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Java is a general language in programming. It is a platform for computing the development of applications. The use of Java is widespread because it is simple, reliable and secure, hence used by many companies to develop their projects. For example you can visit this page. The tools for Java management are numerous.  Java is used for the analytics of big data as well as creating apps, majorly Android. It is used in software development. In this article we will discuss about the best java tools for developers in this year.

The following are the 5 best Java tools for developers

1.  NetBeans

NetBeans IDE is used by software developers to supply the tools required to make enterprise, desktops, web and mobile phones applications.  NetBeans is an open-source IDE and it is also free. The IDE provides an essential profiler and debugger, so as to be able to examine and solve the Problems in various applications. NetBeans IDE enables the software developers to develop Java ME, Java EE and Java SE apps. It also has fast speed and very simple. NetBeans supports systems which are anti-built, as well as Maven systems. The advantage of using NetBeans is that any OS which reinforces Java such as Linux and Windows, can easily install it. The IDE has NetBeans editor which locate errors and aid in the completion of smart codes.

2. Site 24*7

As a result of software development, Site 24*7 helps in monitoring how your java application is performing by the use of maps which are dependent in the applications. It offers all the solutions for monitoring particular methods in codes for IT, using instrumentations that are very customized. The site 24*7 also helps in the easy debugging of applications. Other benefits of using this site is that it gives you very fast reports on the performance of the JVM including the head and the run-time memory, the garbage collection, the usage of the CPU as well consistent alerts.

3. JUnit

JUnit is an open- source tool used in the testing of units in the language of Java programming. It is an essential tool for the developments which are test-driven and also in deployment. It is also essential in providing annotations that are used in the identification of test methods as well as ensuring that the test classes are able to have fixtures that run after and before each test. JUnit tools enable quick code writing therefore increasing the output quality.  It ensures that the data-set that is loaded in the database is specific. It provides clarity on the expected results of tests. This tool can also be used in the setup of fake objects as well as in the preparation of input data.

4. Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a software development tool, established on the Project Object Model concept. The setup of this tools project is very simple as it follows the best practices that can enable you establish a new project easily and quickly. One advantage of using Apache Maven is that, from a central part of an information, it is able to manage the building of a project as well as documenting and reporting. It therefore stimulates the continuous usage of the central storage of JARs. By the use of Java, it allows plugin writings easily. With very limited extra configuration, it enables you to have immediate access to features that are new. Apache Maven ensures that this tool is used consistently across all the projects, in that it does not allow other developers to hijack a project. It also distributes publications as well as releasing the management.

5.  Eclipse

Eclipse is also a software development tool. Most of its features are modern, the tool used in modelling are numerous and it also has the frameworks for development. It is sed in the programming of computers. It has additional features such as a workspace at the base and a plug-in system that is very extensible for designing the environment. The main purpose of Eclipse is the development of Java apps. The software development Kit for eclipse is basically meant for the developers of Java. Plug-ins form a big part of eclipse. It is an easy tool to use, with consistent incorporation with JUnit. The eclipse project has many different distributions. It is a software development that is model driven and it also provides reports that are very detailed. This tool also has an amazing tooling especially for the JEE projects. It as well relatively easy to customize.


Beside these best Java tools, other Java tools that can be used by software developers include YourKIT, Groovy, Cobertura, Gradle and many others. Java tools are simple and easy to handle with reduced debugging of codes. These are also very fast hence their performance rate is high.

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