Is there anything simpler and more direct than typing? You press a key, and you mark a letter. On a computer keyboard in front of a monitor, it is like that. That’s why you hardly use different keyboards in Windows.

But on a tablet or Smartphone, on an Android virtual keyboard, everything changes. Our fingers are too big for the small virtual keys that appear on the screen, so we introduce many more errors. That is why we look for a keyboard that, first, is able to predict the words, so as not to have to enter all the letters. And second, that when we make a mistake, be able to correct it.

Thanks to the freedom we have on Android we can customize virtually all sections of our mobile phone, including the keyboard. In fact, this is one of the aspects that more and more users customize looking for greater comfort, functions and a greater number of elements and / or emoticons with which to write.

We present here a list of best free and paid Android keyboards with the help of the buyers trend experts that you can download on Google Play. The buyers trend is all about the latest Amazon top product reviews and buying guide. In case of best keyboard for android, you may visit them as well. Now let’s check below few of the best alternatives to Android keyboards preinstalled on your Smartphone or tablet.

Best Keyboards for Android Operating System

1. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard has been one of the best keyboards for android which is latest additions to the catalog of keyboards for Android, and also one of the most successful.

It stands out immediately because it is easy to use and configure, it does not have intrusive advertising, and it consumes few resources and has all the essential functions that you ask for a good Smartphone keyboard.

You can completely configure its appearance, and even create colors or allow them to change automatically to fit the app where you use the keyboard. It offers the option of adding an additional row to the keyboard with the numbers, or dividing the keyboard in two if you usually type with your thumbs. It also has a Night Mode that goes very well when there is low light.

Chrooma Keyboard also includes a Swipe mode for typing by sliding your fingers on the keyboard, and a multi-language mode that allows you to use several languages ​​at the same time. It is free, although it has a more complete and customizable payment version.

2. Google Keyboard

If you have a Google Nexus Smartphone or some other model that uses Android stock, such as the Motorola Moto G range, then you are sure to have used the Google Keyboard, because it is the one that is included by default.

But many other smart phones usually come with a different keyboard, each brand own. If this is the case, it’s worth trying the Google Keyboard. It has improved greatly in recent months, and its performance and additional functions are exceptional.

It has one of the best error correctors and word prediction, after machine learning with the words you use most. It offers the option to analyze your Gmail mail and other documents to detect names and expressions that you use often, and then use them in prediction. It’s a privacy concession, true, but you may still be interested in doing so for convenience. It also allows synchronizing the learned words between different devices.

If you press and hold the Enter key you will have access to hundreds of emojis, as well as a side version that allows you to place the keyboard to the left or right, on large screens. It is a basic keyboard but very functional and lightweight.

3. Swype

Swype Keyboard is one of the famous Google Play keyboards. In its launch it revolutionized the method of writing, thanks to its particular system of text input, which consists of sliding the fingers from one letter to another to form words, without the need to click on each letter. Since its premiere, it has seen its competition increase and new keyboards have emerged, but it has been able to adapt to the new context by offering important customization options, a greater number of gestures and an important writing self-correction system.

With gestures you not only write words, but you can also select copy and paste text.

Its latest updates offer bilingual support, cloud synchronization and word learning through your Twitter account.  It also stands out for its dictation software, although it works best in English.

It is certainly an interesting alternative to the keyboard of your mobile phone. But acclimatization to him is slow and you have to give him time to get used to it.

4. Flesky + Emoji

This is another of the best keyboards for android operation system. Flesky + Emoji boasts of being the fastest Android keyboard in the world, so use the classic letter typing system, but combine it with gestures to self-correct or erase wrong words. For this to be useful you must complement it with an efficient self-correction system, and the truth is that Flesky has one of the best.

It also stands out for the use of extensions, which allow you to add additional functions to the keyboard. What else do we like about Flesky + Emoji? Its more than 30 customizable themes, 800 emojis, and better gesture support when introducing accents. You can also change the size of the keyboard according to the size of your fingers.

Flesky + Emoji are completely free. The only thing that costs money is the extensions, when you use more than four.

5. Swiftkey + Emoji

SwiftKey is one of the Android keyboards that, version after version, has broken record downloads on Google Play. Its incredible predictive ability and convenience of use have made it the favorite keyboard of millions of Android users around the world.

SwiftKey learn from your writing on social networks. It connects to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and RSS Feed to collect common data, words and phrases. It also syncs in the cloud with all the devices you have. This application supports sixty languages, including several that use non-Latin character sets. Multiple languages ​​can be selected at the same time, alternating between different keyboards.

We also like its ability to change the size of the keyboard and place it in the area of ​​the screen you want. Another of its source points is the control of privacy, which remains in the hands of the user. Although it now belongs to Microsoft, its virtues are still intact, and updates are frequent.

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