There are several benefits to providing simultaneous interpreting for virtual conferences. The most obvious advantage is that those that speak different languages can benefit from the service in real time.

Virtual conferences allow attendees to participate via webcams and microphones, which isn’t practical for live conferences.

By recruiting simultaneous interpreters who are also present during the virtual conference, speakers can communicate more effectively. In contrast, others can complete asynchronous tasks in other areas of their business or home lives.

Increase the Number of Attendees by Letting People From All Over the World Join Your Meeting

If you’re hosting a virtual conference, you might wonder how to get more people involved. One way to do that is by providing simultaneous interpretation (SI).

It will allow anyone in your audience to listen in on the conversation in real time, which means they’ll be able to participate and ask questions as it happens.

The benefits are numerous. When you provide SI:

  • You’ll increase attendance because more people can listen and participate in the conversation.
  • You’ll also see increased engagement with your message because your audience members can follow along with what they hear on their own devices—whether at home or on the go.
  • Finally, when people know they can access translation services for topics that might be tricky for them to understand, with Conference Interpreting, they may choose to attend your event even if there are not any other personal benefits.

Save Time and Money

One of the most significant benefits of providing simultaneous interpretation for virtual conferences is that it saves time and money.

When you hire an interpreter to translate your virtual conference, you’ll need to pay for both the interpreter’s time and travel expenses. It can add up fast—especially if you’re traveling from out of town. But with simultaneous interpretation, you won’t need to pay for an interpreter.

Instead, your translator will come to your event with nothing more than a computer and a headset. And because they’re plugged in at all times, they can continue working even if there’s a power outage or someone bumps into them.

Plus, since there are no travel costs associated with simultaneous interpretation, it’s free. Instead of paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for an interpreter who may or may not show up on time (or at all), you can send them a link to your conference’s website or prepare some pre-recorded content, and they’ll do their magic.

Increase Marketing Reach

Simultaneous interpretation can help you reach more people in a virtual conference. When you provide simultaneous interpretation, your audience can understand the entire conversation, regardless of where they are or what language they speak.

Your company’s message will be clear and accessible to everyone who attends your event. You’ll also be able to reach new audiences by ensuring that interested parties can participate in the discussion, whether at home, in person, or even abroad.

Add Value to Your Conference

Simultaneous interpretation can also be used to help improve your overall conference experience by ensuring that people who don’t speak the same language as the speaker can still understand what’s being said.

It can help break down barriers between different cultures, which is essential when building relationships between people in business.

If you’re holding a virtual conference that doesn’t have audio, consider using simultaneous interpretation as an easy way to connect with those who cannot attend in person. It can be done through video conferencing software or video calling services.

The Translation Quality Can Be Just as Good as (if not better than in person)

Simultaneous interpretation allows you to hit the ground running with confidence that your message will be delivered effectively and accurately across languages.

Simultaneous interpretation is a great way to improve the translation quality of your virtual conferences, especially when working with a professional interpreter. As the interpreter is speaking into a microphone and you’re reading over their shoulder, you’ll be able to hear all of what they’re saying and correct any mistakes without stopping the flow of the conversation.

In-person, this can be tricky—if you’re speaking too quickly or if you have to stop mid-sentence because someone else has joined the line of questioning, for example, things may get lost in translation. Simultaneous interpretation can help solve these problems by providing a more consistent translation experience for everyone involved in the conference.

Final Thoughts

We’ve reached a new and exciting point in developing virtual conferences. Because they are so versatile and accessible, it’s easy to imagine virtual meetings overgrowing in popularity.

So, if a business wants to ensure its online conferences are successful, it should consider investing in simultaneous interpretation services.