Writing high-quality essays is an integral part of every student’s education journey and there’s nothing better than having online resources to improve essay writing skills.

Outlining the best essay requires time, high-level brainstorming, and organization. A student must keep updating themselves with the latest vocabularies and use available resources to help them become better writers. 

Universities have strict rules that students must adhere to when writing various types of assignments, including essays, dissertations, papers, coursework, etc. Resources for writing are mainly available in websites and books, but students need to know where to search and which hardcover books to look for. 


Tools for grammar and punctuation 

Grammarly is one of the most used tools by college students and writers globally. It is normal to make grammar mistakes when writing, and some are not easy to note even after proofreading several times. 

Grammarly helps students detect hidden mistakes like punctuation, passive voice, and wordy sentences. Most students have reviewed this essay helper as a highly rated tool for improved writing for beginners and experienced students and writers. 

When a writer wants to check plagiarism, Grammarly makes the work easy because it comes with an inbuilt plagiarism checker accessible to premium users. The tool has a free package for checking basic grammatical issues. 


MLA Style Center

MLA Style Center is very useful to students studying humanities. Many lecturers in universities require their students to cite their humanities assignments using MLA citing style. There are many tools students can use to cite their work depending on their field of study.

Students can cite in APA, Chicago, MLA, and so on. MLA Style Guide is a useful resource widely recommended by universities and schools for more than fifty years. Professional researchers also use these resources to help them cite correctly. 



Thesaurus is used for searching autonyms and synonyms. A writer can sometimes get challenged getting the right word to use for a feeling or expression. After you open the tool, you can type the word you have in mind, and then it gives you suggestions of the best word or phrase to use. 

You can also use thesaurus to help writers build vocabulary and discover diverse ways to express themselves in writing. The student can use thesaurus in various study fields, including humanities, languages, science, math, and tech. 


Online dictionaries 

Online dictionaries are useful during the study and also when a student is writing an assignment. It helps students understand the subject they are studying better and improve skills for better sentence construction using words correctly. There many different dictionaries available online, and writers and students must know how to use them correctly. 

Subject-specific dictionaries contain words and phrases that help you understand a specific subject better. A learner dictionary explains many English words and gives examples of using the word in a sentence. A monolingual dictionary contains different words and gives several meanings and uses of the word.


How to write an essay 

How to write an essay is a writing resource that helps students become better writers in their specific fields. It helps students understand what lecturers expect in a good essay and deliver quality content in any college assignment. 

The author gives lessons on various topics, including note compilation, writing, writing proposals, excellent research, and the best ways to conclude an essay. The lessons are geared more to informative essays than argumentative essays, although students will find the resource use on any type of essay. 


Scholastic is an interactive tool that helps students write better persuasive essays. The site has a collection of various books with various topics like books about school, anxiety, feeling crunchy, etc. Students can also access various insightful articles to help them get inspired for better writing. 


Sentence Sense 

Sentence Sense is designed to help students understand how to construct sentences better. Students get detailed information on working with sentences and sentence structures that produce attractive content. 

Students can use this website to better understand the rules of grammar and strengthen their writing prose. College and high school students can take notes on grammar tips and use them in their next writing assignments or edit their current piece of content. 



Vocabulary contains vocabulary lists that students can customize and create their best-fitting vocabulary databank. The website contains thousands of quizzes that test student’s knowledge about words that are commonly used in writing. It helps students learn to use the vocabularies they have learned in a sentence. The website is loved by students, educators, and professional writers. 


Bird by Bird

Bird by Bird is written by Anne Lamott and is mostly used by students who want to become better creative writers. Students get advice about how to draft their writing and how to bring out the big picture in any writing assignment. 

The book has helped millions of students for about 25 years, and most of them find this book a quick and easy-to-read resource that can help anyone willing to improve essay writing skills. Anne advises students not to rush in their writing but to slowly create a topic, develop ideas, structure, and then write and conclude the best way possible. 



Time4Writing.com offers several writing resources to students to help them improve skills in sentence writing, constructing paragraphs, writing essays, and teaching lessons. The site contains several writing courses to help students become skilled in grammar, basic mechanics, and sentence writing. Students who take the full course will write better essays and construct attractive sentences.  



Read&Write is an extension for Google Chrome that helps students read and write more confidently. The intuitive tool helps students make personalized documents, website pages, and other documents used on google drive. Its support tools help students build better confidence in research, writing, reading, and studying. 

A student can click on text speed, listen to words being read aloud, and listen to passages or entire documents. The tool also contains words and image dictionaries to help the student see the word being explained. 

The learner can also dictate words, convert speech to text, proofread and study using the same tool. Other functions include word prediction through suggestions, summary, and research, and creating voice notes in google docs. 



Students can improve essay writing skills in various ways, and the most important one is to practice writing by attempting different assignments. There are many online resources available to students, some of which are free while others are paid for. A student must combine several resources like dictionaries, learning materials, grammar tools, and essay writing tools to help them become skilled writers.