How to attract engaged instagram followers to a business Instagram account? Instagram is an app almost every person you see on the street has. No wonder this social platform has become a plane for business rivalry and mere races for attention. Of course, not every user wants many Instagram followers. But some Insta-players need a boost for that number, especially business doers!

Growing your Instagram followers might not cost you a fortune. Some users use free ways to attain their goals and do many tasks manually to be more successful. While that brings less fruit than automated systems, it remains a good way to get an engaged audience. But extra tips never hurt, and here they come!

Attract Engaged Instagram Followers for Small Businesses

1. Listen, Listen, Listen — Systematically

Social media listening tools save businesses hundreds of working hours. They help you track every brand mention, analyze the sentiment, and take needed actions. And engagement is the key to successful social media marketing.

Moreover, social media listening contributes to social media customer care enhancement. It ensures you are the first to know about every negative or positive review. You can react to praise and prevent further criticism damage by fixing the problem that caused it.

2. Analyze, Adjust, Win

Advisors be like: You need to give them what they want to have more engaged Instagram followers! Ok, how do you know what it is? The answer is Instagram Insights! That tab is available on Business and Creator Instagram accounts. It provides valuable information about your followers:

  • When are they usually online?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What gender are they?
  • What age group do they belong to?

That knowledge helps you adjust your content strategy and make it more relevant to your target audience.

3. Brainstorm With Your Team

You may but are not necessarily obliged to do everything alone if you want an engaged Instagram audience of 10K followers. Share responsibilities and brainstorm content ideas with your team. The more people get involved for you, the wider the range of perspectives — which is always good for business.

4. Have a Strict Posting Schedule

Consistency is the key to success — everywhere. To engage your Instagram followers, you need to show up regularly and post high-quality content without fail.

The best way to ensure that is to set a posting schedule and stick to it no matter what. Determine how often you will post and at what time. And then make sure you hit “Publish” every single time. Automated post-scheduling tools will help you stay on track.

5. Research Your Competitors

Your competitors are one of your greatest assets regarding Instagram marketing. Why? Because you can learn from their experience! Hence, analyze their content, strategies, and engagement rate. Find out what works in their case and try to do it better. Of course, you should never copy anyone. But a little inspiration is always good for business. And, you know, remember that they do it too.

6. Use Trending Hashtags

Using trending hashtags is one of the most popular methods to get more engaged Instagram followers. When you use a hashtag currently in trend, you have a chance to be featured in the Top Posts section. But even if your place is just in the recent posts, it can be beneficial. That increases your visibility and helps you get new followers — both real and engaged.

Of course, you should not use just any trending hashtags. They should be relevant to your business niche and the content you post. For instance, trending hashtags can be about meme cryptocurrencies while you sell cosmetics. Of course, that is an irrelevant hashtag that will bring you zero results. So, every tag you use must be relevant to your niche, represent your activity, and add to your business concept.

7. Collaborate with another Brand

It is always good to have friends in business! Find a brand that is not your direct competitor but is still relevant to your niche. Collaborate with them on giveaways, contests, or any other type of joint activity. For instance, you can offer a freebie from your brand to everyone who buys something from the partner company. Such collaboration will help you get more engaged Instagram followers from the partner’s customer base.

8. Create High-Resolution and Aesthetical Content (and Do Not Forget Relevance!)

Of course, to have more engaged Instagram followers, you should post high-quality content only! Your content strategy should be based on in-depth audience analysis. But also, there must be style unification because Instagram is all about aesthetics. Your page must have prevailing colors, tones, and forms. Nevertheless, visuals should not dominate over senses. So, you must attain a mix of an eye-pleasing, attractive presentation with a relevant semantic load.

9. Communicate with Niche Influencers

Finding an influencer is important, but that person should not necessarily be Cardi B or Elon Musk. Of course, it is fantastic if you cooperate with your industry’s stars. But that is not always realistic and is certainly not a must-have. Finding an influencer with authority in your field or niche is the most important thing.

The sphere of activity of the chosen person must somehow correspond to the business you represent on Instagram. For example, an influencer for a women’s clothing brand must be a fashion blogger. And her audience can be 5-10K followers, but if that blogger has engaged fans, then she is the best choice. And you get a win-win: she obtains interesting materials for new videos, and you get a nice mention.

10. Arrange a Contest or Giveaway

Such brief events effectively get more engaged Instagram followers for you while promoting your brand! People love gifts and freebies. So, offer them a chance to get something from your brand for nothing (or for simple actions like reposting or tagging friends). They will gladly do it!

To make it work well, you should carefully plan every activity detail. Set clear rules, choose an attractive prize, and make sure the conditions for participation are not too complicated. The simpler it is to join, the more people will do it!


These are the effective tips to Attract Engaged Instagram Followers for Small Businesses. If you want more engaged Instagram followers, you should use only high-quality content and post it regularly. Also, do not forget trending yet niche-oriented hashtags! You can also cooperate with other brands, find influencers in your niche, or arrange giveaways. No one can block you from becoming the new trend brand soon!

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