China’s Huawei introduced 7 brand-new Smart Office products, including a big top-end laptop and its 1st printing machine and e-ink tablet, emphasizing its dedication to consumers.

Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu, talking in a video presentation in front of the Mobile World Congress, stated the products were a ‘fearless statement’ of its Huawei Smart Office, Huawei Smart Office Band and Huawei Smart Office tools concept.

Chief Executive of Huawei’s Western Europe Consumer Business Group William Tian stated they would attract people who were progressively working from home. These Huawei Smart Office Products are especially for those people.

Multi-Device Connectivity

At the MWC 2022, Huawei showcased the Smart Office and displayed how it functions over a legion of its products. The display case reinforced how established innovation has all of the time been in Huawei’s line of products with its in-house built-up HarmonyOS contributing multi-device connectivity more confining to users.

Innovation apart, Huawei has been bearing scarring and irritating blows by the continual sanctions from the United States, yet, discontinuing on the worldwide market is not on its checklist. The internet of things (IoT) is turning a boastful player in daily life, and Huawei has carried on building up its ecosystem to be exact that links up aggregate devices. Interpreting Huawei’s ecosystem’s role in seamless connection will assist throw less accented on the bright office.

HarmonyOS – One as All

The real-life line of the Huawei Smart Office is HarmonyOS, an OS that deals with all devices like they are single. HarmonyOS is a dispersive OS planned by Huawei to execute its devices. What is a “distributive operating system?”

HarmonyOS is actually distributive in this; all devices are linked up through as is a data channel, creating it more comfortable for them to work collectively as a single. Cross-device integration is conceivable thru the use of only one OS over a broad range of smart devices.

Huawei Smart Office: Intent at driving productivity utilizing smart devices

Huawei has a broad range of smart products in smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, PCs, wearables, and even smart electrics. The company displays how its smart office acts over a beneficial number of its devices at MWC 2022. This conception is aimed at the significant number of people doing work from home.

Huawei declared the international rollout of the Super Device concept for Smart Office, a brand-new solution that significantly raises cross-device connectivity and collaboration among supported Huawei devices. The software system-driven feature aligns with Huawei’s force toward a Seamless AI Life. The company fancies over 5 significant scenarios: Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, and Smart Home.

Collaborating with Huawei MatePad: Super Co-creation.

Just like the smartphone, on connection, the tablet goes recognized as an extraneous drive in the personal computer, allowing free shift and management of data files between devices thru drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste.

The Personal Computer + Tablet Super Device supports 3 connection modes, each clear-cut providing use cases.

In Mirror Mode, the personal computer screen is doubled onto the tablet’s screen display. Whatever content is composed or drawn with the M-Pencil on the HUAWEI MatePad is contemplated in real-time on the personal computer. This compelling feature assists users in creating the most out of the professed design software system. In Extend Mode, the personal computers screen display is carried to the tablet, with each collection exhibiting different content. This mode transmutes the tablet into an extraneous monitor for the personal computer, bettering productivity with a lot of screen estate. In Collaborate Mode, the tablet files can be instantly managed from the personal computer.

These Super Device Features are presently accessible on the HUAWEI MatePad in the UAE.

Collaborating with HUAWEI MateBook E: Super Productivity

Users can utilize the most recent laptop from Huawei through advanced multi-device connectivity characteristics. This laptop can link up wirelessly with well-matched smartphones specified as the recently introduced HUAWEI P50 Pro and with monitors suchlike the HUAWEI MateView thru a USB-C wire or wirelessly offering you futurist multi-device collaboration and cross-device peer-to-peer with easy drag and drop motions. Users can make the best of the Collaborate Mode, which enables fundamental cross-platform interactions, allowing you to shift content. Multi-screen Collaboration will allow seamless cross-device collaboration, peer-to-peer and multi-screen control with the most recent smartphone – HUAWEI P50 Pro.

Collaborating with Huawei MateView: Super Productivity

Users have the tractability of linking up a Huawei personal computer to a HUAWEI MateView monitor to relish a more prominent display. The HUAWEI MateView backs 4K+ resolution and P3 cinema-level color gamut, allowing users to catch their originative work with industry-grade each detail and preciousness.

It is only just a starting

Super Device adds users to the future level of technological feel, productivity, and delectation as part of Huawei’s force to realize the Seamless AI life-support system for Super Device functionality will reach former models of Huawei personal computers, as long as users elevate the Huawei PC Manager to its up-to-date edition. In the approaching future, Huawei contrives to carry on adding support for a lot of devices to make them continually better user feels, whether at work or fun.


To assist productivity with smart office products, Huawei built up a “Super Device.” This Super device helps its products synchronize and portion out their resources. To produce a super device, easy drag and drop on the control panel of the stated device will link it with one or several devices.

One time a connection is built between a Huawei smartphone and a Huawei MateBook (for example), users will be capable of controlling their smartphones from their laptops. Aggregate actions ranging from P2P between phone and laptop computer to even picking turns the phone can be directed from the MateBook. This can assist users doing work from home stay concentrated on only a single screen, thereby heightening productivity.

In that respect, a broad range of products from Huawei can make the best of this feature. With HarmonyOS’s ever-developing user base, this characteristic will be convenient for numerous people.

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