How to hire android developer on budget estimation? Need assistance in hiring an Android developer to build a complex app? Well, you have landed at the right place. Here is a complete guide to hire cost-effective Android developer for your business.

First, you need to be specific about whether you’re a start-up business or just planning to accelerate your business growth via an app development strategy. It helps you know the budget and the projected time for production you can expect. 

As smartphones have become dominant in everyday life, most audiences use Android phones. Most websites today convert into an application; hence, every firm requires an Android app developer.

Today, being an Android app developer is a profitable and in-demand job. Although Android is based on Java’s programming language, its basic knowledge is insufficient to analyze the skills and competency of an Android developer. If you wish to hire a highly-skilled and professional Android developer, follow the 4 steps guide mentioned below.

Considerations on how to hire android developer?

Below are mentioned some facts about Android you should know to keep a good reference while hiring an Android developer- 

  • Android holds 71.45% of the market share globally as of May 2022. 
  • Android will have 3 billion+ active users in 2022
  • Android 11 will be highly distributed in 2022.

Based on the Linux kernel, Android is designed for tablets and mobiles. It is the most famous operating system globally, mainly dedicated to mobile devices.

Its variants are also used in digital cameras, game consoles, PCs, and other electronic devices. Moreover, its ability to be embedded on television makes it unique from others. 

Benefits of using Android – 

Following are the benefits one gets by using Android – 

  1. Open-source framework: Developers can change the codes to build a customized user interface. Hence, the developers building app can access the core codes and change them for customized outcomes. 
  2. Supports multiple languages: Other than Java, Android also supports another language KOTLIN introduced by Google. The android app development works well with both Java and KOTLIN. 
  3. Supports Java: It is the first and most used official language of Android app development. Several applications in the play store are backed by Java, the most supportive language of Google. 
  1. Additional hardware support: Android supports additional hardware features, including the camera and other sensors. 
  2. Consistent and stable design: The constant and stable structure in Android provides visual motion and interactions across devices and platforms for users. 

Four steps: How to hire android developer  

To hire the best talent for your business growth, begin with the purpose of hiring. After that, follow the guide mentioned below to incorporate with an android development company or android developer for your business and upcoming projects. 

1. Create a development brief and analyze technical expertise 

Creating a development brief for your project will work as a rough development strategy. It includes the general and technical questions you will probably ask the company or android developer. After they answer your all questions successfully, analyze the technical expertise.

Mobile app development, whether cross-platform or Android, requires a balance of technical skills, knowledge, and experience. It generally includes industry insights and different monetization models. 

Checking the grip on Java programming language is the first step when you hire an android app development company or android developer. Other things include the knowledge of databases, material design, app testing, API and other innovative functionalities. 

2. Analyze the Portfolio and decide hiring model 

Analyzing the Portfolio of the development company or android developer seems to be a subjective activity; you may need to confirm the following factors to know your developer’s qualitative side.

Generally, many companies have dedicated sections on their website where they show their old projects. Along with this, they also recommend their clients install their applications and experience high-quality development. 

  • User experience 
  • Monetization status of the application 
  • Type of application
  • Diversity in the industrial domain 
  • Visual aesthetics 
  • Magnitude of projects 
  • Clientele and target users

After Analyzing the Portfolio, create a hiring model. It includes two common arrangements, i.e., outsourcing development projects and IT staff augmentation.

In an outsourcing development project, the remote team takes full charge of your android app development project.

A manager of the team consistently updates the clients about the project. A company having less technical knowledge should outsource its development project for better results. 

In an IT staff augmentation, the development project is held on a subscription basis. A company that wishes to monitor its in-house development at all times should adopt IT staff augmentation.

The solo developer working on the project enables the organization to have complete control over the project. While both ideas are viable projects, you can decide based on both app development costs

3. Business Model and Industry Analysis 

Industry Insights and market knowledge are significant factors when the Android developer is also responsible for front-end development. Their knowledge of the market and industry insights impacts your monetization model; hence you should ensure that the developer you are hiring is well-informed. 

The application functions, scope coverage, navigation, features and user experience rely on the industry trends. Therefore, you need to hire cost-effective android developer to build an application that provides all these factors satisfactorily. In this way, you will not only get a comprehensive mind who knows the close market pulse but also have a thought process of competing applications. 

4. Check Non-disclosure agreement 

Ensuring a Non-disclosure agreement between the company and the Android developer is a cap for validating a decision. The NDA binds the development company to obey the professional, monetary, and ethical factors.

These factors comprise the copyright of digital assets, legal ownership of source code, and confidentiality of the idea. Any violation of the elements leads to legal action. Whenever a company hires an Android developer, they need to sign the NDA with the person to prevent any further complications. 


Henceforth, this is a comprehensive guide on how to hire Android developer for your business growth. Creating a development model, knowing the cost to develop an app, analyzing technical expertise, Portfolio, and signing NDA are important factors when hiring a developer. You can use the guide to make your hiring process quicker and easier. 

Though the guide has made the process more convenient, it may take time for you to make the right decision. That’s because an organization’s success, whether a business software or mobile application, depends upon the development idea and its execution. Executing an android app development project is only possible when you have a developer in your team who shares the same vision.  

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