iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in, but you are confident that you have not plugged any headphones into your device. If you press the volume button, your phone shows “Headphones” with the volume slider. You cannot hear any sound from your iPhone/ iPad speaker. Since the problem started, you have tried to solve it in many ways. You tried plugging in and plugging out your headphones. Even if you have applied for a hard reset, nothing worked for you. You are just fed up with this unnecessary problem. Don’t know what to do.

iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in – How to get rid of it?

Hey, dude! Nothing to be worried about at all. There have solutions to your problem! Let us know, which reasons are causing this type of problem.

Usually, iPhone/ iPad delivers this sound problem in headphone mode on account of the headphone jack. For sure it’s not a software problem but a hardware problem. But there have 1% of software problem possibilities. It can happen due to physical damage or with liquid headphone jack. Sometimes it causes debris into the headphone jack, due to what your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in. Layers are a powerful tool in Clip Studio Paint, allowing you to separate different elements of your drawing.

iphone thinks headphones are plugged in headphone jack systemHow to make sure it’s not a software problem?

The simplest way to be confirmed that is not a software problem is to switch off the device and Switch on again. To switch on/ off just follow the usual on/off procedure. After turning on the device if you are still having the problem, you can be sure that it’s a hardware issue.

How to get debris out of the iPhone/ iPad’s Headphone Jack?

To clean debris from the iPhone/ iPad’s headphone jack there is no procedure recommended by Apple. You have to pick out the junk by yourself. Here I will share some effective tricks for your consideration. These tricks are not Apple-approved, so you have to be careful about applying them. Because it may cause damage to your iPhone/ iPad. But there are many success stories of these tricks. So it is worth trying these methods.

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Trick-1: Clean debris using a BIC Pen

This trick was shown by an Apple genius. And for me, this is a wonderful trick.

a. First of all, take a BIC pen and remove its cap.

b. Now pull out the pen tip from its plastic body with pliers.

c. One end of the plastic ink cartridge is attached to the tip, another end is just empty. This empty side will be used for removing debris.

d. Now push the empty end of the ink cartridge in the headphone jack politely and twist it to make loose junk. If you feel the debris got loose, then shake it gently and bring it out. Debris will be taken out.

Hope this method will work for you. If not, please go for the Trick-2.

iphone thinks headphones are plugged in headphone jack system BIC PEN
iphone thinks headphones are plugged in headphone jack system BIC PEN Plastic ink cartridge
iphone thinks headphones are plugged in plastic ink cartridge empty end

Trick-2: Clean debris using an Air blower

This method is much more effective to clean the headphone jack of your Apple device.

a. Switch on the small air blower and hold it by your comfortable hand (left/ right)

b. Grab your iPhone/ iPad by the other hand and hold its headphone jack close to the hose of the Air blower.

c. Now start blowing air to the iPhone/ iPad’s headphone jack and clean it debris gently.

d. Caution: Don’t stick the hose of the air blower to the headphone jack continuously. From a little far blow modestly and junk will be cleaned.

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Trick-3: Clean debris using Tweezers

There is a risk to using tweezers for the headphone jack if it’s metallic tweezers. Better if you can use plastic insulated tweezers. Don’t worry, just grab the headphone jack in light and bring debris out with tweezers. After cleaning debris you can blow air gently for a well clean.

Trick-4: Clean debris by disassembling your Apple device

This method is only for experts who are able to assemble and disassemble iPhones/ iPad. Because everybody can’t do it. If you are an expert, by disassembling your device you can clean it. Hope it must solve your problem. This method is not recommended for you if you are not an expert.

Trick-5: Restore your iPhone/ iPad in DFU Mode

Try to restore your iPhone/ iPad in DFU mode. It will solve hidden software issues if any. Here is the complete guide on How to Restore your iPhone/ iPad in DFU Mode.

If you have tried all of above tricks to solve “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in” problem and still your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in, then your phone had a physical damage or a water damage.

How does water damage make iPhones stuck in headphones mode?

Due to water damage, lots of iPhones/ iPad got headphone mode problems and many of its users don’t know how this problem occurs. By any chance, if water enters into the headphones jack, it could stack your Apple device in headphones mode.

How does physical damage make iPhones stuck in headphones mode?

Many iPhone users leave his/ her iPhones in the condition of earphones plugged in and the earphone cable wrapped around the iPhone. After a well-timed, when users suddenly pull the earphones input plug from the headphones jack, sometimes the whole headphone jack of the iPhone can start pulling away from the logic board. As a result, you can face problems like “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in”.

iphone thinks headphones are plugged in earphone cable wrapped around the iphone

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How to repair iPhone had physical or water damage?

Repairing a broken headphone jack from Apple Store is not possible. The only solution to this issue they provide is to exchange a new iPhone. If you don’t want to get your phone replaced, you have to find a third-party iPhone repair center. You can also get a mail-in service for the headphone jack repair at iResq.com. They provide service for a few specific iPhone models. Hope you will get the solution from them on the “iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in” issue.

Thanks for reading this content. If you got it useful that’s great feedback for me. Or if you solved the issue in another way, must share it with us in the comment.

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