So you have suddenly found yourself in the middle of a search for a new monitor. Perhaps, as a student, you have discovered that having just a laptop is not enough for you, or you didn’t want to move your old monitor to campus. It doesn’t matter.

Now you are facing the dilemma of choosing the right one. The process of such a search can be quite intimidating. We don’t need to change monitors as often as the majority of our devices.

Hence, once you need a new one, you feel lost and confused by the wide variety on the market.

You are not alone. The tech market has moved forward and now you need to catch up.

Well, our guide on how to choose the right monitor can help you out. After all, students have better things to do than learn.

Here is everything you need to know before making your final purchase. 


Tips to how to choose the right monitor for students

Set the purpose of your purchase

You have decided to buy a monitor. This means you already know what you want to use it for. When choosing a monitor, you need to set the right purpose for its usage.

The reason behind its purchase will determine what kind of monitor you actually need. These days the market for monitors can offer you a great variety of options. Some specific monitors are great for gaming, coding, or other professional use, or else.

You can also buy a monitor designed for general use. Thus, the number one step is to choose how your future monitor will serve you.



Once you have decided on the purpose of your monitor, it’s time to think of the best resolution to meet your needs. Needless to say, a better image is possible with higher resolution.

The resolution is measured in pixels. The more of them, the better a picture is. The optimal format for general use is 1080p also known as Full HD.

Of course, if you need something higher than that, there are QHD and 4K formats available. However, it is not all that matters. The size of your monitor can affect the quality of the image as well.

There is the optimal size vs the number of pixels. The pixels need to cover the entire space, hence good pixel density is what makes the best resolution.

A larger screen will ‘stretch’ those pixels, resulting in a worse picture. Thus, if you are going for a 32-inch or larger monitor, you better choose 4K as your resolution goal. 


Response times

Response times are a very valuable detail when you are choosing a gaming monitor.

It shows the timing a monitor takes to change separate pixels into different colors, typically black and white, or shades of grey.

If you don’t want to have blur motion whenever you are gaming or watching fast pace videos, you want the shortest response time.

However, it is hardly noticeable outside the gaming experience.

However, being a student, you probably need a new monitor for simple Internet use, social media, completing your homework, or seeking this author’s post, Hence, you can easily do it with slower response time. You won’t even notice the difference. 


Refresh rates

Now, refresh rates are pretty important for both general and gaming use. This indicator is responsible for monitor updates.

In other words, the higher number of your monitor can do updates, the better. To put it simply, it means that your monitor is receiving new information frequently, and ready to update it without you noticing anything.

For studying and other general use, refresh rates of 60 Hz will be more than enough. Personally, I can easily check my assignment help reviews without having my monitor disappointing me at this rate.

Though, for the gaming experience, you better strive for at least 75 Hz. Such refresh rates will do justice for your games. 


The bottom line

Overall, we have given you the general information you need to consider before choosing a new monitor. It really can be that simple.

Don’t be distracted by all the crazy variety on the market or big numbers on indicators you don’t understand. Know the purpose of your purchase and follow these simple instructions.

Let us give you the last piece of advice, though. Do go to the tech store and see how your future monitor looks and operates.

In other words, when you want to order a paper at paperhelp, you will visit WPS review page first. It makes a lot of sense to see what other people have to say about the service you are about to purchase.

The same is here. You better test the monitor you want to buy at a store. This way you will see all the small details, and functions we have been telling you about in our guide. 

If we could help to answer to your question – how to choose the right monitor – it will be our pleasure.

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