What are the top crypto projects capable to draw someone’s attention? If you intend to conduct business or enrich your income with cryptocurrency, you should read our article. It is related to the possibility of earning money with Bitcoins and investing in special projects. One may get Bitcoins in various forms, and one of them is video gaming. It is only necessary to find a good site that provides you with the best opportunities.

You may use the services of chainboker.io, which is a reliable Bitcoin platform. It offers people updated information about various projects that allow for earning Bitcoins. You may visit this link to learn more. We also recommend reading our useful guide to top crypto projects.

Duelist King

First of all, we propose to pay your attention to “Duelist King”. It was one of the pioneers of its kind to offer battle and besiege cities. You should participate in different tournaments and quests. Fight against other players, boot your city, skill, and thus win. It helps to earn money online.  You will surely enjoy great events and stories prepared by the developers.


Do you like Tamagotchi? Our second proposed project is called FuruKuru, and it reflects this well-known game. Of course, it was improved to match the top standards of modern gamers. Its purpose is in the creation of your own universe.

Choose a special, cute hero and develop the world you always dreamed of. It will surely be a merry and peaceful place. While you have fun and earn money, you should complete various tasks, improve your world and hero.

The Three Kingdoms

Consider The Three Kingdom as well!  This is the pioneer of battling and sieging cities. Only the best strategists will succeed. Therefore, develop your strategic thinking and appropriate skills! The game offers all common features of a true strategy:

  • Development of a city;
  • Building various structures;
  • Improving your economics;
  • Multiplying your warriors;
  • Battling other armies.

Use your wits in this blockchain game and overcome other players. Be the first to earn Bitcoins and ensure your future.


All lovers of action games will surely like Warena. The game provides full personification of the gaming process. You are free to create a unique hero and develop him/her after your fashion. You should defend your tower from the hordes of zombies and attack them in return. Try to show your talents and thus earn Bitcoins.


The fifth proposal is Cryptia. It is the name of the game and the world you will play in.  It is a unique world with its own rules and perfect stories. This game is a fantasy RPG. You may personalize your heroes according to your preferences. To win and earn, you may and should:

  • Participate in various events;
  • Explore ruins;
  • Improve various skills;
  • Find and use special items;
  • Fight other players.

It sounds simple, but you ought to do your best because other players would surely like to conquer you.

Learn More!

If you find out more detail about these and similar projects, we want to provide you with useful links. They reflect the advantages and conditions of chainboker.io. Consider the next sites:




Each link allows for following the late news in the world of cryptocurrency and defining which projects can suit your business needs.

Get the Necessary Advice and Support

In case you work with chainboker.io, you automatically enjoy a number of vital prerogatives. It offers modern and effective services. These are as follows:

  • The quick procedure of registration;
  • Smart and user-friendly interface;
  • Updated news and changes;
  • Unique and beneficial projects;
  • The best exchange rate;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Full customization;
  • Total anonymity.

This platform ensures all these and some other benefits. Join in and follow the top crypto projects it offers. They are beneficial and help to sufficiently increase your income.

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