iOS 9 Battery Drain is a hot topic now in the Apple user community. Apple iOS updates caused battery life consumption for a lot of Apple devices nowadays. Recently who updated their device to iOS 9, most of them faced battery drainage issues. We will show you how to fix battery problems in iOS versions 9.0 to 9.3.

iOS 9 Battery Drain intro

iOS 9 of Apple brought many new awesome features and fixes with this latest update.

However upgrading to the latest iOS 9.3.1 version caused a problem with the battery life of Apple devices.

This is exactly the Battery Drainage issue. Is not it really unexpected? Apple’s service must not have any negative effect. Someone must test every update well before its delivery.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Battery Usage

How can you get rid of iOS 9 Battery Drain?

We are really concerned about helping every victim of this battery drainage issue. And we are determined to help all victims out.

This guide is for then who run iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, and the new iOS 9.3.2 beta to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Each user must keep these tips and fixes in mind. Battery life can betray the user anytime, so they have to be prepared for it.

Step 1: Check your Apps

When you see your device’s battery draining quickly, the first thing to do is check the Apps installed on it.

You have to check your App performance. To do this, go to “Settings” and then “Battery” to see which apps are using up your battery on iOS 9.

Get informed about the app that consumed the most battery charges within the last 24 hours. Get into the deep analysis by tapping on the little clock to know the exact time of most battery consumption.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Check your app battery percentage

When your screen is on, a certain app uses up the most battery. When your screen is off, some apps drain your power.

If there is something odd to you, just try to update the app (considering its good review).

If updating doesn’t work, try reinstalling or uninstalling the app to see if it improves your device’s battery life.

Step 2: Check by uninstalling Facebook

The Facebook app consumes a huge charge of a battery in the different operating systems. Recently there was a suggestion by The Guardian that Facebook still causing huge battery drainage. Another test report was, that Facebook consumes an average of 15% of total battery life.

So if it shows that uninstalling Facebook improves your battery life, then keep it uninstalled.

Step 3: Enter into “Low Power Mode”

The brand new feature of iOS 9 “Low Power Mode” permits users to extend the battery life up to 10% to 20%. To enable this mode you have to go to Settings.

From settings, go to Battery and then go to “Low Power Mode” and enable the option.

If you turn on this choice, your Apple device will restrict several options and features that you have to manage yourself.

This “Low Power Mode” extends your battery life by several hours.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Low Power Mode

Step 4: Switch on “Airplane Mode”

If your device’s battery is draining, make sure you are in an area with good cellular service.

It’s hard to find a signal here, and it quickly drains your battery.

At this moment, enter into “Low Power Mode” or “Airplane Mode” quickly to get rid of battery drainage.

Devices in “Airplane mode” don’t look for a stronger signal or any nearby connections.

Step 5: Incapacitate “iCloud Keychain”

Go to iCloud Keychain and disable it. Many Apple users said that after disabling this option, they see a huge difference in battery life. So it might work for you.

iOS 9 Battery Drain iCloud Keychain

To turn off the iCloud Keychain, go to Settings, then iCloud, then Keychain, and toggle off the iCloud Keychain option. If you use “iCloud Keychain”, and it does not bother Battery Life, you can turn the feature on at any time.

Step 6: Control “Refresh Apps run on Background”

Apps you don’t use update in the background. Turn off “Background App Refresh” in iOS settings to stop this. It might be helpful to recover from the iOS 9 Battery Drain.

To enable this feature, Tap on “Settings” and then go to “Background App Refresh” and now turn the feature off. For better performance, you can turn off the complete feature instead of turning off one by one app.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Refresh Apps Run on Background

Step 7: Turn off Location Services

When you turn on the Location service, it consumes a huge charge of your device battery. You can try the iOS 9 Battery drain by turning the location service off.

For that, you may go to Settings, then go to Privacy. After that go to Location Services and toggle the option off. Now compare the Battery life performance.

iOS 9 Battery Drain location services

Step 8: Turn off “Push Notifications”

To save your iOS battery, disable “Push Notifications” in settings. Go to Notifications and turn off the app you want to stop receiving push notifications from.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Push notifications

Step 9: Turn off Motion & Fitness

You can try to fix your problem by turning off “Motion & Fitness”. To disable this option you may go to “Settings”, then go to “Privacy” After that go to “Motion & Fitness” and just disable this option.

iOS 9 Battery drain Motion & Fitness

Step 10: Turn Off Undesired Indexing in Spotlight Search

By turning off Undesired Indexing in Spotlight Search, you can save a big portion of your battery life. To disable it, go to “Settings” and then go to “General” and after that “Spotlight Search”.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Spotlight Search

Step 11: Turn Off Automatic Update For App Store

When you enable Auto Update for the App Store, it may also cause your battery to drain. So better to keep it turned off. And when you need to update your apps manually.

