What are the top governance tokens which contain great potential? Decentralized finance is gaining more and more popularity in the crypto community. Suppose BTC or stable coin holders are looking to enter the DeFi sector. In that case, they should either invest through liquidity pools such as Saddle Finance or try to select a suitable project directly. But there is a possibility that project officials will make decisions based only on their interests. Such a scenario may lead to a collapse in the coin price.

The governance token concept was created to solve this issue. Thanks to this, not only officials but also all asset holders participate in the decision-making process regarding products or future projects. Below, users will find information about a few top governance tokens with huge upside potential.

axs governance token

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This company has developed a money market protocol in which all transactions are carried out using the COMP coin. It is the only possible currency in the system. The platform aims to make decentralized borrowing and lending as easy as possible. This product allows people to earn COMP tokens by the number of transactions carried out through the platform.

According to research, COMP is the most significant governance token per market capitalization. In addition to several financial opportunities, investors can not only participate in voting but also delegate their powers. This means that anyone can delegate the vote to someone else. Analysts believe that 2022 will be a time of rapid growth for this coin, so it is worth investing in it.


Nimbus is a platform that allows every crypto enthusiast to apply financial and investment tools to generate income. This includes P2P Lending, IPOs, Crypto Arbitrage-Trading, Crowdfunding, and others. Only token holders can take full advantage of this product. Nimbus offers two types of coins: utility token NBU and governance token GNBU. NBU provides access to all platform tools. GNBU, in turn, gives admission to the following features:

  • Gain profit from all company products on an ongoing basis.
  • Participate in voting on the main aspects of the platform.
  • Mitigate risks and diversify income.

The GNBU has just recently convened on one of the largest exchanges, Uniswap. This opens up great opportunities for the growth of this governance token. It is worth investing in the project to profit during the coin boom.


This is another automated market-maker based on ERC 20 smart contract system. Crypto investors can see many similarities with Uniswap. But unlike the latter, which makes it possible to create liquidity pools only with two tokens, Balancers offer pools with many coins. Users can add up to 8 different tokens.

BAL coin not only gives crypto investors access to the functionality of the platform but also allows them to decide the future of the project. Token holders, along with company officials, can vote on product development and all aspects of it.


Synthetix is ​​a platform that releases synthetic assets. These tokens can later be used in inverses, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and other realms. All tools available on the platform exist as ERC-20 smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each coin holder can profit from holding assets.

Two years ago, the company changed its product management model and moved to a decentralized system. This means that crypto investors who own SNX coins can participate in the decision-making regarding the protocol. Considering the hype of the projects, analysts say that in 2022 Synthetix will expect considerable growth.

Kyber Network

Crypto investors, who always sought to conduct decentralized trades, have received this opportunity at the expense of Kyber Network. This company has created a unique on-chain liquidity aggregator designed to solve a similar problem in the DeFi sector. And starting from the middle of 2020, users have the opportunity to influence the future of the project directly.

Each investor who has KNC (Kyber Network token) can participate in voting and managing the network. The company also rewards active community members with a large number of coins. Crypto enthusiasts should buy KNC and take advantage of this governance token.

Hope now you know what are the top governance tokens which contain great potential.

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