How a phishing attack happens?

Phishing attack is a name of danger now in this digital life. Stealing user data, login credentials or credit card information is called phishing attack which is type of social engineering attack. But it is possible to prevent these type of attacks by antiphishing software.

To perform an attack, an attacker masquerades himself as a trusted individual who fools any victim into IM (instant message), text messages or opening an email. Attacker tactfully provides a malicious link within the message and try to make victim click the malicious link. Clicking the link can perform some actions as installing malware, freezing the system as ransomware attack does.

Sometimes the attack can be shocking as unauthorized purchase by your credit cards or any other bank account, stealing your money, or performing unauthorized actions using your identity etc.

There are some phishing techniques using by attackers as email phishing scams, spear phishing etc.

Preventing phishing scams

Anti phishing protection can help to prevent phishing scams. There are some required steps need to be performed by end user and enterprises.

Users must be very much alert in this case. Attacker can send a link with miss-spelled anchor text, domain name or any recent seen urls. An important thing is, never click any link from any email which sent from an unknown email address. Still if user knows the sender, he should rethink before clicking on any suspected link.

Enterprises should perform one of the most effective anti phishing solutions is Two-Factor Authentication which called 2FA in short. This 2FA can fight with phishing attacks and prevent you.

Enterprises also maintain a strict password management policies. Users must change their passwords after a certain time. It will reduce the risk of fishing, which will work as anti phishing policy.

3 Best Antiphishing Software Review

Bitdefender Antivirus (Free Edition)

Currently one of the best antiphishing software in the current market is Bitdefender Antivirus. This software performs the antiphishing taks very silently.

Main Features

1. Bitdefender remains always alert on misbehaving apps to protect system or other software’s from any kind of disruption.

2. Bitdefender checks each and every links of any website. If it found any malicious links, bitdefender prevents the system from these harmful links.

3. Bitdefender’s antiphishing system is very powerful, so it’s able to detect threats which was never encountered.

4. The boot scanning feature of bitdefender scans the system each time it boots.

5. Bit defenders has the free edition which is a great opportunity for them who has limited budget.

6. The user-friendly interfaces of bitdefender is one of the great advantages.

Avast Antivirus

Main features

1. Avast antivirus is very popular to most of the computer users all over the world which is a free antivirus. Avast has anti-malware feature which performs very actively to protect system from any misbehaved software or apps.

2. Beside computer, Avast is available for smartphones also. Where mobile devices can affected very easily with phishing attacks. So, this is a better chance to get anti phishing service with the smartphones.

3. Avast has a great reputation of antiphishing service and malware detection.

4. Avast antivirus release its updates regularly.

5. Overall, its free version is an added advantage to its users.

Avira Security Suite

Main features

1. Beside antivirus protection Avira prevents system from phishing attacks.

2. Avira provides the software updating features also.

3. Avira provides a free VPN with 500 MB of monthly limit.

4. Avira provides some installation option where you can choose your preferred modules to install.

5. Avira security suite provides updates regularly.

6. Anyone can avail more features by using its premium version.

Antiphishing attack prevention & reducing tips

The phishing attacks can lessen by the users. If users do not use malicious software’s, do not visit any suspicious websites, do not saves their passwords or credit card information to the browsers, and obviously to be alert to open unknown emails or clicking on the suspicious links within the mail. You can just not to open any unknown mail.

Finally, choose the best antiphishing protection software, study its instructions and features before installing and configure the software well after installation. That the software ensures the best protection for you.

If you have any contradictory idea with us, you can share it in the comment box.

Final words

In this digital era there are many antiphising software available. Every software has it’s own features and way of act. Among them it’s difficult to choose the perfect anti phishing protection. Beside the above discussed three antiphishing software, there some more software available as Malwarebytes Antimalware, AVG Antivirus Software, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Emsisoft Emergency Kit etc. This is the most important to have the best quality antiphishing software to get the highest protection.

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