To turn off the option, follow these steps: Go to “Settings.” Select “iTunes and App Store.” Finally, disable “Updates” in the Automatic Downloads section.

iOS 9 Battery Drain App and iTunes Stores

Step 12: Bluetooth, Cellular Data and Wi-Fi

Just keep enabling your Bluetooth, Cellular Data, and Wi-Fi when you need them really. Otherwise, keep them disabled.

It will save a good portion of Battery life. Because these options continuously consume battery charge. This is a great step to solve the iOS 9 Battery drain issue.

Step 13: Arrange and Manage Display

Apple devices use a set of sensors. Among those sensors, one sensor automatically adjusts the screen. This sensor works well sometimes, but sometimes it behaves badly.

During the iOS 9 Battery Drain, you must off the Auto Brightness. To disable “Auto-Brightness” go to Settings after then go to “Display and Brightness”, then go to “Auto-Brightness”, and now select “Off”. When the option is disabled, you have to adjust the brightness manually.

iOS 9 has a quick access option for Auto Brightness. By swiping up from the bottom of your device screen, you can pull it up.

Step 14: Restart Your Device

In iOS battery drainage you also try to restart your device. If the device restarting does not help you, try a hard reset.

For a hard reset, Press & Hold down the “Home Button” & “Power Button” simultaneously for 10 seconds. Your iPhone or iPad will restart automatically and will perform the hard reset. Don’t worry, you will not lose any data.

Step 15: Reset the All Settings of your device

This Resetting process could be just for 5-6 minutes. When the reset completes, it will return your device to its factory defaults. This reset won’t delete your files or data.

Visit Settings, go to “General,” then select “Reset,” and tap “Reset all settings” to reset your device. After that put the passcode when it asks for the passcode.

Step 16: Downgrade the iOS to an Older Version

By downgrading your iOS, you can get rid of iOS 9 Battery Drain. You can learn here, How to downgrade iOS.

It will remain helpful until a newer version is released.

Step 17: Restore iOS 9 Update

If the above tips don’t work for you, you can go for a Restore of your Apple device. You can assume that it might be the ending try. Restoring the iOS will delete all data from your device.

From the backup, you can restore after the update of iOS 9. If this procedure won’t help you out, you can try the following procedure again (not restoring from the backup).

For that, connect your device to iTunes via a computer. After that from iCloud Settings, Switch off the option “Find my iPhone”.

Now, from iTunes click on the “Restore” option. Complete the iOS 9 reinstallation. After completion, now click on “Restore from Backup” and get your all data/ information/ back to your device.

You can also choose “Setup as a new iPhone” to set it up newly. The whole process could take around half an hour to finish.

Step 18: Contact Apple

If no Tips & Tricks help you out, now is the time to take your device to an Apple Store for a thorough diagnosis. And they will diagnose the problem and suggest a solution. Either you can contact or talk to an expert from Apple Support Online.

Bonus tips

  • Enabling “Settings Privacy Location Services” can help conserve battery life by managing location services efficiently.
  • Optimizing “screen brightness” settings can contribute to battery life problems by reducing power consumption.
  • Managing “Settings General Background App Refresh” can aid in preserving battery life by controlling background activity and resource usage.
  • Adjusting the “Auto-Lock” setting can contribute to battery conservation by minimizing the time the device’s screen remains active when not in use.


A newer feature is available at iOS 9 is Night Shift. This feature converts the screen color temperature.

By selecting this option, your device will automatically synthesize the display by detecting your location & time. From the control center, you have the option to disable the Night Shift mode.

You can access the option by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen. By entering into “Low Power Mode” will disable Night Shift option automatically. By using this feature you can solve your iOS 9 Battery Drain problem.

Night Shift features are compatible with iPhone 5s and newer, iPad Pro, iPad Air and later, iPad mini 2 and later. Additionally, they work on iPod touch (6th generation).

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