More than 90% of businesses believe that marketing their brand through social media is important for them. In order to improve their awareness on social media, brands these days outsource their social media management task to agencies.

Here we have some tips that you must consider if you are thinking to buy social media marketing services for managing your brand on social media.

Ensure That The Agency Understands Your Needs and Your Business

This is the most important factor that one must consider before choosing a digital marketing agency. The agency must understand what exactly you need and what is your target audience. There are some agenecies out there which have expertise in specific niche while some of them will just work on any industry that knocks their door. While, its not important to have masters in specific industry, but it true that your brand will gain better results by partnering with an agency that have hands-on the marketing.

Look for the long-term gain

“I want the results now”. Have you heard that before?

No doubt, all of us wants the results, but good results take time. When you are deciding for a social media marketing agency, don’t expect instant outcomes.

Don’t fall into the trap of agencies who commits instant results. These agencies mostly follow black hat practices for buying likes or followers for your social media profiles.

Gaining success over social media is a lengthy and difficult road, it requires a lot of research, strategies, ideating and more. You should look for an agency that’s ready to work towards a long-term vision and willing to work with you for long period.


Have you ever came across this term? If not, let us tell you SCDAM is a framework of social media in five parts. This term is invented by social media marketeer Christopher Spenn.

It is a blueprint of five key elements that should be given importance to, when deciding the social media agency.

  • Strategy
  • Creation
  • Distribution
  • Activation
  • Measurement

This may not be the officially recognized framework but it is worth noting.

Christopher Spenn’s framework focuses on some areas that may get ignored while searching for an agency. Consider one example for activation process above- this basically involves the study of what other social media agencies are doing to get attention of their audience. Do they yse aid ads or taking help from influencers on social media to sell their product?

This step is the key principal to drive growth and only social media marketing agencies that are quality-assured will follow these techniques to help you grow.

Recommendations and references

In today’s digital world people trust online reviews more than anything else. A survey shows that 88% of people rely on these review as much as they rely on personal recommendations.

So the main point here is that, if the buyers are telling about how good an agency is, the agency is surely going to be noticed. So, whether its Google reviews, case studies, testimonials or reviews on social media do consider what other people say.


Just like recommendations, an agency’s pas work is also an aspect that needs to be considered. By analyzing their past campaigns you can decide whether that agency will be suitable for you.

Check out:

  • What kind of campaigns do they run?
  • Does they campaigns track and convert leads?
  • Are they running any pay-per click ads?

Its not only important to check on the social media agencies work with, but also its important to know the results they had.

Keep a check on prices

All the prizes of the social media packages may vary agency to agency. The way it gets billed can vary too. First figure out how much your brand can afford to spend and how will you be charged. Some companies may charge you on monthly basis, while others will charge based on the results. You should consider both the factors and see which one works great for your business.

Rankraft: The best agency for social media marketing

Finding a social media marketing agency can be a daunting task. But we are making your work easier. They undertand that you may not have enough time to focus on your social media presence or may not have limited knowledge about it. Thus, they always take time to brief you about the process behind their projects. If you are confused with any of the marketing terms, their plans, their packages, they will never judge you for asking the question.

They also have complete solution for other digital marketing services like SEO, link building, paid campaigns, email marketing, graphic designing, content writing and more. Their experts are highly skilled in this field and they develop an ideal strategy for your business to take it to the next level.

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