Polar M600 Sport SmartWatch is a perfect invention of Android Wear™ for which many sportsmen or fitness-focused people were waiting for. Polar M600 can be the absolute choice of a fitness tracker for anybody. This device made focused on many unique features to make easier the life.

For a Polar M600 user now more than Four Thousand third-party android wear apps are accessible via Google Play Store. Even, Smart Coaching by Polar, Activity Guide etc. are accessible now. Polar M600 is now Polar Flow App compatible. It enables you an in-depth analyzing scope of your daily activity and much more. This device is waterproof, you can swim wearing it without any problem. You can purchase it for 349.90 EUR (Price may vary depending on your country). Enjoy the power of Android Wear in your daily life, even you are working at the office, swimming by the pool or outing.

Basically, Polar M600 added many outstanding features. So it’s worth checking it out. Let’s have a thorough review on all the outstanding features of Polar M600 Sport Smartwatch.

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Track your activity anytime

Polar M600 is able to track your each and every activity of 24/7 time in five different intensity levels. By tracking, you can view the whole picture of all your activity was performed. And you can count specifically your active time, you can count your daily burnt calories, even steps including the distance from steps and sleep. This watch generates analysis considering your physical information, including intensity, frequency, and regularity of all your movements. Check here tips and tricks with features of Apple’s Smartwatch – Apple iWatch.

Let’s check the five intensity levels

First level: Resting (includes sleep, rest and lying down)

Second level: Sitting (includes sitting position or any type of inactive behavior)

Third level: Low (This level includes when you are working by standing or light chars)

Fourth level: Medium (This level counts when you walk and your moderate level activities)

Fifth level: High (This final level count your jogging, running including your acute or sharp activities)

In this watch, you can also view how a various type of activity intensities collect your daily activity. You can reach your activity goal faster depending on how much higher the intensity. In Polar Flow App you can find examples for different intensity such as low medium or high.

What is Activity Goal?

Physical activity is very important for healthy life. If your activity goal is set, it helps you to remain active for the whole day. Polar M600 Smartwatch observes your daily activities, sets daily activity goal for you and provides a smart guideline, how to reach the goal. Your Polar device track every moment of your daily life depending on the intensity of activity and duration. The device will suggest if you need walking or jogging. Additional tips you can get from Polar Flow App or its web service. All major health benefits like your weight, strong bones, gutsy muscles, and joints, and healthy body you can build using this extra-ordinary device. This is a great way of risk reduction of any definite diseases. Overall Polar M600 Sports Watch can be your digital physician to benefit you, if only you can utilize it perfectly.

Active Time of your Full Day

All intensity levels grab your whole active time. If you want to produce more active time, you have to turn away sitting or breaking it up daily with short walks. The experiment showed that when 2 hours of sitting each day replaced by low intensity, it consumes calories same as when you have brisk walking for half an hour. In Polar Flow All you can view your spent time as per intensity level.

Polar Sports Watch counts your Steps and Distance

This device calculates all of your steps and distance from your taken steps in the day. Steps are counted depending on frequency, intensity, and orderliness of your wrist activities.

Summary of Activity

All your activities stored in your Polar M600 device, you can view the detailed scenario of your total activities through Polar Flow App & web service. As detailed information you can find spent time based on activity intensity levels, Daily goal completion status, the average of the daily goal completion, your burned calories, steps taken by you, your inactivity alerts, your sleep time and quality etc.

Activity benefits in Polar M600

Considering the strong scientific ethics, activity benefits cover heart health, the strength of muscle and bone, stress reduction and the quality of sleep. By observing daily, weekly and monthly status you can improve your daily movements and can enjoy best health benefits. Your improvement you can check via Polar Flow App easily.

Inactivity Alert by Polar M600

By analyzing your different level of intensity device will remind you of getting up, avoiding sitting or staying for a lengthy period. Staying inactive affects badly on blood circulation of the body, metabolism and energy consumption.

Polar M600 will deliver you an inactivity alert if you were inactive for fifty-five minutes with a reminder for adding active breaks to your everyday schedule. During an hour of your inactivity, it will show an inactivity stamp in its Polar Flow app and web service.

Polar M600: Sleep Duration and Quality

The training computer you use will track the duration of sleep automatically and will display the status in its Polar Flow app and web service. Basically, it indicates your sleep was restful or restless.




GLONASS – Global Navigation Satellite System; is similar technology like GPS, this is just another version of GPS which called Russia’s version. This technology identifies your position via an electronic device as the Global positioning system. GLONASS system uses in smart devices. In Polar M600 Sports Watch used GPS and GLONASS, and they increased the accuracy.

Running cadence from the wrist – Polar M600

Running cadence calculation: your total steps per minute which is divided by two. In Polar device running cadence counts by an accelerometer in the wrist section. It reduced essentiality of any extra equipment like foot pods.

