Some of the best design firms use WordPress for their website design platform. Reasons to use WordPress because WordPress offers a lot of flexibility and great features that many other platforms do not. Especially for design firms who are just starting out, WordPress is a good home to get you started!

There really is no better site to use as your host whether you are a newbie to the website design world or work for one of the best web design firms. WordPress will welcome you with open arms and great tutorials and tips and tricks. Your success is their success, and they know this!

If you have been wondering why you should use WordPress for your website design platform, you have come to the right place! There are so many good reasons to use WordPress that it is hard to include them all in one informational discussion. 

We will cover the highlights here and you will be convinced to make the switch once you see all the things that WordPress can do for you!

Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website Design

1.       The Software is Free and it is Open-Source

This is one of the most important reason among the reasons to use WordPress. WordPress is really ahead of the game due to the fact that and are free to use. If you are just getting started, or you are more established and want to give WordPress a try, there is almost no risk in doing so due to the cost.

WordPress can be optimized beyond the basic access you receive for creating an account with a whole host of plug-ins and great tools. Best of all, WordPress has been using this model since 2003, so all of the bugs have been worked out by now.

The transparency of the site as a whole is also really refreshing for something that is free. They could easily hassle you for contributions, donations, or to use certain features that pay, but they don’t. They have stayed true to their roots and it shows in every detail.

2.       You Can Design Whatever You Want

There are not many platforms that allow you to create your own beautiful website however you want. WordPress lets you develop a blog, run a store, or make a website without any hindrances to your creativity. WordPress is a seamless way to blog about your products, sell them to customers, and brand yourself in one easy step.

There are not many other sites that offer such freedom and if you have a unique product or market that you are talking to, WordPress will allow you to build anything at all that you can dream up!

WordPress dashboard

3.       Media Support is Excellent

One of the best parts of the WordPress site is that its blogging background means you can deliver beautiful images, audio, and video to your site visitors without any extra effort on your part. You will not struggle with unsupported file types or with snags to do with file size.

Best of all, WordPress offers up solutions in tutorials on their site that will help you to work around the few limitations that do exist. This care of the customer is totally standard for WordPress and they are second to none in this part of their offerings to customers.

4.       The Community Rocks

The WordPress platform has been around for a while, which means that there is a huge loyal following on the site with you who can help you to troubleshoot, learn and optimize. There is really no other platform that has such a rich set of offerings related to the community support part of the site.

Training on WordPress is really high-quality as well and you can ask questions in the support section that are answered quickly, thoroughly, and with a high degree of care. All of their 101 trainings are a must-watch for newbies to the WordPress platform.

5.       Scale with Plugins

WordPress offers really good themes but you can also include many different plugins to make your site work the way that you want. Include design changes through plugins, or use ad optimization without any struggle at all.

Drop in quizzes, email collection, and many other enriching tools and improvements without any issues at all. Customers will feel welcomed and will have a great experience as they navigate around your customized site. Best of all, you won’t have any glitches in the process of deployment of these additions, which is a rare thing to be able to promise about a platform.

6.       Simplicity

WordPress is so beginner-friendly because it really is the easiest platform to learn to work on. Payments are easy to set up as well, and they are a reliable host for your page. They rarely have downtimes or other issues and communicate effectively if something comes up.

They manage spam really well internally as well, so you don’t have to stress about spammers bothering you or your customers all day. There are also some simple plug-ins that you can add to make sure that spam isn’t slipping through the cracks.

Add to this, the delightful design templates that come with your account, and you can build a reliable and functional website in a couple of hours! This is really not possible on any other site and makes WordPress a great choice for people who want to get something up and running quickly and efficiently.

7.       You Control it All

There are competitors to WordPress aplenty, but none of them will give you the kind of control that WordPress does. Ecommerce functions are already built into the site and you can adjust your coding without having to respond to a bunch of requirements or standards.

Unlike other sites, you own your site and your content. You are not a renter. This ownership means that you can protect your unique content and your unique ideas from theft or from being lost when you leave a web host.

Perhaps best of all, you can test hosts and plug-ins to your heart’s content without WordPress looming over you telling you what to do. What more could you ask for?

SEO for WordPress

8.       SEO is Easy

SEO and content marketing on WordPress is easy as pie. The site will actually generate SEO-driven title pages and tags for you based on your meta descriptions on your pages and posts. The site can also show you where you are being indexed related to the SEO portion of your content.

As with other plugins, WordPress is fine with you adding in helpful tools to optimize your landing pages further. This transparency is really nice if you are in a competitive space and need to stay on top of SEO numbers and hits all day long.

This is the opposite of the sink or swim policy of many sites and it is one of the major benefits of working with WordPress when compared with other website design platforms.

9.       WordPress is a Giant

This is possibly not the most important reason to choose WordPress for your website platform, but the size of the platform, as well as the size of the community, makes this a great choice for most designers. The previously mentioned community support is really the best anywhere and the features WordPress offers make it a little bit of a no-brainer to join the WordPress family.

If you want to work on your site your way and use plug-ins and tools to help you work smarter, not harder, WordPress is for you!

10.   Blogging is Best Here

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, if you need to run a blog to promote your work or products, then you absolutely have to choose WordPress. WordPress had its start in life as a blogging site, and there really is no equivalent out there for their blogging opportunities.

WordPress offers templates for one-person blogging, but it can be scaled for a large team of writers as well. The magazine-quality templates and design tools produce truly elegant and impactful blogs that will catch the notice of anyone searching for your product or your work.

Pair this inherent design logic with the ability to add plug-ins or tools and design changes to your blog, and you have the recipe for a blog that can’t help but get noticed. Add other users to your blog as well and assign them user roles so they can post as guests or on your behalf.

WordPress is an Obvious Choice

WordPress is so successful because it knows what its customers want and what they need. They realize that they fill a unique niche and that their offerings are allowing them to grow a huge community of talented and creative bloggers and site designers.

WordPress is the right choice for many kinds of content and it’s a great fit for new users as well as experienced site designers. If you have ever been frustrated by the lack of options with your current host, or are tired of struggling to upload unique and quality content, then WordPress will be the perfect choice for you as well! Make the switch to WordPress today and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!