution to the question Can I Use CR 2032 battery instead of CR 2025? The Answer is yes. Using CR 2032 in your Fitbit Zip is okay. You may face problems going back to 2025. You have to pull a little up the battery spring.

When we replace a battery instead of another we get worried about three things:

  1. Is it going to be Fit?
  2. Is the voltage going to be same?
  3. Is it going to provide enough current?

The Ans is yes to all these questions. The battery is a bit thicker, and voltage is the same. According to the theory, CR 2032 should last longer. You can use it in place of CR 2025.

To know about the difference between CR 2032 and CR 2025 go to this URL.

Fitbit Charge HR Battery Replacement

Fitbit charge battery life - Fitbit charge HR replace the battery

Fitbit Charge HR battery type is a 3V coin Battery. It can last up to 5 days according to Fitbit help. Typically, battery life depends on use and different setting of the Fitbit. The actual result varies upon different users. You can replace the battery so easily in your Fitbit charge HR.

3V coin Battery

3V coin battery is designed to work with electronic and medical devices, camera, calculator, watch, Fit bands for Fitbit, Fit bands from other brands, Keyless door entry, watch, PDA mem-backup and so on. 3V coin battery is easy to install. It provides a long operating life. There are more than 20 models of batteries to choose from the market. Now, I will tell you about some of its valuable features below:

  • 3V coin cell battery has high energy
  • High Reliability
  • Twice the capacity of the conventional dry batteries
  • Long shelf-time up to ten years
  • No mercury added
  • Wide range of operational temperatures (-30C /-22F to 60C / 140F)

As you can see it’s valuable features are quite impressive so, you can use this battery for your Fitbit battery replacement or in any other electronic device according to your needs.

To buy 3V coin battery go to this URL. For any Fitbit related issue, you can check out this URL.

You can also search in google for Fitbit one battery replacement, Fitbit flex battery replacement, Fitbit Alta battery replacement, Fitbit battery zip


Fitbit is always a useful wearable to monitor your heart rate, counting steps that you take, calorie info and other stuff. So, we have to think about its battery life to continue its impressive performance. 3V coin battery is especially useful for this condition. Thank you so much for reading this article about Fitbit charge battery life. We have tried to give you some information for your Fitbit that you will not need to face battery issue with your Fitbit. To share your opinion, comment in the comment section.

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