Working with PDF is not easy as MS word. And not everyone is not capable to work with PDF easily. PDF file format is one of the most used file formats in this digital era. So it is natural for people to ask how to split PDF into pages. Or what are the free online PDF tools? When a PDF document size is very large, it’s tough to handle the file for mid-range computers. If we can split the PDF file into smaller parts, it can be handled better by the computer. Besides splitting, we might also need to delete, rearrange PDF file pages or convert them into different file formats.

Split PDF

There are several ways to split a PDF into pages. One way is to use PDF splitting software. Another way is to use a PDF cropping tool.

In this article, we will discuss some free online PDF tools, that will make your PDF tasks easier than ever. Let’s start.

“Split PDF” by PDF Candy is a very popular PDF splitting online software online.

“Split PDF” by PDF Candy is a great way to split PDF online into pages. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The special features of the Split PDF tool?

This PDF splitter tool is a free online tool provided by PDF Candy. PDF Candy’s cloud-based servers allow you to process your documents faster than most other PDF splitters. Obviously, it boosts productivity.

Once you split your documents, find and save the thumbnails you need. You can always download an archive with all the split PDF documents or share files by URL.

Your documents’ privacy is preserved with this PDF separator. These PDF splitting services are totally private and secure – user’s files are never shared with any third party, and they’re automatically deleted from all our servers 2 hours after splitting.

This PDF splitter is covered with multiple splitting solutions, whether you need to split your PDF into single-page files, delete PDF pages, merge specific PDF pages, or separate PDFs in page ranges.

Rearrange PDF pages

To get another great answer to the question – of how to split PDF into pages; Rearrange PDF pages can be very helpful. PDFChef’s free online PDF page reordering and organization tool helps you keep your PDFs in order.

You can rearrange the PDF pages in just simple 3 steps:

  1. In the first step, Click the Choose Files button or by dragging and drop it into the upload area to add your PDF file.
  2. You can easily rearrange and add pages to your PDF by dragging and dropping them into place. Once rearranged, go to step 3.
  3. Just click on Save and download your document.


The EPUB to PDF tool is very good to to convert EPUB files to PDF. It’s a product of PDF2GO. This tool allows you to convert EPUB to PDF and MOBI to PDF quickly, easily, and for free!

The conversion process is so easy:

Just upload your document and click start.

The conversion will be completed soon.

Delete Pages from PDF

This tool comes from SmallPDF which is free to use. It comes with many awesome features like discarding/deleting pages if unessential, easy to use, and access can be gained from anywhere. Interestingly it’s secure. Your uploaded documents are gets automatically deleted after 60 mins of upload.


Quickly merge multiple PNG images into a single PDF file for easy cataloging and sharing. There are no limits on file size, no registration required, and no watermarks! This tool helps you rotate, optimize and scale down images without losing original resolution.

The conversion of PNG images is very simple:

  • Click the UPLOAD FILES button to select and convert up to 20 images. You can also drag and drop files into the upload area to start uploading. Wait for the upload and conversion processes to finish.
  • After that just click thumbnails to download the PDF files. Each image will create an individual PDF. You can combine all images together in on PDF file by clicking the COMBINED button.


Hope these free online PDF tools will help you to boost your productivity. Thank you for reading! If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends or colleagues. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.