Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic not only designed for make and receive phone calls or volume control, but also you can use it for many new functions. By this funky headphones, you can record voice memos, interaction with Siri Hands-free, Skype calling and of course listen to the music.

Let’s get familiar with EarPods Buttons

You will see in the EarPods, a (+) and (-) button which are volume up and down button, between the up and down button there is a “Center button”. At the opposite side of the center button, there is a mic. All these buttons made complete the “Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic” package.

From the iPhone 5 onward, every device comes with the Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic excluding iPads. Independently anyone can purchase Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic just for $79.

Now we will go through all tricky uses of Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic

Trick-1 Control Music or Media Playback with this EarPods

Apple Earpods with Remote and Miccan be used to listen to music, watch videos and obviously to control your media playback. But when you use EarPods with iOS 9, this headset act just like smarter. By plugging in the headphones panel, the Proactive assistant of iOS 9 automatically identifies that its user might like to play the album was played/ started last time. It works like magic; your music gets just ready to play on the lock screen of your device.

Now we will learn all the shortcut commands for Media Playback controlling with EarPods:

  1. To Increase the Volume – Press the “+” button
  2. To Decrease the Volume – Press the “-” button
  3. To Play or Pause a track (audio/ video) – Press ONCE the CENTER Button
  4. To Resume any Paused track (audio/ video) – Press ONCE the CENTER Button again
  5. To go to next track (audio/ video) – Press TWICE the CENTER Button swiftly
  6. To Back to the previous track (audio/ video) – Press THRICE the CENTER Button swiftly
  7. To Fast-forward any track (audio/ video) – Press TWICE the CENTER Button and HOLD
  8. To Rewind any track (audio/ video) – Press THRICE the CENTER Button and HOLD
  9. To Record, a sound or voice – Start the voice memo and Press the CENTER Button to start recording, REPRESS it for pausing or resuming.

Trick-2 Use EarPods for Taking Snapshot or Video Recording

  1. Take a Snapshot: Open the Camera App, Hold the camera of the device to the desired object and Press the CENTER Button once.
  2. Video Recording: Open the Camera App and Switch the camera from photo to recording; now Press the CENTER Button once to start video recording, to stop recording press again the CENTER Button.

Trick-3 Operate Siri using EarPods

You can operate Siri using EarPods, it helps most when you are driving.

The following shortcut commands you can use to talk to Siri:

  1. Summon Siri – Grab the CENTER Button. By Pressing and Holding the CENTER Button make your request.
  2. To continue the conversion with Siri – Each time you need to talk, you can do it by Pressing & Holding the CENTER Button.
  3. Adjust Siri’s Volume ­– During interaction with Siri adjust its volume using Volume UP (+) and Volume down (-) button.

N.B: Remember one thing, Hold the CENTER Button and do not release until you finish talking to Siri.

Trick-4 Play Music using EarPods & VoiceOver

To hear music track title and name of the artist:

By pressing and holding the CENTER button wait until it plays a tone, after hearing the tone release the button. Current playlist and all playlist will be announced by VoiceOver.

To listen to the announced playlist:

When you hear the name of your desired playlist, just press the CENTER button.

VoiceOver with EarPods supported devices:

iPhone 3GS or higher

iPad (any)

iPod Touch 3rd Generation or higher

iPod nano 5th Generation or higher

iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation or higher

Trick-5 Voice Control with EarPods

At the lock screen of your device, EarPods features are available for you even Siri is disabled in settings. Limited voice-activated features will be available if Siri is disabled. Voice control is always on for your music app, but it is unavailable if Siri is turned on.

If you want to keep voice control dialing during your phone is locked, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Touch ID & Passcode (For iPhone 5s or later. For other models: Go to Settings and then go to Passcode.)
  3. Now set Voice Dial to OFF.

Trick-6 Manage Phone Calls with EarPods

  1. How to answer an Incoming Calls?

When an incoming call comes during your listening music with EarPods, you can receive the call by pressing the CENTER Button of your EarPods.

  1. How to Hang Up a call?

After receiving a call, just press again the CENTER Button for Hanging Up.

  1. How to Reject an Incoming Call?

If you are not interested to attend an Incoming Call, just PRESS the CENTER Button and hold it for 2 seconds. The call will be rejected by playing two small beeps.

  1. How to Switch Between Calls?

When a new phone call comes during a current phone call, you can switch between calls using your EarPods. To switch just press the CENTER Button ONCE, the first caller will be put on HOLD and the second caller will be connected with you. To switch back to the first caller again press the CENTER Button of your EarPods.

  1. How to end current call to receive a new call?

Sometimes you are talking on the phone and receive a new call. In this situation, if you want to end the current call and attend the new call, just PRESS and HOLD the CENTER Button for 2 seconds, by playing two small beep your current call will be ended and you will be switched to the new call.

Trick-7 Use your EarPods With MacBook

Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic are not only made of iPhones or iPods. You can easily use it for your MacBook as well. Just by plugging in the EarPods to MacBook, you can play/ pause or increasing/ decreasing volume which are work for iTunes and QuickTime Player.

These all ultimate tips and tricks for Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic hope will be helpful to you. Your feedback is very much valuable to us.

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