How to plan monthly content for black Friday? It takes strategic planning and content creation for your Black Friday marketing campaign to be successful. You can use monthly and weekly content tips to help you create your holiday content plan. Here’s how.

Black Friday campaigns: what to consider

Black Friday is more than just a single day if you’ve been in business for any length of time. It takes months to prepare and share holiday-related content! In planning your social media content for Black Friday, consider the following Black Friday Facebook Ads campaigns:

Pre-holiday – Perform market research and experiment with different types of sales in October and early November to see what your audience wants. Your audience’s buying habits can inform which sales are most likely to succeed.

Pre-Black Friday – Promote your upcoming deals and offers with sneak peeks, previews, and countdowns leading up to Black Friday.

Black Friday- It’s finally here! The big shopping weekend begins on Black Friday; you should make sure your audience knows your offers before the actual event.

Small Business Saturday – It may feel like you need to compete with big businesses during Black Friday sales, but you should also consider promoting Small Business Saturday on social media. Your small business should take advantage of that day to showcase its uniqueness. Highlight the people behind your business and your community.

Cyber MondayCyber Monday is traditionally the e-commerce equivalent of Black Friday. This Monday, however, has become an extension of the weekend as more businesses promote their online shopping experiences over in-person. Keep some web-exclusive deals and offers until Monday, or extend Black Friday deals through Monday.

Post-Black Friday holiday shopping – Shopping for the holidays does not end after Black Friday. You can continue the momentum you started this weekend by sharing curated gift guides and informing your followers of any shipping deadlines.

Here is a breakdown of each month’s social media content to help you create your plan and establish a cadence for your posts.

Content to Plan for October

During October, you can ramp up your marketing efforts to keep top of mind with your audience and entice them to purchase from you. Your social media feeds, as well as Instagram Stories, should be updated a couple of times a week.

During October, you should experiment with both paid and organic content to determine what type of offer resonates best with your audience. There may be a discount code, free shipping, or a BOGO offer.

Social media posts for October:

-Offer new products or collections for the winter season

-Update your product photos to keep your website fresh and current

-Advertise your offer on Facebook to reach more people

-Engage your audience with content (polls, questions, surveys, etc.)

-Changes to your business hours, new products or services, and anything else about your “behind the scenes” operations.

Content to Plan for November

November is the month for your marketing to shine, with Halloween over and Thanksgiving and Christmas looming. Take advantage of the insights you gained from your content in October to optimize your marketing.

This month, both personally and professionally, there is a lot of activity, so the more content you create and plan, the better off you’ll be. Consider batching to get ahead.

Here is a breakdown of your November social media planning, week by week:

Week: 1

-Encourage shoppers to start their holiday shopping early

-Your product or service reviewed by a customer

Week: 2

-Advertise Black Friday sales on Facebook

-Share user-generated content or customer reviews

-To avoid the holiday rush or to lock in limited availability, encourage holiday pre-orders

Week: 3

-Post a countdown or sneak peek to Black Friday

-Tell your followers about your small business

-Advertise your Black Friday sale with a Facebook ad

Week: 4

-Advertise Black Friday sales on Facebook

-If you have any changes to your business hours or holiday schedule, please let us know

-Share a post about Thanksgiving

-Share your Black Friday deals. Get more eyes on them by using Instagram Stories

-Your followers will appreciate your support on Small Business Saturday if you encourage them to do so.

Finally, the quality content will be the pillar support for your campaign to achieve the success. So quality content for Black Friday is must.

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