This year is here and so are a whole new set of opportunities fueled by tools and techniques that have been evolving since the past decade or so. Not only have we managed to make CRM or customer relationship management a more mainstream thing that can channel businesses and help them bring in meaningful and lost lasting conversions, but we have also found many platforms that can easily automate your marketing efforts to deal with the ever growing multitude of opportunities across the world wide web, in a more effective manner. Bringing these two things together – CRM and marketing automation – would have to be one of the greatest trends to fuel business growth and truly put brands on the map, in the year 2020 and the upcoming years.

When we think for marketing automation, there are a number of things that come to mind. The first thing that we often think about is the need to automate services and solutions that revolve around social media, SEO and even email marketing so that we do not have to spend hours and hours on monotonous tasks that can easily eat into the precious bandwidth of your team. There are a number platforms that especially tie in services like CRM and email marketing, like ActiveCampaign so that you are able to maintain your contacts and the interactions you have with them in information databases, even as you automate the email centric actions that can be tied in with campaigns and various tasks in the sales pipeline. But with ActiveCampaign, there have been a number of needs that have not been met, which has further created the need for alternatives to ActiveCampaign. Here are the needs:


  • Affordability: The very first thing that we think about when we consider ActiveCampaign alternatives, is the affordability aspect. While the cost might be justified if this is the only platform that a small or upcoming business may be using – but it tends to get magnified and add to an inordinately large figure in the marketing budget because we have a number of other marketing automation needs apart from mere email. Now, when we queue up those platforms as well, the cost becomes a rather inflated one which makes us consider an alternative to ActiveCampaign.
  • More Features: When we look at ActiveCampaign, we tend to find only a set number of features that helps us target email marketing and lead generation in that context only. Yet, anyone who has been on the digital side of things (which is pretty much all of us), will know that there are a number of other places where possible conversions and opportunities may be lurking. Hence, it would be important to find an ActiveCampaign alternative that can offer the complete suite of features across SEO, social media, landing pages and so much more along with email marketing as well.
  • Easy Setup and Support: As per many users and research, the ease of setup is not something that Active Campaign is known for. Hence, alternatives to ActiveCampaign could be sought out for this reason too. When we are setting up the CRM and marketing automation platform for our business, we would have to be able to spend minimum time and effort on it so that we can take optimum use out of it. For this, the setup process has be an easy one that also comes with constant and complete support from a backend team that is always on hand to help you out for your marketing automation and CRM needs.


The ActiveCampaign alternatives are as follows

EngageBay: Now, this could easily be termed as one of the foremost alternatives to ActiveCampaign. Why? Well, there are a number of really cool reasons. This award-winning platform that has serviced over 12000 clients from all over the world actually brings in a number of features that can take on your entire marketing team and help them optimize even better thanks to the elements that have been covered. Further, it is an affordable platform that also helps you setup easily and with complete backend support at all times.

Klaviyo: As an alternative to ActiveCampaign, this platform claims that it does not merely support email marketing but complete growth thanks to CRM and other related services that can help you effectively generate and nurture leads.

Drip: This is a marketing automation platform that helps you bring in optimization through a  number of services like email marketing and other forms of marketing automation as well.

Pardot: Pardot is a marketing automation platform that helps B2B conversions and helps you reach out to prospects if you have a B2B enterprise.

Marketo: This is one of the best platforms that has to do with lead generation through email marketing.


When it comes to the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign, we would do well to look at an option like EngageBay which gives you an affordable plan for all the features on one platform.

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