The PDF file is known for its versatile features. One can always encounter using a PDF file at school and work. Having a PDF file as your file format, you can have the privilege to have a smaller size, a file format that can work on any Operating System, a ubiquitous format, and a document format that is always maintained.

It is why various web-based tools were created to help others modify their PDF files. Among these tools is the PDFBear. If you need help in protecting your PDF files, you can surely trust this tool. Check out the procedure on how to unlock PDF password and lock PDF files using PDFBear: 

How To Decrypt A Password To A PDF File

Many of you have files that have been protected with a password. The problem is when this file has not been open for a long time, there might be a chance that you will forget its password. You indeed need to protect your file’s content using a password. However, if your file’s content doesn’t have any confidential information, there would be no point.

The ideal approach that you must take is to decrypt your password-encrypted PDF file. This method is also convenient since accessing it would be much easier for you and other people. Using PDFBear’s Unlock PDF File Tool, decrypting a passworded PDF file is a few clicks away task.

To start decrypting your password-protected PDF file, you must choose a file from your device that has been encrypted with a password and place it in PDFBear’s tool. After finishing the initial step, you can now enter the password of your PDF file. Once done, let PDFBear do the rest of the task. It will start analyzing and unlock PDF Password.

With the sophisticated technology of PDFBear, unlocking your PDF file will be handled smoothly. It will typically take a minute or less for it to finish decrypting. Once the password decryption is done, you can start downloading your newly decrypted PDF file. PDFBear ensures you the easiest and fastest approach in doing this task.

PDFBear created this tool so that people will experience convenience in accessing their PDF files. From step one until the last step, there are no complications. Truly, PDFBear has the most straightforward procedure in unlocking a password-protected PDF file!

How To Protect Your PDF File

If you experience unauthorized access to your social media accounts, you would surely be alarmed since valuable pieces of information are stipulated on these accounts, such as addresses and contacts. Similarly, this event could happen to your file. If you have files that contain enormous amounts of confidential information, always protect them.

Other people might steal your file’s essential content such as an address, name, and other information once they have accessed this file. It is a dangerous thing that could lead to scams and other malicious activities. It will be ideal if you add a password to your essential and confidential PDF files.

Using PDFBear’s Lock PDF File Tool, encrypting a password to your PDF file has been made easier. To start this procedure, you must first select a PDF file from your computer or laptop and place it in PDFBear’s tool. Once finished, you can now type your desired password for your PDF file.

However, you should follow the guidelines in placing a password to your PDF file for more protection. It must contain a minimum of nine characters and a combination of upper and lower cases and the alpha-numeric characters. Also, PDFBear uses the 256-Bit encryption procedure in setting your password to have more secure password encryption.

Once you are finished encrypting a password to your PDF file, the next step is you let PDFBear do the rest of the job. PDFBear will analyze and encrypt the password to your PDF file that can take a minute or less. Once the encryption of the password is done, you can start downloading your newly password-encrypted PDF file.

Encrypting a password has never been this doable. PDBear has made this procedure more effortless than it should be. You don’t need to undergo complicated procedures and ambiguous steps in doing it. It is beginner-friendly!

A Safe Tool

Many of you get worried when using an online tool in altering a PDF file. Perhaps, one of the reasons is that web-based tools are not as safe as they sound. Also, there are many threats to different online tools, such as hackers. These hackers might infiltrate a web-based tool system, collect confidential files from the tool, and use it for some malicious activity.

If you have issues with PDFBear’s Privacy and Security, this web-based tool ensures that your files will be automatically removed from its system an hour after you are finished with your transactions. It will assure you that your file’s content will only be available for your eyes only.


PDFBear is a web-based tool that was designed to have a compatible system with almost all platforms. It can work with several Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Also, this online tool can work in different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Internet Explorer too!

The Cloud System

The Best part of having PDFBear as your web-based tool is that you can save it via Cloud. With the Cloud System, you don’t need to open or have access to the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read your file. In addition, when you save your file via Cloud, you can always freely access your file as long as you have an internet connection!


Decrypting and encrypting a password to your PDF files has never been this doable. With PDFBear, these tasks are a few clicks away from being done. If you need other features for your file format, check out its website. PDFBear offers a lot of features for you that are also easy to use! You can also avail of its limited-time promo!  Hope now unlock PDF password is easier than ever for you.

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