How micro freelancing apps are helping freelancers? In case you haven’t noticed, freelancing is becoming increasingly popular.

Take UpWork, for example, one of the biggest freelancing platforms that host over 16 million workers globally.

And that’s just the beginning, as companies are looking for ways to manage their costs and have access to a flexible workforce.

However, a lot of people are struggling to join the freelancing market.

Why? Many popular platforms require you to have skills and expertise in some area.

Most of the time, it’s graphic design, marketing, website design, or writing.

What about beginners?

In 2022, a new app called JumpTask was launched.

The project is currently one year old and is trying to address the issue described above.

The app’s creators argue that they have a platform where beginners can complete simple tasks and get paid, no matter their skill level.

Additionally, this can be done from anywhere in the world.

Here’s a quick review of the JumpTask platform to see if it’s useful for beginner freelancers to find earning opportunities.

What Is the JumpTask Platform (Micro freelancing app)?

JumpTask offers freelance workers a way to earn money on the side across the world.

All tasks can be completed without much time, and the platform has a novel payment method, utilizing its own cryptocurrency named JumpToken (JMPT).

The way it works is simple: companies set up micro-tasks on the platform, which people can complete.

When the task is done, freelancers receive a JMPT sum as a reward.

These can be later exchanged into fiat currency such as dollars or euros.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is relatively simple: you can use your social logins to create your account.

After that, you can choose any available tasks and earn JMPT.

However, if you want to withdraw money, you will need a crypto wallet.

Some people not familiar with cryptocurrency might find this confusing or complicated.

It might take some time to understand how the whole process works on the first try.

However, exchanging crypto for your preferred currency is not as difficult as it might seem.

What Tasks JumpTask Has?

The platform has a few ways for people to earn JMPT.

All tasks are suitable for beginners, so no special skills are required. Notably, experienced freelancers are unlikely to find any work matching their skills or earning expectations so far.

Most of the ways people can earn are active.

For example, beginner freelancers can participate in surveys, play games, or do other exciting tasks.

While requiring no special skills, the micro jobs still need some time and effort to be completed.

Another two ways to earn JMPT are passive.

One of them is downloading JumpTask’s partner Honeygain app and sharing your internet bandwidth for money.

The other is using your existing JMPT earnings in crypto staking.

This method works as a simple savings account: you deposit your earnings to collect passive income over time.

How Much Can I Earn?

It’s possible to earn between $50 and $100 monthly on JumpTask.

The app will not replace your job income.

However, as a starting point for college students or beginners, the platform could provide a way to earn some additional income on the side.

Furthermore, total earnings depend on the time spent on JumpTask: the more tasks people complete, the higher income they can generate.

There are some ways to boost your earnings on the platform.

The JumpTask team often organizes various JMPT contests: platform members can complete simple challenges to participate in the JMPT prize giveaways, which can boost your overall earnings.

Is It Worth It?

JumpTask delivers on its promise to enable beginner freelancers to earn money on the side.

The platform has multiple ways to earn, and all tasks are relatively easy to complete.

This means that people can choose which jobs they want to do and get paid accordingly.

On the other hand, the platform has some drawbacks.

First, it has a limited number of tasks for professionals.

The platform is only suitable for beginners, and experienced professionals are unlikely to find relevant job opportunities.

Additionally, people need to have realistic expectations about the earnings that can be made on the platform.

JumpTask: A Micro Freelancing App For Beginners

All in all, after reviewing JumpTask – micro freelancing app, it seems that the platform could be a solution for beginner freelancers looking for additional income.

It could also provide a side hustle opportunity for people who already have ongoing jobs or studies.

While the revenue generated is not massive, JumpTask has its advantages.

Try the app and see if you want to take a first step into the freelance market.