Why streaming is better than cable TV?

In this digital era, we cannot think of a single day without the internet.

Now, it becomes more essential because of the entertainment industry, especially for cable TV and streaming services.

The online Video streaming platform is now a hub of content. 

We love to watch shows, dramas, and movies on it.

Not only accessible from any device or any corner of the world, but it also offers top-of-the-line options. 

In Canada, people are getting very used to it.

As a result, Cable TV cannot expand its service better than a streaming service. 

There are lots of popular streaming services in Canada that are the best alternative to Cable TV.

Let’s discuss the reason why we should choose streaming service over cable TV. 

Why streaming is better than cable TV?

It is now possible to enjoy the show at any time, at any moment on an online streaming service.

With a wireless connection, you cannot get better things than a streaming service.

The necessity of cable TV is fading. Let’s discuss why streaming services rule the world over cable TV. 

Immediate availability of content

To watch your favorite TV shows or movies, you need to wait until streaming.

But today’s advanced technology makes it possible to watch them at any time from any device. 

Your loving content is now at your fingertips.

No need to wait for the streaming on cable TV.

The streaming service is up to date with the latest content.

Just log in to your streaming platform account. Search for the content and enjoy it.


There is no option to move and talk about your favorite content when you are in front of the TV.

Streaming service offers freedom.

It comes with the flexibility to access different devices from anywhere. 

You don’t need to sit back to enjoy the show.

Enjoy them when you are on the go.

Streaming services made the content-watching experience comfortable and convenient for everyone.

It is even possible to stream content with your other simultaneous activity.

No variation in cable TV

Cable TV is always the same for us.

In modern days cable TV still follows the traditional rule for streaming content.

Some shows are not going to air in your region, some come with multiple repeated telecasts.

Sometimes cable TV tests our patience. 

On the other hand, online streaming platforms welcome the user with tons of fresh and quality content.

You can choose the content you wish. It allows the user to shift from content to content at any time. 

Break the boundaries of time

We live in modern times and everyone is following a specific lifestyle.

Our dynamic work schedule never lets us plan better for enjoying the content.

Sticking with cable TV to watch specific content is hard. Waiting to watch content is long gone. 

Stemming service comes with tons of opportunities to enjoy amazing content anytime and anywhere.

The Streaming platform is ready for audiences with diverse viewing needs.

Based on your preference and suited time, watch content any time.

Broadcasting Courses

Streaming platforms let you enjoy your favorite show at the time of traveling or during your holidays.

The online streaming platform is here to offer you chosen shows whenever you want. 

Whereas, traditional cable TV does not make sense in this case because it never gives you such pleasure in watching content. 

Let’s find out which service is better in a specific category in Canada.

ParticularsStreaming ServiceCable TV
Cheapest OptionWinnerLooser
Best Contract FlexibilityWinnerLooser
Best Channel VarietyLooserWinner
Best Video QualityWinnerLooser
Best for Internet BundlingLooserWinner

Which is the best streaming service in Canada?

Canada is a country where you can find tons of options for online streaming services. Let’s find out some of these below. 


Netflix is a giant streaming service that is ruling the online video streaming platform industry right now.

With tons of resources, Netflix reaches the people of Canada easily.

It is accessible from a variety of devices. 

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus comes with a wide variety of content for Canadian users.

From 24/7 live to the latest TV shows, everything is here on this streaming platform.

It supports a variety of devices to offer a flexible streaming experience. 

Amazon Prime Video

Another best online streaming platform in Canada.

Amazon Prime Video is a great competitor of Netflix.

That means it has a great collection of content in the arsenal.

There are TV shows, movies, dramas, documentaries, originals, and many more to watch in Canada. 


For the sports lover, DAZN is like heaven.

On this platform, you can watch most of the popular games around the world.

Enjoy NFL, MLB, ICC Cricket, MLS, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and much more in DAZN. 

There are more streaming services on the list that offer better service than cable TV. Here is the list given below.

  • Disney plus
  • Apple TV
  • Hayu
  • BritBox
  • CBC Gem
  • FlixFling
  • Fubo TV
  • Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max


Hope now you know why streaming is better than cable TV.

Cable TV is still having a lot of problems and cannot offer a flexible service to the user.

It is not possible to stop, pause, or play any content on cable TV.

So, we need to flow with the cable TV rules. 

On the other hand, online streaming services are full of options and opportunities.

It never lets you lose anything from its platform. 

It can do more things than traditional cable TV.

Cable TV always comes as a steady contract for the user.

So, it can never be as flexible as a streaming service. That’s why streaming service is winning the race. 

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