Running Program – Polar M600

Running program provides instructions, motivational guideline, and supportive practices including video guidance which are very much easy to obey. In the period of individual training, you get guideline from polar products are compatible. Here you can view the zone of your targeted heart rate. You can view target duration also and you can set your training for appeasement results.

Speed & Distance from the Wrist – Polar M600

The Device allows you to track your distance and speed via accelerometer using your running or walking related sports profile information. Accurate readings may vary depending on handedness and any other physical configuration.

Wrist-based heart rate measurement – Polar M600

In the Polar M600 device, you just enter into training mode and check your heart rate. By this device, you can enjoy the accurate heart rate and it also provides training guideline. Polar M600 provides best Wrist-based heart rate measurement using the Polar Proprietary optical heart rate module. Heart rate is the exact number of beats per minute of your heart. In the physical exertion, the maximum heartbeats number per minute is called Maximum heart rate (HRmax).

In heart rate zones, you can set and control the intensity of training. In the heart rate zones, it is possible to follow heart rate-based different training programs. Different training benefits depend on different training intensities.

There are five default heart rate zones which depend on the percentage of maximum heart rate are as follows:

First level: Very light (50% to 60% – Maximum heart rate)

Second level: Light (60% to 70% – Maximum heart rate)

Third level: Moderate (70% to 80% – Maximum heart rate)

Fourth level: Hard (80% to 90% – Maximum heart rate)

Fifth level: Maximum (90% to 100% – Maximum heart rate)

Zone limit can be set as you desire. Learn more from Polar Flow web service.

ZonePointer – Polar M600

ZonePinter is a symbol which moves in the training computers zone display. It displays your presence in the preset zone or targeted zone. ZonePointer enabled to aimed cadence, pace, intensity or speed targets for you.

Running Index – Polar M600

The Running Index points counted automatically when each run finishes. It depends on some kind of relation of HRmax and HRest, also on the heartbeat rate, speed, and altitude in every session of training. The running index provides data of your performance status. It comes from the sum of both aerobic fitness and running economy. A higher reading mentions that your cardiorespiratory/ aerobic fitness is better.

Sometimes for some periodic factors like weather, heat or stress may vary your Running Index. In this case, you are suggested to pursue long-term trends in lieu of daily impatience. You may view your long-term performance for 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon.

Training Load – Polar M600

Training Load helps you to see that how arduous the training session was, also you can compare different workouts load. Training load calculates from intensity and training session duration. Intensity for the session calculates from heartbeat rate.

Recovery Status – Polar M600

To search out the balance between training and rest uses Recovery Status. Recovery Status also measures your training load tolerance. This feature estimates your physical strain for now and future taking your training background into account.

There are four Recovery Status levels:

First Level: Undertrained

Second Level: Balanced

Third Level: Strained

Fourth Level: Very strained

Recovery status viewable from the Polar Flow web service.

Distance – Polar M600

You can set the distance parameter in km or mi. By the Training distance feature, you can get information about the traveled distance in a training session. And by the Lap distance, you can get information about the distance of a single lap.

Altitude, Ascent/ Descent – Polar M600

Polar M600 identifies your present altitude and fixes altitude concerned conditions. Altitude unit defined by meters/ feet with ascending and descending functions. GPS calculates the altitude. Altitude also calculates by atmospheric air pressure sensors like V800 or V650.

Sport Profiles – Polar M600

More than a hundred sports are available in Polar M600 Sports to watch. Any sportsman can choose sports fit for him/ her. These sports are relevant for training. Each sport has its specific reports which are very helpful for any sportsman. There is scope to choose your favorite sport and configure it in the Polar Flow web service.

Adjust training displays – Polar M600

Polar M600 Sports watch enabled tailored views opportunity for various sports. Sports profiles from Polar Flow web service you can select the type of data you want to follow in the training.

GPS in Polar M600

GPS system inserted in Polar M600 delivers exact speed and distance calculation for a range of an outdoor game. GPS enables to view your pathway on the map in Polar Flow app and web service when your session was completed.

A-GPS in Polar M600

The GPS functionality in Polar M600 Sports Watch is very fast GPS satellite adjustment. Data from A-GPS let’s know your wrist device to considered position of GPS satellites and enables to get signals in just seconds.

On the training computer, the validity of A-GPS data file is limited for 14 days. You can fix a faster fix time, just by ensuring synchronization of your training computer and Polar Flow App or FlowSync regularly.

Speed/ Pace – Polar M600

The speed calculates with GPS in km/h or mi/h using a sensor (Stride sensor/ cycling speed sensor). Any targeted speed/ pace you can select in speed/ pace training zones.

Pace means the rate of speed. It calculates in min/km or min/ mile unit. This functionality used basically in running.

