Creating a CTV commercial that makes a lasting impact requires preparation and attention to detail.  Everything from the idiosyncrasies of the CTV ad specs to the time at which the commercial runs on Connected TV and beyond plays a role in its success or failure.  Consider the following factors before creating CTV commercial and that preparation will help you move forward to recording sessions in full confidence.

7 Things to Consider Before Creating CTV Commercial

1. Establish Common Ground With the Target Audience

Audiences are looking for products and services featured in ads that tell stories they can relate to.  Tell a story in your Connected TV commercial that resonates with your target audience and you’ll win their business or at least their consideration moving forward.  Even if you simply plant the seed that your product or service will provide the intended benefit, it might be enough to convince your target audience to pay for your product/service at some point down the line.

In particular, the narrative of the story told in your CTV ad is especially important.  Use the narrative to communicate a beginning point, a challenge that serves as the midpoint of the story and a conclusion that highlights the merits of the value proposition.  Audiences appreciate an effort to tell a story, especially if it is presented in an artful manner with a subtle mention of the product or service as opposed to an ostentatious presentation.

2. Don’t Forget to Entertain the Audience!

A CTV commercial that is boring or slow in pace won’t generate the attention necessary to make money from the ad, let alone recover the cost of the ad.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that the commercial will air in the midst of captivating programming, meaning the challenge lies in holding onto an audience’s already-captured attention.  You can enhance the visual splendor and overall impact of your ad to retain the audience’s attention with the strategic use of visual effects, sound effects, voiceovers and well-written dialogue.

3. Demonstrate the Merit of the Product or Service

Above all, the ad should demonstrate the utility, merit or appeal of the value offering.  The ad is an opportunity to show off your company’s products, services, values and hardworking team.  Use the brief commercial to show how your company solves problems and that message will ring true moving forward, converting prospects into paying customers.

4. Create More Than One Ad During Filming Sessions

It is a mistake to assume one commercial alone will suffice for your CTV advertising campaign.  Resist the temptation to accept the inevitable inadequacies with your initial commercial and film an additional couple ads. 

If you don’t like the idea of dedicating time, money, personnel and effort to filming several commercials, opt for variations of the initial version.  The logic in this approach is that it provides a choice between different ads, albeit with similarities.  Perform A/B testing moving forward and you’ll know exactly what types of ads make the best impact on your connected TV target audience.

5. Video Production Doesn’t Have to Bust Your Budget

There is a common misconception that the video production costs for a commercial aired on CTV are egregiously high.  However, it is possible to generate several distinct ads within a single shoot.  Opt for a streamlining of the process that occurs prior to production and you’ll save money while generating content that is of significant value.  Maintain a laser-like focus on creating content that spurs conversions while balancing costs and you’ll find a happy medium that results in an economical yet engaging CTV commercial.

6. Focus on the Audience More Than Anything Else

The best CTV commercials are audience-centric, meaning they are created for prospective customers as opposed to critics, the company owner, the marketer or another party.  It is a grave mistake to attempt to please everyone with a commercial that has mass appeal.  If your business is like most others, it has a limited target audience, meaning tailoring your ads to your target audience is essential.

CTV is the optimal platform for advertising as it presents a golden opportunity to establish inroads with a specific target audience.  Develop customer personas, tailor your ads to those individuals and your message will make the intended impact.

7. Recognize CTV Ads can be Used for Purposes Beyond Creating Brand Awareness

Take a moment to consider the potential utility of your CTV ads beyond brand awareness.  CTV commercials also serve the purpose of retargeting, adding multivariate testing, performing adjustments on-the-go and more.  Keep these potential opportunities for improvement in the back of your mind when making your CTV commercial and proceed accordingly.

If you consider these 7 Things before Creating CTV Commercial, will help you move forward to recording sessions in full confidence.