What are the web design trends are seen in this metaverse era? As the old saying goes, “Nothing is permanent in this world except change.”

And, this is even truer in the fast-paced digital world, where technology and websites are always changing and upgrading. Web design trends that were once innovative and modern may now be seen as meh, cliched, or tired in recent years. And, the last thing you want is your website being labeled old-school and losing conversion because your site looks outdated or that it ignores the current web standards.

With that said, you want to jump to the ‘new in’ in web designing, creating a highly functional, modern website that’ll wow and satisfy your audience.

Here are the top website design trends and forecasts for this year.

Web Design Trends

1.      The Rise Of Parallax Animation

From particle backgrounds to micro-interactions, the world has seen the rising popularity of web-based animation design every year.

In 2022, expect web animations to become even more complex and eye-catching through the separation of page elements into background and foreground extremes, creating the parallax effect.

The parallax effect is an optical illusion that occurs when objects far from the viewers seem to move slower than the ones nearby. While it’s common in real life, for instance, viewing passing scenery as you drive, in the digital world of web pages, it becomes surreal and real.

Also, the depth made by the use of background and foreground creates an immersive experience, transforming your computer screen or mobile screen into something closer to a theatric stage, stealing users’ attention.

2.      Minimalism Is Going Strong

Minimalism isn’t a new trend as far as web design goes. However, not only has it become a mainstream preference for users, but also become a practical part of website designing.

Thanks to their monochromatic palette and simple geometrics, websites with flat or minimalistic designs load faster than those with more ornate and complex elements and designs.

Minimalistic design isn’t just about simple shapes, fonts, or colors. Strictly speaking, a minimalistic web design means using sparse elements and simple silhouettes, but also uses clever tricks to minimize clutter.

For instance, flat websites usually have minimal buttons and employ hidden navigations. Material design will also increase adoption next year since it’s aligned with the minimalist standard.

3.      White Space Everywhere

In connection with the previous web design trends, white space will dominate web page designs, allowing your readers to rest their eyes as they read your content. 

While the current situation of the world has made people go back to a simpler, smaller, and quieter world in the comforts of their own homes, the web remains a busy and stressful place. Taking that into account, web developers and designers are now using a lot of white space to give readers a breather and a sense of calmness. 

A clean, minimalistic design, partnered with generous use of white space, allows the eyes and your content to breathe and take it easy. Also called ‘mindful web design,’ this helps in improving readability, allowing you to impart information immediately and with more impact.

Breaking up text-heavy content with enough spaces can keep readers from being overwhelmed with long, seemingly endless strings of letters or busy graphics.

Take note that white space doesn’t necessarily mean white. This can be any shade that complements the web page, as long as it’s empty.

4.      Going Dark

While minimalism and white space ensure easy reading and a less cluttered design, the dark mode allows for convenient reading, especially during the night.

Dark mode has been quite popular this year and will continue to do so. Web designers are ditching color schemes and focusing more on providing their audience with the option to use a dark interface. Not only is it easier on the eyes when lights are out, but it also saves battery life, which is quite convenient for users who are always on the go. Even Google Chrome rolled out an option for dark mode. However, only a few websites optimized for dark mode can be accommodated by this feature.

With that said, you can expect the number of sites to implement this design trend to grow rapidly in 2022.

5.      Dynamic Scrolls

Scrolling may have fallen out of favor in the past years, but it’s certainly not dead and is now back with a vengeance.

In fact, there’s a currently popular trend called ‘ScrollyTelling’ or narrative visualization. This kind of web design provides you with fun little visual treats— from inset images to typeset columns and subtle animations— as you scroll and read page content.

Think of it like reading a printed magazine with all its inspiring and beautiful art and graphic direction, but with the eye-catching nature of animation and interactivity of the web.

ScrollyTelling is an important trend today and will be one in the future, especially with the increased focus on brand storytelling. Plus, it captures interest and engagement since users don’t need to do anything but simply scroll to interact with the page story.

Lastly, while most scrolling happens vertically, you may also be seeing lots of sites with horizontal scrolling. The effect is much like looking at an old-school picture book but in a convenient digital form.

6.      Original, Hand-Drawn Elements

Perhaps, the easiest way to include an ‘eye candy’ on your site is to use stock photos. Unfortunately, in the busy and competitive web, this can make your site look bland and generic.

In order to add a unique flavor to your brand and website, you need to use unique, original illustrations that show that you do. Hand-drawn elements are best at this. While this may seem childish to some, original drawing elements can evoke an emotional connection with your audience.

With original elements, you can customize the illustrations to tell a specific store. You can use illustrated figures to make them more personal and relatable to the content.

With that said, original hand-drawn illustration and imagery are some of those trends that’ll need outside help from a professional graphic designer in order to be effective.


Staying current on the leading web design trends is critical to ensure the success of your website. So, make sure that you implement the above-mentioned design trends right away to give your brand a headstart into 2022.

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