Training Targets – Polar M600

In this feature, you can make training targets in Polar Flow web service in detail. After making it save in the training diary or keep as favorites for using later. It is possible to set calorie, time, targets based on distance, race pace targets, phased targets with heartbeat rate, speed/ pace guideline etc. After your training completion, you have the option to analyze your performance and can have a comparison with the target you have set in the Polar Flow web service.

History of your Training – Polar M600

This feature saves your training information (files) depending on the capacity of the memory. Memory capacity can be affected by language selection.

Laps, Automatic in Polar M600

Here you have to set your automatic laps in the Polar Flow web service. It depends on a certain time-frequency, distance or location.




Device name: Android Wear™

Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth 4.2

Wi-Fi technology: 802.11b/g/n

Weight of device: 63 gram

Size: 45X46X13

Display type: Color Touch Display with 1,30”, 240X240 Resolution, Tranmissive TFT Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Battery: Rechargeable Battery 500mAh. Battery life 2 days/ 8 hours of training with android smartphone, 1 day/ 8 hours of training with iPhone

Water resistivity: A suitable waterproof device for swimming, 10 meters, IPX8

USB cable type: Custom

Number of Languages to display texts: 15 languages

Bluetooth Smart: By connecting a Polar device with probable sensors it enables synchronization of data via your mobile. Bluetooth Smart is a new wireless communication technology which consumes less power. After pairing Bluetooth smart sensor gets locked automatically from data transmission to the training computer.

Smart notifications: This feature notifies you once you wear your training computer in the daily life. Every notification of an incoming call, message and push notifications from social media apps alerts you with audio or vibration, you can view them on your training computer display. You can get notified of a caller and can decide whether to pick the call during your workout. You also can decide which notification you desire to get in the phone settings. Even you can turn off notification entirely from the training computer.

Compatibility: For smartphones – Android 4.3 and higher version, For iPhone – iPhone 5 and higher with iOS 8.2 or later

Processor used: MediaTek MT2601, Dual-Core 1.2GHz processor based on ARM Cortex – A7

Internal Storage: 4GB

RAM: 512MB

Sensor for heart rate: Optical heart rate measurement with 6 LEDs

Other sensors: Accelerometer, Ambient Light sensor, Gyroscope, Vibration motor, Microphone

Buttons: Power button and Front Button for quick training controlling

Bands: Silicone

Location technology: GPS and Glonass

Firmware update: You can update software to the latest version through USB




Diary – Flow – Polar M600

Through this feature, you can simply follow your training, activity and improvement in the Polar Flow web service. It shows your data in different view like daily, weekly and monthly.

Map View – Flow  – Polar M600

A map view of the training session route you can have in this feature at Polar Flow web service by GPS. By using the map you can experiment the training data in detail mode.

Relive – Flow  – Polar M600

Relive feature focuses your previous training session. It makes a video presentation on it considering training route and it marks the highlights of the session. You can get access to the video in the Polar Flow web service. Even it is shareable via Polar Flow community.

Explore – Flow – Polar M600

You can see and discover training session of public what is shared by other users, surfing the map in the Polar Flow web service.

Social feed – Flow – Polar M600

In this feature, you can meet many Polar trainers by participating in the polar training community. Here you can share your progress, achievement, activity summaries, and training sessions. There are opportunities to follow and comment other trainer’s training or activity. It may helpful for you.

Instant activity and training analysis – Flow – Polar M600

In this features, you can have an instant view of summary of a training session. You can view your activity in the Polar Flow App.

Advanced activity and training analysis – Flow – Polar M600

In the feature, you can analyze each and every detail of the training session simply. You can analyze here your long-term activities in the Polar Flow web service. It provides a thorough insight of the training analyses. The fantastic thing it gives is a practical guideline to achieve your activity target and view your idle periods.

Training Planning – Flow – Polar M600

This training planning feature makes a detailed training goal in the Flow web service. It can be saved in your training diary or can be added to favorites or later use. You can synchronize them to your training computer.

Sport profile settings – Flow – Polar M600

Here there are more than a hundred Polar sports available including the sport-specific report. You can choose your training related sport from Polar sports.

Progress Follow-up – Flow – Polar M600

This feature gives a practical tool to get informed about your improvement with reports & graphs period basis. You have a chance to choose period and sport for a custom period too.

Data Transfer compatibility – Polar M600

It is compatible with the Polar Flow app through Bluetooth Smart. You can transfer your desired data with this system.

Data export – Polar M600

Manually you can export data of any training session in TCX, GPX or CSV file formats. To download faster you can make the files zip and transfer it.

Compatibility of 3rd party services – Polar M600

This Polar M600 device can be connected with different 3rd party services. So the training detail and regular activity detail can be sent automatically and you can use it in different services where you have allowed. For instance, you can connect it with Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal (iOS users), MapMyFitness etc.

New 3rd party services are compatible developing by Polar which will update all the information every moment.

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